The Wilde Ones

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I've never seen my brother as angry as he is now. And it serves him right. He doesn't own me and he can't control me.

I had never seen Kai look like that before. No longer his care-free and tense look but his full-on rage look. And the fact his hands covered his lap almost made me forgot what I was doing and roll on the floor laughing.

I could see what I was doing to the guys, especially Kai. Boys back in Arizona looked at me as innocent, peppy, inexperienced. It all changed when I met him. Then I went out to parties, drank, did drugs and the like. But there is no harm in a little flirting now. I wouldn't be like my dad, pathetic and useless but I can see how he got there. I guess that's why I help him. Because I partially understand. I kicked my addiction unlike him.

I head into the changing room from the field, with some of the girls hugging me and saying I was amazing. I did gymnastics when I was little up until the divorce. Then whilst the divorce was happening, I didn't want to be extra hassle.

I stayed out the way by just going out and having fun. It's not like either cared. Matt, in these first couple of days of school has cared more about my safety than our parents have in a year. I am grateful that he's looking out for me, but I'm not a little child.

Laurie, still shocked by me, smirks a little when she hears the guys go back into their changing room, yelling and cheering. I guess the girls got them all excited.

"I didn't know you were like that," she comments, grinning.

"Like what?" I ask, smiling innocently back.

She shakes her head a little and says, "you had all the boys practically begging to get into your pants." She giggles a little. "I'd be careful though. Walker looked like he wanted to eat you alive and your brother looked beyond pissed."

"That was the idea."

"What? To get to Walker?" And I laugh with her.

"You know that's not what I meant but that's a bonus," I say with a sly smile.

"Shit, there's hope for you yet." She seems to think for a second. "I would really like it if you joined us for lunch. I saw what happened today, in the canteen. Your brother dragging you away. He wouldn't have a problem if you sat with us." She seems genuinely excited for me to say yes.

"I'm not sure that Madison is the type of friend I want," I reply.

"I know she can seem like a bitch and if you don't like her, you don't have to be friends. Just sit with us." Knowing that this girl was crazy stubborn, I nod, again in defeat. I don't normally back down unless I know that deep down, I want to lose. Sitting with them would stop me having to eat with either of the boys and I can finally have a peaceful lunch, maybe. Although with Madison, I don't know what to expect.

I head out of the changing rooms only to have my wrist gripped by a forceful hand and dragged into an empty classroom.

"Walker?" I yelp, seeing his anger filled expression.

Shit, I thought I was getting kidnapped. But in a school? Really? It can happen in a school, what am I saying? Maybe he really wants to kill me. I shouldn't be surprised.

I slap his arm but it does nothing in his pent up state.

He works to compose himself after pushing me up against the wall. The close proximity to him has my heartbeat going mad, almost wanting to leap right out of my chest.

Imagine if it did. What would he think then? Not that I care what he thinks... Fuck, I can't breathe now. His lips are right there. I can literally feel the warmth of his body. I really want to run my hands over his abs and lick his- Get it the fuck together!

"What are you doing?" I whisper, feeling his breath on me. I look up to see his eyes darkening, his features tense as he holds my hips in place with his and arms on either side of my body.

Big mistake. His hips against mine. I can feel everything...

"The question is, what were you doing?" I smile a little, knowing that what I saw in him wasn't just fantasy. But it's short-lived as he notices it, his eyes scanning down the rest of my body before meeting my eyes again. I feel something hard pressing into my stomach, and I let out another chuckle, pushing him back a little also.

You know you wanted to pull him closer and ride him... Shut up!

"Revenge," I say simply. His anger only grows at my one-worded answer, and I can tell he's finding it hard to control himself. I push him away a little more. When I do, I feel his chest, his rock-solid abs and his heart beating uncontrollably like mine. I peer up to him, and whisper in his ear, "why are you so mad? It looks like you enjoyed the show." Ducking under his arm, I walk out, leaving him there, shocked and wanting more.

I head out of school, and wait by Matt's car, sitting on its hood. I see Aiden and the other guys come out, smirking and winking at me, and I laugh with them.

"Can I get your number?" Aiden walks up to me and asks. "I should've from day one. I don't see your brother around so I was hoping you would give me it before he comes out and decides to murder me."

"You know, I wouldn't put it past him."

"Nope, neither would I," he mutters, tensing at the thought.

"Did he do something?" I ask.

"No," he replies curtly with a brief smile.

I laugh it off and actually give him my number. It's just a number after all.

Aiden leaves just in time as Kai and Matt walk out with the senior guys. The guys smirks at me before heading to their cars whilst Matt and Kai head straight towards me, enraged, comparable with bull, you know, when they flick their heels back and steam comes out of their ears.

"Get in the car," Matt grits through his teeth, and Kai just stares as I get in.

The car journey was silent and walking into the house, I just wanted to get away but knew I would have to face the music at some point. I stroll into the kitchen, not giving a fuck about the eyes boring into my back as I get a glass of water. I turn around to face them. Matt has his arms on the counter and Kai sits back into a chair at the table.

"The fuck was that today?" Matt yells, slamming a hand on the counter. I don't react, trying not to show any weakness or a sign that I'm a little scared. Matt could really be aggressive when he wanted to.

"I wanted to be a cheerleader," I state firmly. Matt scoffs angrily at this.

"Was the idea to make me more than furious? Because you've definitely succeeded."

"The idea was to show you that you can't control me. Your little stunt at lunch was uncalled for. They were just talking to me. And who I fucking talk to is none of your goddamn business." I move closer to him so we're almost chest to chest.

"You're grounded then. How's that for control?" he says, confidently.

"You have no right."

"No? You live here, in my house."

"Paid for with mom's money," I retort.

"You see her round here? No, I didn't think so. Which puts me in charge. And I say you're grounded."

"For what? Trying out for a school team?" He huffs a little, thinking of a comeback.

"For talking back to me." I scoff, turning around and putting my glass in the sink. But I smash it down too forcefully and the glass shatters everywhere, and into my left hand, cutting it in many places. "Shit! I'll get the first aid kit," Matt cries, running down the hall.

I turn to face Kai, whose eyes are wide with shock. He gets up and hold my hand in his larger ones, assessing the damage. The cute little frown on his face distracts me from the pain.

Why am I being like this? He's done nothing but try to control me like my brother. For all I know, he could be like him. I don't need another relationship like that.

We all know why. Just jump him and be done with it!

My impulsive thoughts will be the end to me one day. I'm sure of it.

"Doesn't it hurt?" he questions, looking at my nonchalant expression. In reality, paired with his sexiness as a distraction, I'm trying to impress him by holding in the tears and groans. Though I'm no crybaby. I've suffered a lot for this to be nothing much.

"It's fine." I take my hand away from his and start to clean up the glass. I then feel his arms wrapping around me and pulling me away from the mess, sitting me down in the chair he originally sat in.

Matt hurries back in, taking the teasers and pulling out little shards of glass from my hand. I hold back winces to this action and study Kai's concerned face.

Kai Walker is worried. And adorable being worried.

Once all the bits of glass are taken out, I get up, much to my brother's protests to sit back down and wash my hand under warm water, washing away the blood. I take the bandage from Matt's hand, wrap it around mine and walk back to my room.

Well, so that I wouldn't have an audience anymore and I could stuff my face into my pillow to muffle my groans of pain. I need the outlet.

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