The Wilde Ones

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Fidgeting around in bed, I notice that it is not my own when I open my eyes. My hand goes to my face and I wince in pain from the slightest pressure of my fingers on my bruises. But I can't complain, you should see the other guy.

Really. What the hell happened to the other guy?

I fall out of bed, sleepy and feeling achy, throwing my jacket and shoes on. Trevor is in his kitchen, I figure, after hearing the metallic clanking from down the hall.

I shout a quick 'bye' to him, he responds the same and I head off home. Trevor doesn't live too far from where I am currently residing so I decide to walk, dismissing his offer to drive me yesterday. It's 6 am which gives me plenty of time before I have to go to school. I texted Caroline yesterday with 'w Trevor c u tomorrow'. Since then, my phone has been blowing up with her texts, a lot of them in all caps.

The pain in my back hits me, but I'll just push through the pain and hope it goes. Once I reach the house, I hear several raised voices, a few screeches, and I become worried. What if something has happened? I turn my key in the lock, and I am greeted with many concerned and enraged faces.

At least they didn't call the police.

"Where have you been?!" Caroline screams, her face turning beet red as if she might explode at any minute. "And what happened to your face?"

"Did Trevor hit you?" Scott asks warily.

Did Scott think that Trevor could do something like that? When I told him about Axel, he seemed genuinely upset I could compare him to someone like that, and honestly, I couldn't see him slapping his girl around like that.

I dump my jacket on the rack, not uttering a word, and I stomp into the kitchen, my body feeling tired and heavy. I hear the clumpy footsteps of the family behind me, along with their overbearing voices, and I sigh.

I know Caroline was probably concerned, but she didn't seem to care when she left before. Where was her concern for me then? She tried phoning, but what was that going to do? I needed her, and she wasn't there. Now I don't need her, and she's on my case constantly.

I grab a glass of water, some Tylenol and down them with a gulp, hoping it will strip me of a sliver of my ache.

"You better answer me right now, young lady!" Caroline cries and I whip around to face her, leaning against the counter.

"I texted you. I slept over at Trevor's. It was late and I didn't want to disturb anyone," I answer, blatantly lying through my teeth.

Caroline slams her palm on the table, making everyone else jump but me just grasp my head in annoyance.

Must she do that while my head is still thumping?

"I thought you were dating Kai," she comments through gritted teeth. "Now, you're having a sleepover with a boy you just met. And where did that bruise come from?"

"Firstly, I am dating Kai, we are very happy no thanks to you. And Trevor is just a friend. I also have started fighting," I explain.

"No girl is just friends with Trevor," Scott remarks and I narrow my eyes at him. Lisa and Jackson eye me warily but stay silent among all this arguing.

I brush past them all and up to my room, hearing the yelling as I go.

After getting ready for school and avoiding everyone else as I walk down the stairs, I head out, texting Kai 'good luck' for his fight with Reign. Today is a big day for him, winning this fight means he is pretty much guaranteed to get a fight anywhere and has enough money to pay the bills at home for the next twenty years or so. He wouldn't even need the scholarship. But I am proud of him either way, win or lose. I've seen him fight, he's insane. Anyone would be suicidal to go up against him.

Trevor's car appears in the drive. I thought I had gotten away but the sound of the car draws out Caroline. She storms past me and right up to the driver's side of Trevor's car.

"She is not 'hanging out' with you anymore!" Caroline yells as Trevor rolls down his window.

In response, I see him smirk, which only annoys Caroline further. She is really getting on my nerves. He starts to get out of his car, giving me a devilish grin and leans against his car. By this time, everyone else has come out of the house too.

"Dude, you should go. Alex isn't worth the hassle," Scott exclaims at Trevor and Trevor just ignores him.

"I'm here to take my 'friend' to school," he announces, looking over at me. "Oh," he says, turning to Scott, "I don't want to hear you disrespecting Alex again," he warns.

I smile and get into his car on the passenger side, and we drive away from their shocked expressions.


"Matt, shut the fuck up!" I yell, taking a bite of my breakfast.

Matt has been pissing me off ever since we returned from Pittsburgh, and without Alex here to keep me in check, I find myself becoming irritated with her brother more than usual.

"You tell Alex about this fight?" Matt questions, coming into the kitchen too.

"Yes, of course. She thinks I'll win. You know, maybe you should be more appreciative that I pay the bills around here with these fights. Win or lose, we'll get a good amount of cash flow."

"Fuck off, Kai. You started all of this when you decided to fuck my sister."

"I fucking love her. What about that do you not get? I can't believe you left her there with Caroline. You spoken to Alex? She hates it there and she hates Caroline. And now she hates you. That what you want?"

He stays silent and I grab my jacket to leave for the fight, feeling pumped up with anger from Matt and I's little spat.

When I arrive, I prepare myself around the back, my sponsor going over tactics against this guy. We studied how he moved, how he functioned. There is an unpredictability in the way he fights, but there are certain ways he steps to throw a punch or prepares for a kick.

With the crowd either screaming 'Reign' or 'Chaos' (my name), I block out all fear, focusing everything on one emotion, my rage. I have a lot of it, it's been built up over time. What it's mainly caused by now is the distance between me and my beautiful girlfriend.

Stepping into the ring, I see Reign step in too, his big muscled body making the ground thud. Once we start, I pounce, like a tiger onto his prey, relentlessly pounding his body with my fists.

He manages to throw me off, slamming me into the ground, but I trip him up, losing his footing, he falls. I clamber over to him. He regains his stance quicker than I expected. But at least I have regained mine too now.

I duck as he throws one of his punches, kneeing him in the gut. He then whacks at my back but I continue to pummel his gut until finally he's groaning and his punches ease up on my back. I feel immense pain, knowing it will bruise, but I continue further, making Reign weaker and weaker until his hits are no more than taps.

With one final big blow, he drops to the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. I am crowned victorious and most of the crowd cheer with me.

I did Alex proud. I hope.

Coming down from my high as the ringmaster throws my arm in the air with his, naming me the champion, I am approached by a broadly-built man with two other guys dressed in black polished suits behind him.

"You're the infamous 'Chaos', huh?" I nod, narrowing my eyes. "I have to be honest, I expected to watch Reign win tonight, from his reputation, but you surprised me. Never gave up. I respect that. I run a fight tournament, it's a elite competition. You can only fight by invite. I was going to give it to Reign but it's going to you now."

"Where?" I question.

"Pittsburgh." I raise my eyebrows and he misunderstands. "I know, it doesn't sound like much, it being in Pittsburgh. But that's where we're least likely to get caught."

He explains how much cash I'd get if I won, or even came second or third but this wasn't even a question. I'd go for a week and I could visit my girlfriend whilst I'm there.

She told me that she met this guy, Trevor, who took her to a fight ring. Yes, I'm a little jealous of Trevor for getting to hang with my girl, but Alex would never betray me, I know that wholeheartedly, so I'm not worried. But I'm definitely coming.

"You in?"


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