The Wilde Ones

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You're fucking dead


"She's not fucking answering her phone!" I yell at Ben and the others guys after we meet back up at our room.

It's been three hours since I last saw Alex. I talked to Caroline, who told me she had gotten off the phone with Alex three hours ago. Where the fuck is she?

Matt went crazy, screaming about how I lost his sister and that he told me, but I couldn't care less about him. My only goal is to find Alex.

We searched the entire campus, my car is still here, she's not at home with her dad, she left her bag in the dorms, which has all her money and her keys. Someone took her.

"Axel!" I scream at the revelation.

I had forgotten that he was getting out. Of course he'd want revenge. And I left Alex alone.

"Who's Axel?" Ben asks.

I explain to them a little about the past and they all conclude they would help me find her. I have just met them but they are turning out to be great loyal teammates.

I call the police, telling them she had been kidnapped by an ex-convict but even then, they are useless. She has only been gone for three hours, and her being sixteen, let's just say she may be a minor but doesn't warrant child kidnapping, especially since I am her boyfriend whose in college, as I told the police. They told me to wait twenty-four hours and keep contacting her parents. I have to find her; three hours might not be long but long enough.

I beg the security guards to let me look at the footage from everywhere, and with some sway from a few of the guys who are quite well-known here because of football, they hand them over.

It takes all night and into the morning until I see my angel in a quiet parking lot, talking on the phone. It is time stamped a few minutes after she left me. I see a dark figure grab her from behind and inject something into her. His figure is tall and muscular, it could be Axel.

It is Axel. I know it is. And he wants her. He's done awful things before, and I wouldn't put it past him to do those things again.

I catch the license plates on the black SUV he drags her into and I slam the table. The other guys wake up and rush over to the computer.

"How are we meant to find her now?" I yell, feeling the boiling rage within me. He could be hurting her as we speak.

"Trace those plates," Ben says, grabbing the computer and doing them into a website. Soon enough we get an address but by another name.

I know it's Axel though.

I race down to my car with some of the guys getting in mine and others getting in Ben's. I am going to kill him this time, I don't fucking care if it will send me to prison. He's dead for ever touching her.

We get to the address in record time but we can't just go through the front door. I get Ben to ring the doorbell at the front to hopefully draw him out whilst the other guys and I find a way in around the back.

Axel is drawn out, but when we get to the back, we find no way in. Until I spot a window on the top floor. There are different levels to the house, the garage provides a good step to get to the top from the ground.

I soon make it to the window and I peer in, praying to find Alex. I can't really see anything inside, the windows are slightly blackened.

I smash my fist through the window anyway; it is now or never. He'll definitely hear, but I have to get to Alex. I hear a screech as I come through the window. I catch sight of Alex, handcuffed to a bed frame and her clothes a little torn.

What has he done to her? My poor beautiful girl...

When she sees me, her eyes open wide and I look at the glimmer of hope. Axel, barges in, and the guys follow swiftly behind, backing him up against the wall. I embrace Alex, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead.

"Key!" I bellow, not letting go of Alex. I hear Axel not moving and then the guys rummaging around in his pockets to find the key. Once it's in my hand, I unlock them at once, noticing the skin that has pealed away beneath them. My heart breaks for her and I take her hands in mine and kiss her. "I love you so much, beautiful."

Tears stream down her cheeks as she whispers, "I love you too, I was so scared. All I wanted was you, and you came for me." She hugs me tighter and then break away. Getting out of the bed, she moves towards where the guys are pinning Axel to the wall.

"Alex," I call out but she moves closer. Then pummels her fist into Axel's face.

She needs this, who am I to stop her?

Her fist endlessly smashes into his face. The guys drop him so she can get better access to reach his face. They step back as she lets go of all her fear and rage. She punches until her wrists become weak and most probably broken.

I pull her back, but take over, slamming my fists into his face with a fury.

Until I watch his eyes close and his breathing slow to a stop and his heartbeat cease.

And then I realize he's dead.

We beat him to death.

I back away, my eyes wide, but when I look back at the guys and Alex, I don't regret killing him. He deserves it. Like no one has ever done. And it's not just that he deserves it. If he didn't die, he would continue to come after Alex, she could never find peace. It would be the same if she had killed him herself. This way, we'll find a way to be happy, together. To accept the past and move on.

The guys nod in understanding, and I pull Alex into me, her head nestling into my chest and I hold into her head. We can finally be happy.

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