His Little Pup

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"Aurora." He whispered and she turned her head away, it was cowardly to not face this head on but his rejection would end her. She had always been a weak pup anyway.

"Please get it over with, any other female would do you better. They would probably be pretty too." She whimpered wanting to jump off the building from the height their floor was, it would kill her. He growled loudly and she flinched pulling away from him completely.

"You are mine. No one else will ever be my female. I want you and only you. You are perfect and gorgeous. I would never leave you!" He flipped her under him and growled in warning breathily in her ear. "Babygirl, why would I leave you because that dumbass abused you. I've already got soldiers forming at the crack of dawn to take him out." His hands laid at her hips rubbing circles on her bones.

"I'm, too emotional, you don't want a weak mate." She pushed him off and slipped from the bed. She didn't want to see or hear him reject her too. Her insecurities and emotions got the best of her and she sprinted from their room. Her feet carried her to the only place she felt she could let go. The terrace they had been on not long ago.

She took a deep breath of the crisp air, her mind meddled. She felt bad leaving him but she couldn't deal with her second chance mate, her mate, her forever, rejecting her. Her mind went to the dumps, "What if he sleeps with another female?" "Do I go back home?" "If he doesn't want me does that mean I have to get some sort of unmarking ceremony?"

Her mind was reeling and she couldn't focus on the sounds of Rhys running to her. She had a white-knuckle grip on the railing and she was breathing hard. Rhys didn't give her the chance to make anymore rash decisions. He wrapped his arms around her and chucked her over his shoulder.

"Rhys! Stop!" She yelled and pounded on his back, she didn't like this position. His hand rest on her butt to keep the world from seeing what was his.

"No Aurora." He finalized in a growl that had her fall limp in his arms. She felt dejected and wanted down so she could go mope in the corner. He has carried her up the stairs to their room despite her protests of being too heavy for him.

"Stop," She wiggles out of his arms and he lifted her right back up. With force he tossed her on the bed only for her to be pinned down not seconds later.

"Now, I have many things to discuss right now but you need to be patient." He growled low and in her ear. Her body betrayed her and she shivered with need.

"Why would I reject the best thing that's ever happened to me?! Don't give me the I'm weak and I'm not strong enough for you bullshit. You're perfect for me and you're everything I've ever needed. Next, stop pushing me away... Aurora all I've ever wanted in my life was my mate, I thought I had that with her but that was to test me to show if I was really ready for you. You're all I care about, throne and crown aside you're my number one. Stop running from me and pushing me out. I want to be there to help you. I want to be the shoulder you cry on when you feel down on your worst. I want to be the one to get you're attitude right back up. NEXT, you my Little Pup are definitely not too heavy to fucking carry. You are light as a fucking feather and I will prove that to you time and time again. ALSO, being broke and abused gives me more reason to help you heal and stay. You're my perfect gorgeous mate and I wouldn't trade you for the world." He ranted and she started to bawl after he finished. He was quick to pick her up into his lap, maybe he was a bit forceful. "Oh baby, I'm so sorry!"

"I-I've never had anyone care s-so much." She presses her face into his shoulder and tears poured from her eyes onto his shoulder.

"I'll always be here to care for you, you're mine." He whispered rocking her back and forth till her sobs turned to soft hiccups. She stayed straddling his lap and laying her head on one of her arms wrapped around his neck. "How about a nap, then dinner and then we can talk a bit more or sleep?" He asked and she nodded slightly, she felt her cheeks flush. She is embarrassed for her actions, she always does this but she canโ€™t help the overthinking and anxiety.

He leaned over and she curled into his arms so he could pull her entire body to his chest. His lips gently teased her forehead and several soft warm kisses were placed there.

Her body immediately relaxed against him and he kept his arms around her. There was no way she could leave. She fell asleep almost immediately despite having taken a nap already and he followed suit.

Gradually she woke up and he was dead asleep, soft tendrils of warm air left him and spread across her face. She brushed a hand across his jaw, he was so peaceful and beautiful.

She ran her hand down the side of his neck and gently circled the mark she placed on him. He grunted and she pulled her hand back but he had just buried his head deeper into her shoulder.

She returned her hand to his skin, running up his spine to the back of his neck. Her fingers found the soft layers of his hair and she brushed through them.

She had a strong urge to kiss him and letting herself lose all thinking she did so. She leaned in slightly, his head had pulled from her neck and she could easily repeck his lips.

Softly she brushed her lips against his and then the arms wrapped around her tightened and pulled her on top of his lap. The kiss got more powerful, she didn't dare open her eyes, his hands slipped down her waist and grabbed her butt in both hands. She finds it slightly amusing how he managed handles her but she remains void.

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