The Wilde Ones

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Tough Guys and Sweat

I throw on a pair of khaki ripped jeans, my black leather jacket, white tee and my ankle boots. I stare at myself in the mirror with a frown, expecting to find someone I don't recognize, but I do recognize her.

I think that if I can separate the cheerleader from the rebel, maybe it will be easier switching back. If only a part of me wants to switch back. I feel in control for once; I've chosen to be this 'me', no one else, and that feels good. To have people fear me, respect me, without anyone else pulling my strings. It feels good.

Why would I give that up? Why would I go back to being polite to everyone, being peppy, being someone I'm not?

I skip down the stairs at eight, running my hands through my hair as I get to the bottom step. My phone buzzes, and it's Trevor saying he's outside.

I feel it's best to let him sweat, so I make my way to the kitchen and pour a glass of water. Caroline eyes me as she looks up from her crime novel, raising a brow judgmentally. This woman doesn't have a job so she's always about.

"I just saw Trevor outside. Said he is waiting for you. Where are you going?" Scott says, marching into the kitchen with his signature scowl. Lisa enters the kitchen too, looking at all of us warily as I suspect she can feel the tension.

"Going to a fight," I reply bluntly, gulping down some water.

"A fight? You are not getting involved with some fighter. Those things are illegal," Caroline pipes up.

"I'm not getting involved with Trevor. I am still dating Kai, and plus, Kai is a fighter too. That's how he pays our bills, because you weren't there. You still aren't." Caroline swiftly backs down, not wanting that kind of confrontation today.

"You're going out with Trevor?" Lisa asks, suddenly curious.

"No, I'm not 'going out' with Trevor. I'm watching fights, and Trevor, as a friend, happens to be going with me. Why are you so interested?" I watch her blush and immediately know why. "Someone has a crush."

"You are not crushing on my friend, Lisa," Scott yells, furrowing his eyebrows.

"I think it's cute. But he's not for you." She frowns at me, then narrows her eyes in an accusing way.

"Why? Because you want him all to yourself?"

"First off, I am dating Kai. Everyone get that through your thick skulls now. Secondly, he just reminds me of Axel, that's all. You don't want to go there. I would stay away if I actually liked him. I can tell he's one of those types, the over-possessive ones. Trust me, you don't want that. Since I don't like him, and I'm missing the fights I used to watch with Kai, I figure I would watch the fighters here. I'll be back at one, don't wait up," I declare before spinning on my heel and leaving before anyone could get in a word.

"Hey, baby," Trevor says as I get into his car.

"Not your baby," I correct him and he rolls his eyes.

"Right, the boyfriend. How could I forget? He know you're coming out with me?"

"Yes, he does actually. He actually wanted me to scope out his competition for when he visits and does some fights here," I explain.

"Well, we'll see I guess," he mutters with the roll of his eyes and his tone reeking of sarcasm.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I question defensively with a scowl in my face. He chuckles lightly and shakes his head.

"Like starting fights, don't you? Not surprised you attract guys like me. Short fuse on you."

"If that was a short joke, it wasn't very good." And he chuckles at my response. I look over at him, and he seems to be flicking his eyes between the road and my face.

"Why did you agree to come out with me if you don't want me?" he says, in a sad tone, but still had elements of his usual gruff voice.

"You remind me of someone."

"Oh, yeah? Who? Someone hot and strong and basically perfect." I laugh and he laughs with me.

"Yeah, also arrogant and full of himself." It makes him laugh harder.

"Seriously though. I remind you of your boyfriend? I can warm your bed while he's away," he says playfully and I whack his arm.

"Ew, no." He grins a little. "You're a bit like Kai. You remind me of my ex though more. I feel you both have the same energy. But I don't really know you."

"Why is he your ex then if you want to be 'friends' with someone like him?"

"I don't know," I state. "No, you know what, I do know. I'm rebelling, getting my mom so fed up of me, she'll have to send me back to live with my brother."

"And you rebelled with your ex?"

"I definitely changed with him," I mutter, turning my head to stare out the car window. The rest of the ride is silent, which is only a few minutes until we pull to a stop.

"Right, you keep close to me. Don't talk to anyone shady. Anyone asks, you're with me, well, my fighter name 'Mayhem'. You get into trouble, you shout my name. Your first time in there, a lot of big scary guys, just don't start a fight like you normally do."

"Hell of a lot of orders you're giving there," I snark before rolling my eyes and getting out of the car.

Shit, he is definitely giving orders like Axel and I'm not even his girlfriend.

"Oh, and don't fucking drink. I'm not picking you up off the floor, nor am I saving your ass from some guy because you were drank too much and can't stand. Got it?"

"Don't worry about me drinking. I'm a reformed alcoholic." He furrows his eyebrows and glares at me for a minute before then raising his eyebrows and begins walking to the club.

His eyebrows are very expressive.

I am surrounded, as Trevor said, with tough guys who are all at least a foot taller than me, and very few girls. I watch many repulsive old men check me out and I shiver with disgust.

Deciding to ignore them, I follow Trevor further into the club, the ring now appearing as the sea of huge men clear the view. There are already two in the ring, going at it hard. Trevor grips onto my hand and tugs me through the crowds, tightening his grip when he gets scared he might lose me.

We get to a quieter and less crowded space, where I can actually hear myself think. All I can smell is sweat and booze, intoxicating the air.

This was what it was like back home. Kai took me to a place exactly like this, and I'd watch him pummel some poor guy. Of course, I didn't feel bad for them when I was afraid Kai might get hurt even a tiny bit, but I now understand there was never any possibility of that. Kai is built like a fucking tank, pure muscle, and a lot more built than Axel or Trevor. He can definitely give the fighters here a run for their money by the looks of it.

"Remember what I said," Trevor says, leaning in close to my ear to say it.

This would be a long night.

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