The Wilde Ones

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Cheer Team

A week of being grounded has gone by. A week. And everyday Matt's not awake to help me with dad and Kai seems to be out at all hours, doing God knows what. He often comes back with a few cuts and bruises, his knuckles all bloodied and I wonder if he's into these fight rings. I've heard Aiden and Kyle talk about them a lot, how they want to train enough to step into the ring.


Kai and Matt's moods have been unchanging all week, cautious and angry at me. They are so fucking temperamental it's doing my head in. And it's the only reason I actually listened to my brother and obeyed the rules of the grounding.

I shuffle into the kitchen after taking my dad upstairs, and take an apple as my breakfast. Kai bursts through the front door, his expression hard and stern, and knuckles once again red and bloodied. He studies me closely as he sits at the table, never taking his eyes off me. I haven't seen him much lately, occasionally in passing. I think he's still mad about what I said to him.

My hand is healing up quite nicely, and I was relieved by the fact it was my left and not my right, so didn't stop me from doing anything. Cheerleading starts today and I saw my name first on the list of new girls.

I run my hand through my hair and sit in the seat opposite Kai, taking a bite of my apple while staring at him with curiosity. He tenses at my actions and I realize I had no idea what I was doing until this moment. Anything I did turned him on suddenly and I enjoy that the simple action of eating an apple is slowly torturing him. Not that I'm a sadist or anything. It just serves him right for staying out all hours of the night doing something potentially dangerous like my dad.

"Where's your dad? I was hoping to get in early enough to take him up," Kai begins, now looking into my eyes.

"He's already up there. It's fine. Like I said, not your problem." I get up and walk back to my room, feeling his eyes on my ass as I go.

Not like I'm any better with him. There have been plenty of times where I eyed his ass. To be fair, he has a nice ass. Not relevant. I need to stop. He's Matt's best friend.

Changing for school, I decide to torment them all more, wearing a white crop tank top with blue jean shorts. It is early fall so still quite hot that I can get away with wearing my outfit. I put on a pair of tan healed boots and pack my cheer uniform in my duffel bag.

I start to read up on some of my subjects, wasting away the time. I then see a text from Aiden, saying he wants to hang out after school.

Why not? Hanging out doesn't mean a relationship and I'm not being controlled by my brother or some guy I barely know that I happen to live with.

I reply with a 'yes', instantly shoving my phone in my pocket as to not think about changing my mind. It would do me good.

I stroll out of my room to see Matt's still asleep, and Kai god knows where, so I head out before either could stop me and decide to take the long torturous walk to school I am dying to take.

When I reach the school, actually positively refreshed from my journey, I notice the hard, cold stares of Matt and Kai from across the parking lot. If looks could kill...

Charging into school, without sparing a second glance to anyone, I get to my locker, only to have it shut again by a 6'3 figure with a strong muscled arm slam it in my face, and twist me around to face him with his other arm. I hadn't noticed his ink before, and couldn't quite make out what they were supposed to be of.

But it's hot... For once, can you stop with that?

"Alex," he states in a very solemn tone, trying to not look down past my eyes for fear of losing control I think.

"Want something, Kai?" I reply, smiling sweetly at him, trying to remain in control here.

His presence was always very dominating, and especially when he was furious, as he is at this moment, anyone would feel inclined to leg it at one look of him.

I guess this is the look Kyle was talking about before, the killer one. But I am not backing down. What's he going to do, murder his best friend's sister?

I can feel the heat of his body, even though we aren't yet touching. His eyes darkened as he took in my stance, the confidence still reeking from me. He has to know that I'm not to be messed with either; he can't push me around.

"I know it must be hard for you, being the great oaf you are, but use your fucking words to talk to me, not that fucked up glare you have on your face," I say angrily, making sure he knows for sure that I would put up a fight.

After a long pause, I hear him growl in frustration, knowing it's a battle he won't win today. Not today. Having been grounded for a week, I have become an untameable force.

I smirk at him, at his defeat, and he huffs, storming away from me. If he thinks he can treat me like that, maybe some things are forbidden for good reason.

What am I saying? Rules are supposed to be broken after all. Actually, I don't know why people say that. Probably because it's an excuse for doing something lawless and fun. The most forbidden things are always the best.

Kai has a rage within no one here thinks can be kept at bay, but I have a similar feeling; I'm scared of this feeling, at what it could do. Before, it sent me spiraling, and now, without an outlet, I'm afraid it will be worse. I ignore the feeling, heading to class as normal and getting on with my day.

"I didn't know Matt had a sister," Madison says to me whilst we're stretching before cheer practice.

In truth, we'd only had one conversation that rubbed me the wrong way and she didn't know who I was back then.

"Good to meet you properly. Alex, right?" She smiled sweetly at me and held out her hand. I think it only gracious to shake it back. Then she grabs my hand and pulls me closer to her. "The little slutty stunt you pulled in tryouts, you should be ashamed." And I realize I'm right all along. Bitch. I resist the urge to slap her, knowing it will only do me more harm than her. Stay in control, Alex. "Stop trying it on with Kai."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I just live with Matt and Kai," I now whisper, being so close to her face. I fight out of her grip and smile at her, "but you should know, if I were trying to get with Kai, you wouldn't even come close to me."

And then I move over to Laurie, far away from Madison. The coach would choose a captain today, generally a senior, it being their last year. I just hoped and prayed it wouldn't be Madison, although knowing my luck, there could be no one else.

"Listen up girls, I want nothing less than dedication, smiles and team spirit," Coach Laura O'Riley announces, looking over all our faces. Her eyes land on me, and linger for a few seconds before moving on. "I'll be choosing captain by the end of the week. I'm new here, and for some of you who were used to how things were before, things are changing."

She starts with drills, giving us a serious of high kicks to repeat to music. I prepare to release all my pent up anger and energy into these drills, deciding cheerleading would become my outlet. I watch Matt, Kai and the other football guys head out onto the field, many of the guys eyeing us as they passed. Where disgust is painted on Matt's face as he saw me, Kai's face is one of lust. I won't give him attention today, deeming that he doesn't deserve it.

Once practice is over, coach pulls me over to the side as the other girls head into the changing room.

"Your tryout, I was very inspired by your energy and fire, Alex," she says, beaming at me.

I can tell she's being truthful and am surprised that she would condone it. I myself found that it walked the line between appropriate and inappropriate.

"I'm going to be honest with you. It's been said the captaincy goes to a senior but I was impressed by the fresh life you are giving to the team. I wasn't absolutely sure before but after witnessing your attack with those killer drills, you've surprised me. I'm considering you for captain is all and want to see you keep the hard work up, like I know you will. I can't say anything for certain yet, with all these unsaid rules about a senior captain and cheer quite a serious sport here, but I would say you possess an aptitude for it certainly. Don't mention it to anyone, but just so you know."

I thank her and walk away, looking slightly confused.

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