The Wilde Ones

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Kicking and Screaming

As proven in the very recent past, I can be a nightmare when I wanted to. A different kind of nightmare this time, but I would do everything in my power to stay with Kai.

Frankly, after the initial cooling off, I have realized my father holds the key to my freedom; I just have to convince him to let me stay.

Matt couldn’t control our dad and after everything I have done for him these past couple of years, this would be a step to making it up to me. I have no doubt that my dad with eventually relapse, and I don’t want to be living with him when that happens. I want to be with Kai.

“Alex,” my dad calls from the kitchen, in which I lazily trudge into. Matt is down at the library and Kai is still out from last night, fighting, so I would have to face my father alone.

“Yes?” I respond in irritation. He gulps at my curt and snappy tone but nervously smiles anyway.

“I just wanted to talk, just you and me. Please,” he pleads and I slump into a chair, preparing to listen to the bullshit that comes out of his mouth.

“Alex, I’m sorry,” he begins.

But I interrupt, “sorry doesn’t change things, dad. And I’ve come to terms that I have shit parents. But you now have power over my life, and you’re making decisions that I think are wrong, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you think you have the right to dictate it all? I have been responsible for my own choices and although some have been bad, I’m all the wiser for it.”

My dad stands still, his lips quivering and I can see he’s thinking of something to say that would make all of this all right. That doesn’t exist.

“Matt explained it all to me,” he says.

“No, he didn’t. Kai is good for me, he keeps me in control, protects me, loves me and I love him. Why do you now want to take that away from me? Do you want me to be miserable like I was when I took care of your sorry ass alone? Kai helped me with you, when Matt refused to. How did he even get you sober?”

“He locked the doors and removed all the alcohol from the house for a few weeks. Then he told me about you: how it pained you to look after me, how your boyfriend was his best friend and took advantage of you, how you need help.” He looks down, avoiding my eyes. “I guess you don’t.”

“So I’m not going?” I ask in hope.

“Alex, we’re going. Kai is two years older than you, and Matt is right, he’ll end up cheating or you will from the loneliness. He’ll be at college and will barely have anytime for you. Lex, please.”

I roll my eyes at his begging tone.

Fucking hell, why does everyone just try and control me? I make all my decisions and my parents can pop back into my life and pick and choose what parenting advice to give.

I hated Caroline, I still hate Caroline, but I hate my dad so much more. Because he was there, he saw what was happening to me, and he couldn’t bring himself to get sober and help me then. I bet he barely remembers my first year in high school. He wouldn't have even known if I ended up in a ditch somewhere.

What a dad that is?

I hear the door slam and Kai appears by my side, eyeing my father in annoyance, after feeling my tense body as he wrapped his arms around my waist and instantly knowing my dad was the cause of my distress.

I turn to face Kai, gazing up at his face to assess the damage but find he is barely grazed. That’s my Kai.

“Morning, Walker,” I whisper to him, and he slams his lips on mine in a passionate kiss.

We hear my dad cough to draw attention to the fact he is still in the room, but we already knew that and just didn’t care.

Once we stop to catch our breaths, I ask, “you want some breakfast?”

“Mhm, definitely,” he replies, grinning in a devilish way as his eyes rake my body. I slap his arm playfully and giggle, pecking his lips.

I whisper close to his ear, “later.” And smile, fixing him some breakfast.

My dad observes our exchanges in silence, but his watchful gaze never leaves us. We continue breakfast, ignoring my dad, flirting and joking with each other while eating.

A week went by and Matt claimed he booked the flights for me and our dad to leave. But there was no way in hell I was fucking leaving Kai. I would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming, making all witnesses believe I was being kidnapped, which in fact would be almost accurate.

“Pack your bags, Alex,” Matt orders as he notices me lounging on my bed with Kai. “And you,” he says turning to Kai, “are not allowed on a bed with my sister.” We both roll our eyes and resume making out, even though we still feel Matt’s eyes glaring at us. “Alex, pack your fucking bags! Kai, I will fuck you up!” he screams.

“Try it, Matt,” Kai retaliates.

Just before a fight can break out, my dad cuts between the two and holds them back with an arm against each chest.

“Stop fighting, boys,” my dad says in an authoritative tone. However, none of us would ever take orders from him, so I move to hold Kai’s arm, gently tugging him away. My dad watches us intently, still keeping a hand on Matt’s chest. “Why are you fighting now?”

“He’s fucking kissing her on her bed. You’re her dad. Do something!” Matt yells, and I narrow my eyes at him to show my disapproval.

“She’s my girlfriend, it’s not illegal to kiss her,” Kai counters, edging forward but I pull him to sit on the bed, attempting to calm him down.

“Pack your bags now Alex!” Matt orders again but I stay put.

Silence falls upon the room, the tension kept at the same bubbling levels but no one moving or speaking.

Then my dad breaks the silence and states, “no, you don’t have to. You’re not leaving.”

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