The Wilde Ones

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Dad, Sober?

With Kai annihilating his opponent after taking a few hits, 'the tank' was reeling in agony on the ground as they named Kai, well 'Chaos', the victor.

I ran into the ring and hugged him like the crowd wasn't intently watching us. But that joyous moment was, of course, as per usual, short lived as we boarded a plane the next morning back to California.

Even though my time with them wasn't the best, I still don't regret meeting my new family. Caroline found a new lease of life with Jackson and she seems like she will actually try with me, now out from the influence of my father.

Arriving at the airport with Kai, we collect our bags and head out to the pick up area. Matt offered to pick us up, probably so he could just keep us as far away from each other as possible.

I get into the car, waiting for the boys. Matt then kicks Kai to the curb and locks the car door so I can't get to him. I wouldn't put it past Matt with the way he's been acting. It is definitely an overreaction, and I thought he would have gotten over it with time. But time has made him more bitter.

What I don't, in my life time, expect to see is my dad, dressed casually but neatly, getting out from the driver's side of the car and making his way over to us with Matt.

"Dad?" I whisper, stunned into silence.

Although Matt had told me of our dad's clean up, it is still a shock to see it in real life. It upsets me that Matt managed to somehow get him sober when I continuously failed. All those early mornings making sure he was comfortably passed out when Matt sobered him up so easily.

"Wow, Alex, you look good," my dad greets, bringing me in for a gentle hug. I don't hug back; I'm too surprised to even move.

I expected a stench of alcohol to greet me too but all I smell is natural bathing lotions. My dad pulls away and then proceeds to eye Kai. I narrow my eyes at him in confusion; he barely knows him.

"You must be Kai. You're with my daughter, and you live with us," he states the facts, pushing them out in a faint harsh tone.

Maybe if he was fucking conscious these past few months, you could have known the guy you lived with. Asshole!

"Actually, we live with him," I add and my dad's eyes flicker to mine. "He fully pays the bills on the place after Caroline stopped paying."

When she realized that she was still paying for the house that Matt wouldn't be living in when he goes to college, and when she didn't like Kai, she stopped paying. Kai started paying the bills and we didn't ask Caroline to start paying again. He got the money from the competition anyway.

My dad nods hesitantly and we all just get into the car, wanting to finish our introductions in the privacy of our house. Matt sits up front with dad while Kai and I sit together on the seats in the back.

The ride is taken in silence but Kai places a hand on my thigh and I lean onto his shoulder, grabbing his arm and pulling it close to me. He kisses my forehead and rubs on my thigh. We sit as close as humanly possible to each other which doesn't go unnoticed by those in the front.

I close my eyes and sleep takes me, comforted by Kai's warmth.

I feel the car stop and a tap to the shoulder from Kai, also hearing his voice whispering, "Lex, we're home."

Home. It isn't in Pittsburgh or Phoenix or even here. It feels like I'm home with Kai, as cheesy as it is. After moving around a lot, I need a constant, and Kai is that.

We enter the house, dropping our suitcases down and Kai pours glasses of water for both of us. My dad and Matt glare at our exchanges with watchful eyes and we seat ourselves at the kitchen table. I reach to touch Kai's slightly bruised cheek, from the fight, and caress it delicately.

"How are you barely hurt?" I ask him softly so only he can hear. I just want to talk to Kai.

"You know me, I can take millions of hits and it will barely affect me," he replies, smirking.

I move into his lap and kiss him, not caring who's watching. I feel him smile against my lips as he grabs my neck to deepen the kiss.

"Alexandria," my dad declares in a loud frustrated tone.

We break away from each other and glance over to him. Matt's eyebrows are furrowed and his face clearly reads irritated and furious. Expected.

"Yes?" I ask, raising my eyebrows.

"What are you doing?" he responds.

"I'm kissing my boyfriend, dad," I reply, irked by the question.

Isn't the answer obvious?

Matt charges over and pulls me from Kai's lap, yanking me behind him, blocking my path back to Kai.

"He won't be your boyfriend soon," my dad says, and I glare at him.

"What the fuck is your problem?" I yell at my dad suddenly, feeling the simmering of my blood.

"Language, Alex," my dad responds and I scoff.

"Language? When I would drag your drunk ass up the stairs, you didn't seem to mind using your language, calling me a 'fucking bitch'," I exclaim, my blood now crackling from its heat as if it had been set alight.

I clench my fists, and try to control my breathing. One of my hands is around my glass of water, which Kai immediately removes from it.

"You're taking water away from my daughter now, as well as her innocence?" my dad questions to Kai.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

"You were a sweet kid, Alex and I find out that you had a drug and alcohol problem." I turn to Matt who looks guilty as fuck but just smirks.

"Fuck you, Matt. You want to try to erase history?!" I shout but as I'm about to lunge at Matt, I feel familial arms around me as usual, caging me in, trapping me from making my move. I struggle in his grasp before cooling down and giving into Kai's hold.

"You know he called her, yesterday," Kai tells Matt. Matt's face twitches slightly at the news and he begins to become unsettled.

"What did he want?" Matt questions.

"Who's he?" my dad chirps in.

"My abusive ex boyfriend who got me addicted to drugs and alcohol and raped me." It sure stunned my dad into silence. "Not Kai. You should know that though. Back in Arizona, I would constantly end up passed out beside you."

I turn my attention back to Matt who seems anxious to hear what Axel had to say.

"Says he's getting out on good behavior in a couple of months and implies that he's definitely not going to leave me alone when he does." Matt clenches his jaw.

"Good thing you'll be gone by then, won't it?" Matt says with a smirk. I attempt to leap out of Kai's grip, but knowing the comment would cause a reaction from me, he hugs me to his body tighter.

"You'll have to fucking drag me out of here."

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