The Wilde Ones

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Last Day


“Where’s the boyfriend?” Scott exclaims in an irritated tone, staring at his bike and polishing it as if it were to replace his mirror. “He could have fucking choked me.”

“Maybe if you weren’t such a fucking rat, it wouldn’t have happened,” I reply, jumping up onto the workshop desk, where his bike stood, so that I could catch his attention. He looks over to me, catching my gaze.

“It was Trevor’s idea,” he states, looking down a little.

“I know.” His eyes shoot back up, narrowing them at me and furrowing his eyebrows. “Look, this is my last day here, Kai and I are taking a flight out tomorrow morning. I just wanted to talk to you, I guess. It was... alright meeting you, even if you fucked everything up for me.”

He stares at me intently, gulping as I return his stare with a deadly look.

“You and Kai, you’re good together. When you got here, I thought you were just one of those girls, you know, who are always preppy and cheerful. It pissed me off.

"Then, Kai left, and even though you decided to put on the fake rebel act to get Caroline to kick you out eventually, and you blocked everyone out, I could see behind that. You seemed... deflated. And he’s only been back a few seconds, and it’s like you’re back to your old self, and I realized how much that suited you and how much I preferred that you. I’m sorry I fucked that up again.”

His apology seems genuine and I feel inclined to accept it, although how can I be so quick to forgive? I guess because I know that in the end, Kai and I will work out, I’m sure of it, no matter how many obstacles stand in our way.

My ringing phone cuts the tension between us and makes me jump a little.

“Hello,” I answer.

"This call is from "Axel King", an inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center. This call may be monitored for security purposes. If you wish to accept charges, please press one," the automated voice says and I freeze for a minute before pressing one subconsciously.

I hadn't heard from Axel since 'that' day, and now he is calling me. I want to hear what he has to say, and I can't cower from it.

Scott mouths to me 'detention center?' and I lift my eyebrows a little which raises a 'oh' response. 'Speaker', he mouths to me again and I comply, not wanting to feel alone when talking to Axel.

"Hey, baby, I didn't know if you would accept my call honestly," Axel says and hearing his voice again makes me shudder.

Hundreds of different memories run through my mind, triggered by his voice, and I stop on one. 'You should be with me where you belong. You're coming with me. Get in the car'.

That day, the day he hit me for the last time, the day I pummeled him, losing control of every fiber of my being. In that moment, all I desired was his pain, his agony. I wanted to hear him groan from what I was inflicting and I wanted to hear him beg for me to stop. I wanted to wipe that smug entitled expression off his face. I wanted him to see what he created, the monster he unleashed.

He is met with my silence from my end of the line.

"Baby, I want to hear your voice. My girl's beautiful voice," he calls out.

"Why are you calling?" I ask formally, keeping my tone even, even though my body is shivering uncontrollably. Scott catches the way I act, and moves over to me.

"I wanted to talk to you, about what happened. I would've called sooner, but I was still mad and I was getting medical treatment from what you did," he replies, and my blood begins to simmer within me.

He is twisting things, again. This is his thing. 'From what I did'. He'll turn things on me, make me feel guilty. But I won't. What I can be certain of is that I'll become full-on rage mode if this conversation keeps going on this way.

"I still love you, baby. You can come visit me in prison. I know you're sorry about everything, I'm sorry too. I've had time to reflect, and I was out of order. I want to be with you, Alex."

Scott starts to look worried when he sees my fists clench and my breathing become heavier. He steps away from me and outside. I want to plead out to him not to go, but I can't. I'm stuck. If I move, there is a good possibility I'll lash out and destroy everything in my past.

"Alex, baby, say something."

"No. I'm not sorry and I don't want to be with you," I grit through my teeth.

Seconds later, Scott walks back in, but not alone. Kai is here. Grabbing my hands in his, his presence near me almost immediately relaxes me.

"Baby, don't be like that. I've made mistakes, but you know we're meant to be together. No one can look after you, protect you, love you like I can."

"Actually, I can," Kai states firmly, now joining in the conversation.

"Private conversation, whoever the fuck you are," Axel growls.

"Not when it involves you and my girlfriend," Kai replies and Axel scoffs through the phone. "Kai, by the way. I believe we met." This makes Axel scoff again.

"Matt can't be too happy about that. His best friend and sister fucking each other. Bet he wishes I was back," is Axel's response.

"You're fucked up. You're not ever coming near Alex again. You do, and I'll kill you."

Axel chuckles before saying, "I'd like to see you try. Oh, and Alex? They're releasing me on good behavior in a couple months. I'll see you sooner than you thought, baby."

The line goes dead, only because I throw my phone against the wall in protest. I fall off the desk and grab the nearest object to me, which is a hammer, and also throw that against the wall, which hits my phone that's lying on the ground, shattered and useless.

I move to take something else but I'm stopped by large arms wrapping around my body and restricting me from throwing any more from my tantrum.

I don't want to be scared of Axel, but something in me trembles at the fact that he's just counting the days to see me. This is what he wants, me to live in anticipation of his return. He surely has me tense.

But I have Kai. He will protect me. He always does.

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