The Wilde Ones

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Hope of Peace

With life settling down, a little at least, over the past few months, I had finished my high school year out in my new old school. Even though two weeks seemed redundant, I could spend time with Laurie, Madison and Elizabeth and see Kai at lunch and around the halls.

Matt was still keeping his distance, making remarks of 'I warned you', 'don't come running to me when he breaks your heart' and shit along those lines. But Kai and I are finally happy together, interlocking like jigsaw pieces.

And to my absolute surprise, my father remains sober, even though he claimed his motive before was to help me, but I don't need help. Now what is his motive? He's been more attentive lately, which I suppose is a step up, but honestly, I don't need his care or consideration. I am already grown up; I'm without need of parenting.

Kai and I spent the summer at the lake-house and now, Kai is moving into the dorms.

"No, fuck, that's heav-" Kai begins to say when I pick up another large box of his possessions from the car.

I lift it up and strain a bit, before getting crushed by its unbelievable weight. Kai hauls the box from me.

"What the fuck do you have in there?" I ask, arms drooping to the floor as they burn and ache. I pout with furrowed brows as he chuckles.

"All my weights and shit like that. I did label it 'do not pick up, Alex' to help you, but obviously you missed that," he comments with a smirk.

He kisses my forehead and takes the hefty box inside while I pick up a box filled with his clothes. I catch up to him and together, we make our way to his room, where a few guys, based on the fact they wear USC football jerseys, I conclude they're all football players, lounging around the room, a few playing video games while others are scrolling on their phones.

When they catch sight of us, they snap to attention, wearing grins on their faces. I place Kai's box onto the floor and look around.

"Yo, man, you must be Kai, right? I'm Ben, your roommate and teammate. And so are they," Ben says, gesturing to the others in the room. Ben's eyes lands on me and assess me, looking me up and down. "Hi," he greets to me, with a smirk. The others have smirks on their faces when they look at me too.

"His girlfriend, Alex," I declare, smiling politely, even though the smile is laced with the message 'not available'.

Kai puts his box next to mine and manages to get the names of the other guys in the room.

"You want help with boxes?" one of them asks.

"No, we're good actually. I've just got two more, so Alex and I can handle them," Kai replies, grasping my hand as we walk out and tugging me to his side. "They're going to be a piece of work," he mutters and I chuckle at his angry expression. "I need to make it clear that you are definitely with me," he says, pulling me tighter to his side.

"Kai, if you pull me any closer, we might start to merge and we'll be forever stuck in that position." He chuckles, loosening his grip slightly but as we walk across campus and see some guys look over and check me out, he tightens his grip again. Then, as I see many girls checking Kai out, I do the same, making sure they know he's mine.

Like-minded individuals. We possessed the same amount of jealousy. We are the perfect couple.

With the last boxes in the room, Kai starts to unpack while I sit on his bed, watching him because I'm too lazy, and the other guys all help him with the weights.

"So, Alex, are you going here too?" Ben asks, setting up the mini weight rack.

"I'm a junior in the fall, high school, so no. But I might go once I graduate," I answer, and the guys raise their eyebrows.

"Sophomore and senior dating then? How did that happen?" Ben questions Kai, cocking his head and giving that same boyish smirk.

"I live with her. Her brother is my best friend, and then her and her dad moved in," Kai responds nonchalantly. Some of the guys chuckle slightly and I roll my eyes.

"How cliche," one comments.

"Well, it wouldn't be cliche if it didn't happen often," I retort and go back to scrolling on my phone.

After a while, the boxes are unpacked and Kai jumps onto the bed beside me and pulls me into his lap.

"Oh, right, ground rules," Ben starts saying, eyeing us. "Warn me if you and your girl are getting it on. I will do the same, and full disclosure, I sleep around a bit, but this is college. Ask if you want to use something that's mine, I'll probably say yes anyway. The coach has so many rules as well about parties and all that shit but that is the main rules for this room." Kai nods in agreement.

My phone starts to buzz, and I see it's Caroline. I gesture to my phone at Kai, showing him I needed to take it as she was helping Matt over at Yale with his stuff.

I leave the room and walk down the halls a bit for a quieter place to talk to her, finding out that this campus is just packed to the brim with people, dotted everywhere. Eventually, I make it outside and to an empty space near some cars.

"Caroline, hi, everything okay?" I ask.

"Oh, yeah, don't worry. I just wanted to check in with you. Matt's just settling in and meeting his roommates."

"Yeah, Kai's doing the same. We're doing good, actually, apart from the fact that I almost dropped a box filled with weights on my feet." I giggle.

"Why were you carrying a box of weights?" she asks in concern.

"I didn't see the convenient warning Kai had left on the side, telling me not to pick it up." She chuckles now too.

"That boy is good for you," she says and I smile at her words. I quickly say goodbye and end the call, wanting to get back to Kai before some vulture-girls find him.

Abruptly, with no warning, a hand clamps forcefully over my mouth and I feel a sharp pinch in the side of my neck. My vision, almost instantly, becomes hazy, and within a matter of seconds, blacks out, as does my consciousness.

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