The Wilde Ones

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Mess With Her, I Fucking Dare You


"We have to talk to him," Alex moans as she sits on my lap on her bed. I caress her face, removing strands off her golden hair that had strayed, and tuck them behind her ears. Her eyes glow at me and her smile makes my heart melt.

I am surely pussy whipped.

But I don't mind. She is mine, and I'm hers. But no one should ever think that just because she has me around her finger, that I'm just going to roll over and turn soft.

Not fucking happening.

Someone fucks with me, or her, and I won't fucking hesitate. I am protective of her, because I know that guys can lust after her. She can make a guy obsessed with her without even trying, and I need people to know they can't have her.

We had been putting off the call all day to Matt, procrastinating while telling ourselves we were preparing what to say. Yet here we still are with nothing.

I whip out my phone and press on his name in my contacts. The ringing sound fills our ears as I hear Alex's breath hitch.

"Hello," Matt answers.

"Hey, Matt," Alex replies, hesitantly.

"Alex?" he calls out, his tone becoming a little irked. Why is he pissed already?

"I'm coming home," she blurts out and there is silence on the other end of the line. Then we hear a loud sigh, followed by a growl.

"Kai with you?" he asks, now the annoyed tone very apparent in his voice.

"Yeah, I am," I answer quickly.

"No, you aren't coming back. I'm moving out of that house, with dad. Mom said she would support me financially, and I wanted to move out. Kai will live in that house on his own and we're moving to New Jersey. I'll send you and dad up there and then I'll join you when I've graduated so I can attend Princeton next year."

"Then she'll move in with me," I quickly counter.

"I sobered dad up," he continues to say and I can feel him smirk on the other end. What the fuck is he doing?

"Why?" Alex questions.

"Why? Well, Scott actually told me about your little plan to come home and be with Kai and mom is finally fed up with you so she's going to let you-"

I try to interrupt him but he cuts me off.

"You wanna know what dad has to do with this? Technically, he's the one with custody of you, you were left in his care, and when mom and dad got divorced, he got the custody of you, legally. I can get him to agree that you have to live with him. You're sixteen, you can't move in with Kai without his consent, and he's not consenting."

"He's in no fit state as a parent," I reply.

"You wanna waste a ton of money on lawyers to find that out?" he sneers.

Why, at the end of the day, is money all it comes down to? I'm gonna end fucking Scott for this. If we had gone to Matt first, maybe he wouldn't be so bitter. Scott has screwed up twice now.

And Matt is fucking insane.

"And obviously, Kai, you going to USC means that you can't go with Alex. Best thing for you both is just to break up."

"What the fuck is the matter with you?" Alex suddenly cries, and I realize I hadn't been paying attention to the fact that her blood had been slowly heating, and now she is like a fuse so close to blowing. One final nudge.

Matt isn't even here. She can't get to him.

"When you chose to fuck each other, I said to myself the same thing about both of you. What the fuck is the matter with both of you? I told you to back off my baby sister, Kai, but you still went after her anyway."

"I'm not a fucking baby, Matt, stop treating me like one."

"The thing is, Lex, you are just a kid, you're sixteen, he's two years older than you. He was always going to go off to college and leave you either way. If I allowed you to be together, he'd be on campus most of the time, training. Girls would be pining after him, him being an athlete. You would get jealous, and he would probably end up cheating on you. You'd end up resenting him, but you would be living together, and there is no escaping that. This is for your own good."

"You don't know us, Matt," Alex yells.

"I know Kai, and I know you, and I know girls, and guys for that matter. You'd probably end up liking another guy while you're still in high school, and eventually, you'd give in, finding that Kai was growing distant. It's inevitable. I'm saving you from that, Alex. It's my duty as your older brother."

"That wouldn't happen to us," I now yell, feeling my own blood boil uncontrollably. I hold Alex in my arms to cool us both down, and kiss her lightly.

"Look, you don't have a choice in this."

"I'll pay for the lawyers," I blurt out. I hear him chuckle.

"To get her emancipated that is? You won't have the grounds for that. You can prove dad isn't fit to look after her, but after that?"

"Give custody to Caroline," Alex finishes. "And she'll let me live with Kai."

"You'd pay for a lawyer. You're barely making bills."

"I won against Reign. I have money from that. And money from this competition if I win."

"Kai, don't make this harder."

"I'm making it right," I growl into the phone. Matt scoffs a little.

"We'll see. That takes time. I don't think you'll have much. Scott said you'll be on a flight here by the end of the week. I booked dad and Alex a flight to New Jersey on Sunday night."

The line goes dead as he hangs up. We both are filled with rage, I can feel it. I pick her up out of my grasp, and storm out of her room and downstairs. Alex follows behind me.

"Kai," she warns, but I hear the tinge of anger in her voice at this whole situation. She knows what I want to do, and although she's warning me, she wants to do it too.

I barge into the kitchen and throw Scott against the wall with the others gasping.

"Kai," Alex warns again but I'm stuck in my own blind rage now.

"You son of a bitch!" I scream, glad Tommy isn't down here. "You really just like to fuck up everyone's life!"

"What the hell is going on?" Jackson cries, and Alex turns to him.

"We have to get lawyers."

"Why?" Caroline questions, still terrified at my grip on Scott.

"Matt is sending me to live with dad in New Jersey. Dad's my legal guardian and I don't have parental consent from him to live with Kai. He's splitting us up again."

I breathe into Scott face, digging my palm into his chest.

"Kai," Alex's sweet voice calls out, but I can't hear her right now. He has to pay.

I feel her touch on my arm and I feel shivers right down my spine, making my force on his body lessen. She then pulls my arms completely away from him and around her, kissing me, calming me down wholly.

She looks up into my eyes, worried for me, and then places me lips on mine again. We break away after we both feel the effects of being close to each other and I move as far away from Scott as possible.

His dad scowls at me but Caroline just looks concerned for us.

"I'll pay for a lawyer. I'll get custody of my daughter like I should have done in the first place."

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