The Wilde Ones

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"Your boyfriend's real," Trevor comments as Kai gets into the ring for his first fight.

"You thought he wasn't?" I ask, looking over at him.

"No, I just hoped he wasn't," he replies, wrapping up his hands. "And he is a fighter, a good fighter if he's invited here. You really love fights." I smirk, remembering a few days ago when I really unleashed my anger on some poor beginner.

Kai leans over the side of the ring and kisses me, making all the spectators cheer and stare at me. A lot of the bustling had quietened for the first real fight to start.

"I've missed you, beautiful," he whispers before kissing me again and then pulling back, turning to face his opponent.

The fight begins, and although I know Kai is an amazing fighter, it still makes my heart miss a beat when he gets hit. But he takes the hits from the beast, never letting up. He rams his fists into the guy's guts, whilst he himself is taking hits. However, while the guy seems to be affected, Kai remains at full strength, with great power behind every punch.

Within a few minutes, the guy goes down, Kai slamming his fists now into the guy's face and then pulling him into a choke hold, preventing the guy from getting up.

Eventually the ringmaster pulls Kai off his opponent, becoming worried there could have been a death in the first match. Kai trudges off stage, feeling a little dazed from what I can tell, and he falls into my embrace. I don't mind his sweat as he holds me tightly, just missing the warmth he gives me.

"I love you," I murmur in his ear.

"I love you too," he replies, squeezing me even tighter. I lead him into a quieter area, away from the screams of the crowd, and sit down next to him. "How's the plan going? Are they at their wits end?" He chuckles and so do I.

"I think I'm giving them a relatively hard time."

"My sweet girlfriend playing the bad girl? I couldn't imagine that," he says with a smirk.

I move to straddle him, as he sits on the bench I brought him too, and he places his strong hands on my waist, tugging me closer to him. I cup his cheek in one hand and the other hand snakes round his neck as I smash my lips on his, moving them with fervor. Our tongues battle for dominance and are bodies become heated by each other's touch.

Out of nowhere, we hear a loud cough next to us, and both our eyes snap that way.

"Some guy, Blake, is looking for you," Trevor says to Kai, a grimace plastered on his face as he looks at us together.

"Sorry, beautiful," Kai says and I roll off him onto my feet. Kai pecks my lips before going to find his sponsor, Blake.

There is an uncomfortable silence that falls between Trevor and I. He stares intently at his shoes, not wanting to meet my eyes.

"When are you up?" I ask to break the tension.

"I've just been. I was two fights after your boyfriend. I won easily though." I smile and walk over to him, patting his back

"We should get back inside," I say and we both head in, not uttering a word to each other.

I like Trevor as a friend, but with Kai around, that just couldn't really happen. Trevor is becoming jealous and I'm feeling guilty for kissing my own boyfriend in front of him, rubbing it in his face.

Kai joins me again after speaking to his sponsor and we watch the fights, some painful to watch. The first bout finishes and Kai has to fight again, in which he wins again, and so does Trevor. In the third bout, Kai is fighting against Trevor and it is a fight I am dreading.

Kai steps into the ring, his bare chest covered in sweat, his abs now extremely well-defined and glistening, his biceps bulging. Trevor gulps, and I can't believe he is nervous. I have never seen him nervous, but he is thrown by Kai.

The fight starts and within seconds, Kai launches himself at Trevor, throwing the first few punches. They are warm-up punches though, only hurting Trevor slightly, weakening him. Kai then watches Trevor's movements, ducking and dodging at any of Trevor's attempts to injure Kai.

I move closer to the ring and that's when I hear them talking.

"She likes me, you just have to deal with it," Trevor says.

"I am. You think you're a threat to me? She like you, she loves me. She's in love with me. She's mine. You have to deal with that," Kai replies.

I grow confused. They are talking about me during their fight. They continue to circle each other, punching here and there, but refraining from landing any serious ones.

"You're not even here. She's different... special. She needs someone who's here for her, not across the country. That's why she'll end up with me," Trevor continues.

"Yet, she tells me everything. She tells me about you, staying over at your place, hanging out with you. You know what that tells me? She doesn't even think you're a threat to me. If she thought that it would make me jealous, she would be unsure of telling me, but she tells me. You won't have your chance with her," Kai explains.

I furrow my eyebrows, they are playing mind games and using me to do it.

"She is mine," Kai growls.

Trevor begins to look agitated and lunges forward for an attack, exactly what Kai predicted. Kai swerves and then pulls back on Trevor, sending Trevor to the ground with Kai looming over him. Kai puts a foot on Trevor's chest and he has clearly won.

But I don't appreciate how he did it. Kai looks over to me to see my disgusted expression and I storm out.

Behind me, I hear Kai calling my name, but I ignore it. He used me just to win a fight. He got inside Trevor's head and then finished him. It was dirty, and cheap, and I can't help but feel used even though I know he loves me. But Axel 'loved' me too, and still used, abused, manipulated and controlled me.

I feel a hand grip around my arm and tug me towards a rock-hard bare chest.

"Lex, why are you mad?" Kai exclaims, lifting my chin so I am looking at him straight in the eyes.

"You were telling Trevor all these things to get into his head. You used our relationship and my relationship with him to win. I don't like that," I reply, frowning and furrowing my eyebrows.

I know Trevor was egging him on, instigating it, but Kai told me he wasn't insecure about my friendship with Trevor. Why would he feel the need to talk back? Couldn't he just ignore it and trust me? I am his and he is mine. We both know that. Isn't it enough?

"I didn't say it to win. I said it because it needed to be said. He wants to be with you, Lex, and you're not single. You're with me. And he needs to get that in his fucking head.

"I'm sorry and I know it looked like I just said it to mess with him, make him weaker to take him down, but I didn't. It was stupid and seeing him there made me want to put him in his place. I shouldn't have said those things during the fight, I know, but... I just got carried away," Kai explains, cupping my face in his hands. "I'm sorry."

"Just give me the night, okay? I just need some space. I love you Kai, I do, but I just need to believe you. I get impulsiveness but I just need some space to breathe and think. Axel never let me do that which is how he got in my head. I could never see the warning signs because I couldn't get away from him long enough to see them," I explain.

I see his eyebrows slant up, pleading with me. But he lets me go, nodding his head.

"I love you, Lex. I would never use you. Not like him," Kai mutters and I smile slightly at the way he understands me. But I have to go, sleep on it.

I go back to the house, much to the surprise of Caroline, and don't say anything to anyone before sleep takes hold of me.

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