His Little Pup

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"I'm so glad you're ok." Her father hugged her once more. Their session was fast, they focused on her element. She froze water and made it erupt from deep underground. She was spent though and had already contacted Adalee about a planned nap.

"Thank you father, I'm really glad we could bond." She hummed and he nodded pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "Dad, can we talk about mom sometime?" He pauses and a soft exhale leaves him before becoming active once more.

"There's not much to talk of darling but of course." He nodded placing the book they had been using for conjuring techniques away. She nodded and left the library in good spirits.

"Oh Aurora!" She heard him call, she didn't want to turn around. She didn't know how to feel about the situation anymore. "Aurora please!" Her heel clicks halted, she closes her eyes taking a deep breath.

"Winston, I have nothing to say." She spun around and he was wide eyed and taken aback. This whole Queen Luna thing was new to her but her personality was changing. She defiantly threw around more of her aura and exuded more confidence. She demanded what she wanted and got it.

"I just wanted to apologize for springing that kiss on you. I was dragged to the sector to a meeting the next morning and I just got back. You were just the wolf I wanted to see." He came closer but she wanted nothing to do with him. It puzzled him, she was so reactive to him before. She pulls back from him watching him for threat.

Why doesn't he see the mark? She thought as he came closer, her hair was in the way. Footsteps got closer and closer and she didn't want to get caught.

"No no, we should get a tailor sent to the room on Wednesday to help- Aurora." Rhys came around the corner with Jaxon in tow and his Royal Gamma Julius following. The whole situation may be blown out of proportion.

"Hi, I was just headed up to Adalee." She bit her lip and Rhys watched the dangerous action. He was turned on but his mate was definitely not in the mood to act on it so he pushed his mind from it.

"Come here." He opened his arms and she bounced away from a male figure that was way too close for Rhys' comfort. She pressed her face into his chest and soaked in the warmth and scent of her male.

"You don't need to baby me, I'm ok." She whispered and he chuckled leaning down to her ear.

"But you're my babygirl, who else would I baby?" He nipped her cartilage and she yelped slightly and smacked his chest.

"I'm taking a sweatshirt and long socks and stowing away in the bedroom watching Friends with Adalee." She kisses his cheek sweetly and hugged Jaxon who adored the girl like a sister. Julius could see the love the men held for the girl she was truly one for the ages.

"Take a good nap darling, I want to talk about ceremony at dinner and then we need to talk more Little One." Rhys reminded and she nodded her head padding away softly, she will have to tell him who she was with before he showed up.

Adalee was seated on the couch in the living room when Aurora got there. "Come onn..." Aurora begged and brought Adalee to the remade room. The bed was a mess after last night and reeked of sex but the maids had come and changed the bed. Aurora has pushed open the windows before leaving so the soft smell of pine wafted through with the breeze.

"I'll start it." Adalee hummed climbing into the monstrosity of a bed. Aurora padded into the closet and undressed down to her underwear. Slipping on black spandex and one of Rhys' massive sweatshirts. She walked to her side and grabbed her tall white Nike socks.

"I'm coming!" Aurora called running and jumping onto the bed next to Adalee. She was ready for a good nap, her practice had depleted her and the soft smell of pine with the rich smell of her mate had her in a daze.

Not long until both females were dead asleep next to each other. Adalee was caressing her still flat stomach but Aurora was cuddling her pillow wishing for it to have been her mate.

Rhys and Jaxon entered the floor and the living room and kitchen were fine. The office was clean and the the kids rooms that were empty for now are still empty. Rhys pushes open the door to the bedroom and Adalee was sitting up and woke when the door opened. She mumbled and slipped off the bed jumping into her mates arms. He took her away and Rhys slipped out of his jacket and shirt. He walked into the closet and changed pants to sweats and took off his socks and shoes.

He left the closet and his mate was just stirring. She yawned and patted the bed in front of her, he complied and laid down with her. She was quick to place her head on his chest and wrap herself around him.

"In the hall- when you arrived I was in the middle of...- talking." She struggled first from yawning and next with the correct word. She was worried he would turn into major rage alpha and get all heated. Definitely wants to stay away from that side of her male.

"With who?" He was absentmindedly rubbing her stomach and she yawned again and pulled away from him turning and slipping right back into his hold. His hands began to rub her back instead and she chewed on her lip connecting eyes with him. She didn't want him to get angry.

"Winston." She cringed closing her eyes tightly, she expected an impact of some sort. Nothing.

"Little One you're shaking!" He pointed out worry the only thing filling his voice. She opened her eyes and turned to meet his.

"You're not mad?"

"Babygirl, why would I be mad with you?" He gathers her in his arms reassuring she was ok. She was looking down in shame.

"I talked to Winston." She mumbled and he nuzzled his head to hers. The comforter had been pushed to the end of the bed and the pillow she had been cuddling was now on the other side of the bed.

"Ok? Did anything happen?" He asked brushing back hairs from her eyes. She looked up expectantly tears had pooled in her eyes but with the change in vibe remain un-shed.

"N-no, he uh. He just wanted to um talk, he doesn't know. You're my- I'm your- we're... mates." She stumbled over her words, her body shook in fear. She didn't want to hate her mate like she hated Alpha James.

"Did you tell him?" He asked trying to sooth her by rubbing his forehead against her shoulder. She knew the act was one of good nature but he could easily do something to hurt her when he lashes out.

"N-no, I was about to but then you came." She whimpered and he threw his head back alarmed. She was in total disarray, shaking and eyes tearing up.

"Aurora, what happened to your bones to leave such scarred bruising?" He tried to change the subject but she squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip from letting out a sob.

"You'll leave me if you find out. Please, please." She pleaded in fear this was the last straw, brutal ugly sobs erupted from her mouth and Rhys alarmed caresses her.

"I need to know." He pushed away the strong growl that was prompted by his wolf. There is so much to angry be at but nothing ever gave him a reason to be angry with her.

"A-alpha James, I wasn't his daughter but mother insisted on raising me. I was only good for simple chores and I was always beaten for small simple things. No one knew, my mother knew but she feared James enough." She curled in a ball pulling away from her mate. He would leave her definitely leave her.

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