The Wilde Ones

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What the fuck?


"You talk to her again, I'll rip your fucking throat out!" Matt bellows at Aiden, whose back is up against the lockers and all the seniors guys including me are huddled around.

I would be doing this myself, but I can't give the fact that I feel... something for my best friend's sister away. I would do more than threaten.

Matt lets Aiden off the lockers and pushes him towards the canteen again, after having dragged him by the collar out of there. I know that it will be humiliating for Aiden to have to go back in there, so for now, that's punishment enough. Why is Alex being so reckless? Why is she even talking to those guys after I told her not to?

Maybe because she hates you and hates being controlled by you.

Or maybe it's because she thinks I'm a straight up psycho that even my brain berates me. I haven't exactly been the warmest toward her, but I've been trying to ignore the fact I'm sexually attracted to her. A lot.

We all walk down the halls, making our way to our next classes. I don't even feel like going right now, but if I fail one more class, I won't be able to graduate. My parents left me to my own devices a long time ago, as did Matt and Alex's parents. I guess that's how Matt and I became fast friends.

Seeing their dad in his room the past few mornings passed out, I know that Alex must have brought him up all by herself. Matt would help, only he hates helping that man, says he doesn't deserve his help, nor does he deserve Alex's. Like me, Matt doesn't understand why she does what she does every morning either.

When I saw her this morning, in her tight little boy shorts and tank top that clung to her curves, I couldn't resist being near her. She's fucking beautiful, with that amazing golden hair and electric blue eyes. She's quite short which I find adorable, especially with her thin waist but curvier in the best places. She is perfect. Yet, she chooses to talk to those idiot sophomore football players. What hell is she thinking?

When I suggested to Matt that we drag her to us from those fuckers, he was more than happy too. And I was happy just to touch her. But when I did, I became more turned on by the looks she was giving me, some of confusion, some of anger, and some of pure beauty. I have to admit, I didn't see the apple coming. The way that smashed on the table, like she hadn't even realized her own strength. But I couldn't be surprised that the little rocket had a temper like me. She's been through a lot with her parents.

Making my way into the changing room, I smirk, knowing this practice, like every year, was cheerleading tryouts. But I couldn't get Alex out of my head. I know she'll be watching today as well, because Matt offered her a ride home. I only wish we were actually going to play football today, so that she could admire my skills. Maybe another day.

I pat Matt on the back as I make my way out to the field with some of the other guys, and we head up to the bleachers, trying to get good views of the new cheerleaders.

We watch the girls pile out onto the field, and that's when I see her. My golden-haired sexy as fuck spitfire, in all her glory, wearing this tight little red outfit that had me and the little guy on alert the moment she was seen.

She rakes her hand through her long hair, pulling it behind her. When I catch her eyes, she makes a sly smirk at me, and I catch onto what she is doing. I shake my head a little at her, tensing to show I was serious but all she does is smile, bite her lip and look away.

How I want to put something between those fucking lips. All red and pouty and waiting for me. Oh shit! She's Matt's sister and he'll be sitting right next to me whilst I have dirty thoughts about her. I'm fucking sick. Get it the fuck together, Walker!

Alex fucking Wilde. I look over to where the sophomores are sitting to see all their eyes are on Alex, smirking and laughing. I have a right mind to fuck them up right here and now for just looking at her, but we're in public and I can't afford to be kicked out, just yet.

Matt walks over to join me, taking the seat next to me and when he sees his sister, his grip on the chair tightens furiously. Incredibly overprotective, not that I'm complaining. Though, I will never have a shot with her.

"The fuck is she doing?" he exclaims, gritting it through his teeth. He's about the get up when I yank him back down. "I'm stopping this," he hisses with a scowl etched on his face.

"You can't make her do anything, at least, not with everyone watching," I tell him, trying to calm him down when I, too, am filled with utter rage.

I watch her talk to a girl named, Laurie, who is friends with Madison and Elizabeth. Out of the three girls, I guess it's alright if she talks to Laurie. It may sound like I want to control Alex but the people here won't be good for her, they're too vicious.

After most of the girls have done their routine, it's Alex's turn and Matt puts his head in his hands and then tries to watch. The music turns on and she starts dancing. When I say it's the hottest thing I've ever seen, I'm not exaggerating. But she's dancing for them, the sophomore boys.

I watch her eyes on them, occasionally glancing to us to see the reaction. And as she wanted, Matt and I were more that fuming. I place my arms over my pants, to stop Matt from seeing what she was doing to me, and continue to watch her intensely. Then she pulls out some crazy flips that I had no idea she could do. I didn't know she could look this good, and she looked stunning before.

When the music ends, I watch the sophomore boys hooting and whistling, clapping at her for giving them the slightest bit of attention. Fucking assholes.

I didn't think she knew what she was doing before; I thought she was oblivious to the way they looked at her. But she knows. She knows exactly what they want, and she knows how to be a tease. I think she knows what she's doing to me too.

She glances over at me innocently and smile, her lip between her teeth, probably watching my pained and lustful face. I wanted her; there was no denying it. But Matt is my best friend. I couldn't do that to him, could I?

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