The Wilde Ones

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"What the fuck?!" Kai screams down the phone and I grasp onto his arm, gripping tightly, my eyes pleading for answers. He angrily hangs up the phone and looks deep into my eyes with concern and worry.

"Kai?" I nervously say, my breath hitching.

"Alex, I'll protect you. I'll keep you safe, I fucking promise you. He'll never hurt you again."

"Kai, what the fuck is going on?"

"He's... gone. Axel, he's gone. I asked some people I knew to take care of it and he wasn't there. He must have still been alive, and stumbled out after we left."

I quiver in fear, which Kai feels and a wave of pain, for me, washes over his face.

"Beautiful, if he had any sense, he wouldn't ever come back. Don't worry, please."

No matter how much he begged, the tears still came, and they flood down my face, drenching his shirt as he pulls me into his chest. He whispers comforting words in my ears and lays me down. We fall asleep, in each other's arm, worried but our love overwhelming all other emotion.

Two years later...

"Fuck off, Ben," Kai says, throwing a pillow at his head and laughing. We were all hanging out in the dorms, me wrapped in Kai's arms.

"I can't believe you're marrying this shithead. Alex, girl, I could give you so much more," Ben says, playfully and a deadly glare sent from Kai makes him look like he is going to piss his pants.

I laugh at him, lightly nudging Kai, who moves to kiss me passionately to show that I would never be with anyone else.

"Oh, Matt said he's struggling with his best man speech, and he asked Scott for help on it," Kai explains, chuckling and I scowl. With Scott dictating what Matt says, it will turn out to be fucking insane.

Scott and I had gotten closer, brother and sister, as I did with Lisa and little Tommy too, who isn't so little anymore. And Matt, after another year of Kai and I dating, finally understood that we could withstand anything thrown at us. And we never heard from Axel.

I had proposed to Kai that Axel really was dead, maybe almost and got away and then eventually gave out. But at the back of my mind, I had doubts, I couldn't be sure, and that was irritating, yes, but I could live with it.

Kai made me forget, and now he will be my husband. We got engaged at one of his football games. He got down on one knee in front of everyone with his teammates all huddled around and the score board flashing with the words 'will you marry me?'. When I said 'yes', it was like I set a dozen wild monkeys free, and they were chanting, celebrating and jumping up and down like little children.

My relationship with my parents are improving, with them both coming to the wedding, as well as Jackson and my dad's new girlfriend. I was truly happy for him when I saw how good of an influence she was on him. I hadn't truly forgiven either of them for all of it, but I was confident that in time, I would be able to, if they kept trying to build our relationship again.

A few weeks later, I stand in awe in front of a long mirror. My hair is curled in long flowing locks down my back, a crown of little white flowers atop my head, and my dress, simple yet elegant gown.

Lisa, Madison, Laurie and Elizabeth were dressed in baby pink as my bridesmaids and my dad stood at the door, in a dashing suit as he gaped at me.

"Oh, Alex," he cries, as I watch a tear run down his cheek. I smile at him, locking my arm in his and letting him lead me to the altar with the girls trailing behind.

I am eighteen years old, marrying the love of my life, and I know it will never ever be a mistake. I'm not even too nervous, although in front of all these people, I want nothing to go wrong.

But this day is about me and Kai, starting a life together. And I am not scared of that one bit.

As Kai takes my hands in his when we reach the altar, I see Matt over his shoulder, smiling at us and the sight made my heart leap. When he accepted our relationship, I hugged him so tightly, Kai had to pull me off of him so that I wouldn't suffocate him. Now he's here, supporting me, and us.

I look around and see my family, old and new, all here and I want to cry with joy, but decide getting the vows done before breaking down would be best.

"Alex, when I first met you, you were this little blonde rocket that torpedoed into my life." I giggle as he grins at me. "I was closed off to love, I focused on fights and school and controlling my temper. When Matt told me his little sister and father would be moving in, I wanted to throw something, I thought I couldn't deal with an adult and an annoying little girl. What he didn't tell me was, well, anything about you. And I didn't expect you.

"You stole my heart the minute I set my eyes on you, and I didn't even know it. He didn't tell me you were beautiful, and smart, and caring, and fiery. And you became everything to me, everything I wanted and needed. You opened up my heart. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." I hold back tears as he squeezes my hands in reassurance.

"Kai, I thought you were an arrogant jackass, a hot one, but defensive. You warned me off boys, and threatened them. And all because you liked me. I wanted you and I didn't realize it at first, but you made me feel like no one has ever before.

"I had gotten out of a cruel relationship and wasn't ready to find love, or so I thought, but then I met you, and I was thrown right into it all. You made me feel emotions I didn't think were possible. Every day with you is all I need in my life, no matter what else is happening. All I need is you, and all I will ever need is you."

We say the 'I do's' with the rings and he gives me a long-awaited kiss, passionately deepening it in front of everyone. They all laughed and smiled as we pulled away with the silliest grins on our faces. This is the start of a life full of everything I could ever want. I had fallen for my brother's best friend, a cliche story, I know, but nevertheless I had. And he is everything.

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