His Little Pup

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"Sleep well?" He asked her as she walked into his office with her blanket wrapped around her body. She dropped the blanket and slipped into his lap with a whimper.

"You weren't there when I woke up." She whispered grinding on him when she tried to move her body closer.

"Well- Ah Ror." He groaned leaning his head forward placing a chaste kiss to her mark. They were on their floor and he really didn't have a worry about anyone hearing so he did what first came to mind.

Slipping all the belongings from the desk he lifted his mate and pinned her against it. A squeal left her lips and she bit her bottom lip at the position. "Rhys." She groaned when he pressed himself against her naked weeping core.

"This is what you do to me, all the time. I can barely stand after watching you galavant around this floor in just my shirt." He leaned down and applied more pressure to her core causing her to tremble. His hand slipped under her shirt (which is actually his) and pinched her nipple with a moan. "All of this is mine."

"All yours. Please Rhys." She choked and she really wanted to call him more. "Please alpha." She batted her eyes and he groaned.

"Don't even start with that." He unbuckled his belt and she whimpered as his jeans which were soaked from her was replaced with his bare manhood.

She looked down at him and sucked a breath in. "How does this fit?" She whimpered, it's been in before. She could not believe it.

"When you're very wet, also... you were made for me little one." His eyes softened and he pressed a soft kiss to her lips and slipped inside her as she moaned out pained whimpers. "You're still so tight." A soft growl left as he breathed out.

"Harder. Please. Please." She called out as he picked his pace and suddenly not being able to hold it back he pounded into her. He wanted to be gentle but she was asking for her insides to be rearranged. She accepted it all gratefully.

He lifted her and she bounced on him as he walked them into the room stumbling over to the bed he laid her back returning to the inhuman speed he pounded into her. She clenched him hard and he groaned as she moaned out in orgasm.

By her third she was seeing stars and suddenly he followed her as she clenched hard around him milking him as her body instinctually uses it. She really wanted this to work. For this to put her in.

"Ah, fuck. You're so sexy Babygirl." He slipped behind her caressing her side and pressing soft kisses to her neck and languidly pumping into her body from behind no matter that he was still releasing spurts into her.

"You're leaving an indent and my stomach looks bloated." She groaned rolling her head back as you could see him entering and leaving her and the mass of cum deep inside filling her to bursting.

"I want to have you pupped at the end of this week." He growled low slipping the hand to the mass of her stomach.

"Fuck." She groaned as shivers felt from her body when his lips pressed to her mark. He always payed special attention to her mark.

"We should sleep, I want to plan our ceremony after dinner and we need to talk little one." He slipped the covers over their bodies and she accepted the warmth his body radiated as well.

"Rhy?" She mumbled dreamily and he hummed falling in right behind her. Sleep was coming soon and he knew it. "I love you."

"I love you too Pup." He finalized and she was giddy with happiness. She truly loved this man and best believe wanted to spend eternity with him. She couldn't wait to be pupped by him if it hadn't already happened yet.

"Wake up Pup, you need some food." He whispered and she groaned pulling him closer. His arms wrapped around her and she placed her head in his chest.

"Rhyyyy, shower." She opened her eyes and he nodded slipping a soft kiss to her forehead and he pulled away.

"I'll meet you at the stair case. I want to make a quick call, your father wanted to see you today as well darling." Rhys watched the love of his life slip into the bathroom with a limp. She was gorgeous, he couldn't wait for her to be a mother.

She turned on the rain head and the back jets and slipped into the shower. Her mate had personally brought her soaps to match her scent almost exactly.

She finished her shower quickly having a want to see her mate. She licked her lips and walked to the vanity. Slicking down chapstick she brushed her long unruly hair and padded into the closet.

Finding a pink dress and a pair of white canvas ballet flats she showcased her mark. A quick rush from the room she found her mate playing on his phone by the door.

"Good morning." She whispered and he chuckled wrapping his arms around her. She reveled in the warmth he provided her and they exited the room.

"Do you want to see Bri this afternoon?" He watched as she smiled running a hand over her stomach.

"No, we can do that at the end of the week. I have to go in for bloodwork then anyway." She smiled braiding their fingers together and entered the dining hall. Rhys went serious but he smiled when his mate placed her head on his shoulder.

"Good morning Jaxon." Aurora eagerly greeted the Royal Beta pair, Adalee rubbed her stomach affectionately and pointed at Aurora. Aurora shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

"Good morning Queen Aurora." Jaxon joked with the title and Aurora smiled but wanted to curl up in bed with Rhys again.

"Eat Little One, your dad wanted to see you in the hour." Rhys encouraged and she nodded digging into her food. There was plenty to eat and she got more than her fill.

"I'm done, will you be in the office all day?" She hummed and he nodded slipping his hand into hers. She stuck to him like glue, she didn't want to leave his side but it was needed.

"I'll see you after, please be careful. Don't over work yourself, if you need you can take a nap. Adalee would gladly love a nap buddy. Link me if anything goes wrong. Please Little One." He cupped the back of her head and she nodded pressing her forehead to his chest.

"I wanna stay with you." She whispered and he knew, he sighed and lifted her up to his level.

"How about I get as much as I can done tonight and today and I will take tomorrow off?" He reasoned and she nodded wrapping her arms around him. "I love you Ror."

"I love you too Rhy, I'll see you later. Please don't be too late." She hummed and he nodded kissing her soft lips once before placing her back on her feet and watching her enter the library to study with her father.

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