The Wilde Ones

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Most Important Meal Of The Day


With Kai's hand placed on the small of my back, we enter the dining room and take our seat next to each other, as does the rest of the family. There are people who bring in some food, and I realize I haven't eaten since yesterday at lunch.

Kai's hand rests on my thigh, trailing it up and down slightly.

"Alex," Caroline began, looking deep into my eyes. "We're sending you back to California." My eyes widen, as does the others' and Kai's.

"Caroline," Jackson says, confused.

"Jack, it's for her own good. She clearly doesn't like it here. She wasn't coming home bruised and beat up in California. She was head cheerleader and had female good-influence friends. She had Kai who clearly cares about her and looked after her, and Matt was always better at looking out for her.

"Alex, you're not a baby anymore, I know. And you don't need anyone to tell you what to do, to tell you what's right from wrong because you already know, and I missed that part of your life when I was meant to teach you. You had to learn yourself, through the things that happened with your ex. Even trying to get back at me, and trying to make me send you away, you never went back to drinking or smoking because you know yourself, and you know what's good for you. Kai is good for you. You're going back."

I sit there, stunned into silence.

"But," she says, grabbing my hand from across the table, "I still want us to have a relationship. I want you to have a relationship with this family, and you can visit at holidays."

I still remain silent after she has finished. Kai holds my hand, snapping me out of my trance and I smile, widely. I hug Kai, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and squeezing.

I get up and hug Caroline and Jackson also, feeling so happy I want to scream. She isn't sending me away because she doesn't want me, she wants me to be happy. She wants a relationship with me. She accepts I don't need looking after. She accepts my relationship with Kai. This is all I want.

"You'll leave at the weekend, so you can finish out the school week here, and we'll enroll you back into your old school."

"Thank you," I whisper to Caroline who smiles at me.

"You should get to school," Caroline says to Scott, Lisa and I.

"I can take them; I have time to kill," Kai announces and Caroline, nods in response.

After we all get ready for school, Scott stares at Kai and Lisa happily gets into the car. They ride in the back whilst I'm in the front with Kai. Kai is held back by Caroline, who utters a few words to him before he gets in the car and we drive away.

"What did she say to you?" I ask him.

"To take care of you. And that we have to talk to Matt. I told her I was sticking around for a few days anyway for the competition, and so we'd have to talk to Matt on the phone," he explains, his eyes still on the road.

"Matt can't really do anything though. Caroline said I could go back, and you pay the bills in the house."

"You really want to live in a house where Matt never speaks to you, cock blocks us the whole time, and treats us like shit?"

"He treats you like shit?"

"He's been bitter ever since he found out."

"Him not talking to me is no different than now," I say in a sad tone. He lifts my chin up to look at him.

"I'll make him talk to you." I rolled my eyes.

"You can't punch him into conversing with me, that's not how it works."

"Can you two get a room?" Scott says irritated and Kai and I chuckle at him.

When we get to school, Scott immediately rushes out of the car and over to Trevor and the others. Lisa gets out too, running over to her group. Kai kisses me passionately before I pull away.

"I'm going to be late," I state. We get out of the car and I spot Trevor and Scott across the parking lot, Trevor staring daggers at Kai. Expected.

I went back to wearing my old clothes, a white tee with a pair of blue jeans. My hair is braided in two dutch braids and I wear my regular ankle boots. The black jacket was cool, but it was never really me, only when I wanted to be a bitch.

Kai leaves me with a goodbye kiss and I walk into school, avoiding the boys and just trying to make it through the school day. I doubt that it will happen, but I can hope.

I had successfully avoided them until lunch, when Trevor and the others sit down on my table. Nothing has changed, they always knew I had a boyfriend, but it feels like something is different. The dynamic is different.

The others remain silent and all look to Trevor, whose face it beaten and bloodied. He has several cuts and bruises showing on his face and neck, and that is just the visible injuries. He has covered up his skin more than usual, probably to hide it.

It wasn't like Kai had taken him out to the parking lot and jumped him. They both entered into a fight and Kai won.

"Not angry with your boyfriend then? He used you to toy with me and win," Trevor declares and I gulp, looking over to him. "And what's with the clothes? He doesn't want you to be you when he's around. He wants you to go back to the cheerleader again." He shakes his head in disapproval and I narrow my eyes at him.

"I want to wear these clothes, actually. And I'm leaving," I reply.

"Leaving?" one of the guys asks.

"Back to California. I'm going to live with my brother and Kai again." Trevor scoffs and then sighs.

"So your little plan finally worked, huh? She's letting you go back?" Trevor asks.

"Yes, she is," I state bluntly. "And you can fuck off if you keep fucking sighing like that." He smirks at my sudden outburst and leans back in his chair.

"Heard your boyfriend is in the finals. I'm not surprised when he plays dirty," Trevor says. "Although I'm sure you don't mind dirty," he adds spitefully. I chuckle before slamming my hands onto the table.

"One more word about Kai, and I fucking swear, we'll go right now. You're weak, courtesy of my boyfriend, and I could easily take you." He puts his hands up defensively and I settle back down into my seat.

"You're really leaving?" he asks in a sad tone.


"Well, only if she can get her brother to say yes," Scott chips in and I catch a glimpse of a menacing look in Trevor's eye and a smirk forms on his lips.

Scott always has to fuck with everything.

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