The Wilde Ones

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Football team

I hadn't actually been serious when I said I wanted to watch the guys play football, but Matt offered me a ride home if I waited and I didn't want to walk again.

And no, I didn't wait because I secretly wanted to watch Kai play, maybe take his shirt off and pour water over himself. Anyway...

Getting through the day would be interesting with no friends. I was told, by Kai and Matt, to not talk to Aiden anymore, and even though I wouldn't take any bullshit orders, I didn't want anyone to get hurt unless they deserved it.

Riding with Matt and Kai to school, I receive many glares, some of awe, probably because they weren't aware I'm Matt's sister, and some of fuming anger, including Madison's. She didn't like any girl close to Kai, claiming him as her own, so Laurie told me. Nothing with Kai and I would ever happen. I could never do that to Matt.

Of course, Madison and Kai fucked a few times, as Matt told me when I asked about Madison's obsession, but nothing more than that. Now the bitch wouldn't stop pestering him. And I sure as hell didn't want to get in the middle of it. Yet, I'm a drama magnet.

Getting out the car, Kai purposefully avoids looking at Madison, knowing her gaze would be on us the entire time. Kai and Matt make their way over to their friends, leaving me stranded, on my own. They don't even peer back over their shoulders to check on me. Assholes.

However, when Aiden catches sight of me, he strolls over, placing his arm around my shoulders and ushering me over to the sophomore guys. I can feel Kai's eyes boring into me from behind, and try to ignore it, hoping he won't do anything stupid.

You should have stayed with me then.

I don't know why he would, he's not my brother, he doesn't get to be protective. Although, in that case, maybe I should be worried about Matt and what he is doing right now.

"Morning, Alex," Kyle greets with a grin, and all the boys follow, all smiling at me. Then they look behind me and Aiden, and their smiles drop, eyes falling to the floor. "Yo, I don't like the stare Walker's giving me, man," he says to Aiden. He looks back over his shoulder then faces his friends again, his expression unchanged. Clearly, Kai's glare doesn't affect him at all, which I think is impressive. Stupid, but impressive.

"What's he going to do?" Aiden says confidently, but everyone else looks wary. Beat the shit out of you for one.

"I could think of many, many things," I add before smiling and removing the heavy arm from my shoulder. I walk into school with many pairs of eyes glued on me.

With Laurie in my year, and Madison and Elizabeth Seniors, I can at least talk to Laurie without them glaring. We sit in our seat next to each other for Biology class.

“Are you going to try out for cheerleading, today?” she questions, staring at me intently with a wide smile on her face. She does seem like the peppy cheerleader type. I used to be, I guess. When she notices my hesitant face, she says, “Please, I know you would be so good at it, and it’s just for fun. Madison and Elizabeth are already on the team and I’m kinda left alone for these tryouts.” I think about it for a second before nodding my head in defeat.

“Okay, okay, sure I’ll tryout for cheerleading.” She smiles in victory and then tries to focus on what the teacher is saying as I do. I know I’m going to regret trying out already, but who cares?

After class, I dump my books in my locker and head out into the canteen for lunch. Laurie is already sitting with the two bitches, so I look elsewhere for company. Aiden catches my eye, and then quickly makes his way over to me, dragging me over to sit with them as he has done multiple times.

Maybe I should eat in the library or something next time. It would save unwanted beat downs and confrontations. Drama does my head in.

“Hey, Alex,” the guys greet, one after the other.

“An apple? Really? That’s all you’re eating?” Kyle says, looking horrified. I just chuckle, thinking about my big breakfast and not wanting to look bad at cheerleading tryouts.

Then I feel a huge figure leaning over me, and I can tell from the guys’ widened eyes that whoever it is makes them all fearful. The figure clears its throat. I turn around to see that there are two figures, one of my brother and the other of Kai.

Oh, great.

“Lex, how about you eat your apple with us?” Matt says, never once taking his eyes off Aiden. “Back off from my sister, you fucker.” I see Kai staring at me intensely, then taking my hand and dragging me in front of him, his hand then placed on the small of my back.

Those hands... Shut up!

I feel nervous being so close to him, seeing in his eyes which I hoped I had mistaken before: jealousy and lust. He sits me down with the senior guys, and Matt and Kai sit on either side of me, in this protective sandwich.

I turn to Matt, scowling, “You can’t control everything I do, you know.” He only remains silent, still fuming inside. I hadn’t thought he would be too overprotective when I arrived here, but he seems to hate any guy talking to me, even his own friends, aside from Kai.

How do I live life with a helicopter brother? It's even worse than if I had a helicopter parent because this douchebag is at school with me.

I slam my apple down on the table in frustration and bits fly everywhere, leaving a mush of apple core in front of me. I get up to leave, noticing Matt’s shocked face and Kai’s amused and impressed face, and swan out to the library for some peace and quiet.

I hate the fucking football team.

Once finished with the day’s lessons, I meet Laurie in the changing room, readying herself in a pink and grey sports bra and leggings. Laurie had to give me some of her outfit choices since I wasn’t prepared at all for this. I put on red sports bra and leggings which looks quite sexy on me; she winks in approval.

“You know, the football team watches tryouts. They pretend like they have practice and end up just sitting in the bleachers for all of it.” Of course they do. Maybe now is the time to get my revenge.

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