The Wilde Ones

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Never Be His

My body writhes in an unending ache. My head rolls on a delicate soft surface beneath me that makes my eyes snap open and I begin to shake like mad.

I back myself up against the bed frame behind me in order to assess where I am more clearly. But it doesn't help. A blank room, four walls, a bed, a closet and a door.

Immediately, I attempt to race towards the door but I'm halted by the handcuffs yanking make to the bed and irritating the skin of my wrists. I cry out in pain, but bite down on my lip to quell my noise, knowing it could draw the attention of my captor. I stare at the metal surrounding my wrists, hoping there is some way to get out of them and this room and back to Kai.

Axel. I had forgotten all about him. And he was getting out in a few months when I talked to him. Now, a few months later, I'm kidnapped. Not hurt, not yet, but a pit begins to grow in my stomach, that groans with anxiety.

The door creaks open and I shut my eyes close, hoping he'll think I am asleep and leave me alone a little more. I don't have a plan and he has all the power here.

I hear the footsteps approaching me briskly and then a hand stroking my head, seating themselves on the bed next to me.

"Baby, stop pretending," he orders in an authoritative tone. He lightly taps my face which forces me to flick my eyes open.

I stare at him, his evil eyes filling with an obsessive power. He chuckles to himself when he observes my helpless form chained to the bed.

"You're even more beautiful than I remember." His finger runs down my cheek and then tilts my chin to look at him more. "You're mine. Now and forever," he states possessively.

I flinch from his grip and I feel my breath shaking heavily that I can't form words. I push through the fear and spit in his face.

If I were smart, I wouldn't have angered my captor who had all the power in the situation by spitting on him, but I'm not smart.

But he only smirks at me, grabbing my body to come close to his.

"You'll soon be submissive."

"No, I won't," I squeak out, pushing it out of my rather dry throat.

He grasps my chin again, but slams his lips on mine. I tightly purse my lips, but his tongue plunges into my mouth in a fury and I gasp. After many minutes of claiming my mouth and restricting my breathing, squeezing my throat in his hand, he pulls away, leaving me panting.

"Yes, you will," he mutters and leaves the room.

I hear the locking sound of the door and figure he takes every precaution to keep what he thinks belongs to him. I am already handcuffed to the bed. Why lock the fucking door?

Because it's two lines of barricades. At least I'm still wearing my clothes from when I was kidnapped. But when was that? Is everyone freaking out? Have I been gone two hours or two days?

Axel enters the room again, this time carrying a tray of food, and I figure I must have been here longer than a day because I am starving. That along with anxiety and rage building, my stomach is in agony.

"Eat," Axel commands as he places the tray in my lap.

I see some mixed fruit, a bread roll with ham inside and, even though my stomach is begging, I refuse it, pushing it off myself towards him.

"I guess I'll have to feed you." He grins slyly, and starts picking up some fruit, but I purse my lips tightly. He then pinches my nose, smart move, and eventually, in the mere second I try catch my breath, the fruit in his fingers is inserted into my mouth. His hand clamps over my mouth so that I have no way to spit it at him.

I give in, eating it, and although I like fruit, eating fruit from him makes me want to vomit. I mean actually vomit. I heave a little with his hand still clamped to my mouth.

He flinches, moving his hand away only to not move away in time and I spew up all over him. Serves him fucking right. Although vomiting doesn't feel the best, it definitely feels good to do it on him. He wants all of me, this is a part of me.

Once I finish, I giggle at his vomit-covered arms and he storms out the room, leaving the tray of food here. I want to eat, but I can't. Maybe it is the drug he gave me as well, letting nothing sit with me.

He enters the room again with a fresh new shirt on, and presumably having taken a shower. His sleeves are rolled up to show me some new tattoos he had gotten and I look away.

A second later, he yanks my chin towards him so that my eyes can lock with his. Then he starts to climb on top of me, making me feel inferior under him, and my breath hitches in fear. His hands snake up and down my body and he parts my legs, getting in between them.

Grabbing my thigh to pull me closer to him, he whispers, "you are mine, baby, get used to it." He starts to go further, and I feel my eyes welling up with rage and fear, and then begin to fall uncontrollably. I beg for him to stop but he just smirks and carries on.

But just when he is about to get too far, a doorbell rings, and he growls, saying 'be quiet or else' but leaves my wriggling body, making his way to the front door.

Tears pour from my eyes and I contemplate making noise and letting the person down there know I'm here, but what if it is a friend, and I then still get the 'or else'?

I feel the pain around my throat where he gripped it, my hands still handcuffed to the bed. Tears rush down my face again as I look around to... I have no clue.

I want Kai, please. I need him now.

My fingers brush the bruises around my neck and all over my arms and stomach. I wince in pain as I do. My wrists are rubbed raw from the friction of the metal. I sob, quietly, as to not bring Axel in here, and scrunch myself up into a ball, trying to make myself so small that Axel wouldn't ever be able to do anything again. But I can't do it. I need Kai.

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