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Alpha King's councilman, a playboy, a man of many words, monogamous not being one. An Alpha in the far sector found his mate and as the councilman reigning the sector, he must be there to bless the joining. He finds his own mate, little Aurora James, Alpha James' 21-year-old daughter. Aurora, a smaller wolf than normal and that's a big statement for the daughter of an Alpha. She is the third child, her older brother just found his mate and they are having the joining ceremony. This is where Aurora meets her mate. Will they fall in love immediately or will he despise her for being the runt? Will there be another?

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Excitement filled the house but she stayed up in her room hidden from all that could see. She wasn't allowed to come out to see anyone. Her bruises were still healing and she didn't want anyone to see them anyway. She sat on the bay window bench and read Romeo and Juliet. Her mind wandered to who her Romeo would be.

"Get one last one in while I still control this pack." His words bounced around her brain tearing her apart from the inside.

"Aurora, want me to come and help you get ready?" Keva asked through the door and it shook the small woman from her thoughts.

"Aren't I supposed to help you?" She called softly padding her way to the door and checked the mirror to assure she had healed.

"Typically darling but I have nothing more to do, your brother is running around all stressed. He won't allow me to touch a thing." She sighed entering the room after Aurora offered, Keva stood at a generous height and stature, 5' 8".

"Well, we can find me something I guess." Sheepishly Aurora closed her book and slipped it back into the bookshelf. Opening her closet most of her clothes were modest and light colors.

"No this won't do, come let's look in my closet... I think I have a dress that will fit you." Keva ran her eyes over the simple church looking dresses that the Alpha and Luna bought their youngest.

"Keva, are you sure? I am 5'." A sigh left Aurora's lips as Keva tugged her arm pulling her from Aurora's room to the room her brother and Keva share down the hall.

"I do!" Keva left the girl in the center of the room, it was a mess all the covers had been thrown off the bed. Keva and her brother must have gotten hot last night? "Here you go, darling." Keva held a simple black dress for the party. In awe, Aurora grabbed it and smiled kissing Keva on the cheek and bounded to change.

The dress fit and it was beautiful fitting her form perfectly, it was gorgeous and she couldn't wait for the party this evening. Grabbing a pair of ballet flats to go with it she was in love. She quickly changed into her ceremonial robes and got herself ready as Keva knocked on her door for her to get ready to ascend the stage.

She was nervous as she made her way down, Keva was behind her waiting with her brother Austin. Her other brother and his mate, Klein, and Alena stood in front of Aurora and behind the Alpha and Luna, her parents.

"Hello! It's so good to see the turnout tonight, we are here to welcome the mating of Keva and Austin James. Let's get the family up here." Someone unfamiliar to her was talking, it was the King.

She topped the stairs and a wonderful scent filled her nose, a man standing at the end of the row of reps from the royal packs had locked eyes with her. He stuck up his nose and looked away, she felt shame.

"Will you love and cherish your mate till the end of your time?" The ceremony was ending and the pair agreed then cut their palms mixing their blood together. Aurora was getting giddy about her mate.

"You may part and we can further the celebration." The King finalized and he turned taking his crown off and handed it to what Aurora could only assume was his Royal Beta. "I wish you all the luck." He congratulated Austin and Keva before they ran off to get ready and be happy.

"Thank you for coming, will you stay for the celebration?" Aurora's mother, Luna James asked the king.

"Rory, you should go get something to eat before changing." Alena smiled nudging the young pup, Aurora nodded kissing each of her family members on the cheek save for her father.

"Wait, who's this little one?" The King questioned causing Aurora to stop and respectfully bow. She stayed down as it was custom and answered.

"Alpha daughter Aurora James." Staring at the ground he placed a finger under her chin causing her to stand up.

"No need for formalities little one, how old are you?" Touching the female roused a soft growl from Winston behind him. Sending the councilmember a sideways glance he returned his gaze to the woman before him.

"I am twenty-one, sir." She confirmed and he nodded pulling away and she looked up at him. He had to have been over 6'5", she felt intimidated by her mate who was glaring at her. "I'm sorry, but I really must get going. Thank you." She bowed again and went running down towards her home.

"Alena will show you where you may change and relax." Alpha James nods and Alena begins walking towards the royal cabins.

"Does that pup have a mate?" The King asked and Alena smiled walking beside him at their slow pace.

"No, Aurora is not mated... She's such a joy though, her mate is truly blessed she's very innocent but it's refreshing. Why do you like to know?" Alena came upon the path to the few buildings and smiled as the King chuckled.

"She's very kind." The King replied and noticed the rumblings of the man behind him. "Winston are you ill?"

"No sir, that's my mate you're going on about?" Winston grumbled pushing past them and continuing the journey.

"Interesting?" Alena hummed and stopped in front of the first cabin designated to the King Alpha and Queen Luna.

"I'll talk to him, thank you, Alena." His voice was brutish and you could tell the years of anger behind everything he did but he was kind when he needed to be and it was something Alena admired. Walking off after bowing she would meet Klein in their room.

"Winston." He called loudly and the wolf quickly made his way out with the slut Ashley following him. "Why are you not after your mate?"

"What are you saying? This is my mate?" Winston kissed the woman's forehead and the King sighed.

"You understand I have to report this to the council and they will let me apply whatever consequence I see fit?" The King asked and Winston looked at him like he had just seen pigs fly.

"My King, there is no need, this is my mate," Winston assured and the King growled making the pair run off into a different direction.

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