His Little Pup

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"It's gorgeous, thank you Healena," Aurora praised as the dress flowed from her hips. The white boho dress made her happy and she couldn't wait for her mate to see it.

"You're very welcome darling. I was also sent to size your ceremonial affairs dress for this week." Healena brought out the dress the queen wears to other pack ceremonies. "This is just a few more sticking needed to be made. The last this was worn, Queen Feyre was pregnant."

"I remember," Aurora smiled solemnly, Feyre was an excellent Queen and she has been greatly missed by her people. "I cannot do nearly the job she did."

"Nonsense, you've already made a large impact by keeping our King sane. Thank you your Majesty, I will have these sent up when needed." Healena smiles and Aurora gave her a look. "I can never call you by your name, it doesn't give you the justice you deserve."

"I'm not even Queen yet?" Aurora hummed setting the crown down on the soft pad it's kept on.

"You have been Queen since the Goddess made you our Kings mate." Healena laughed at the humble female and left a couple new dresses that she made for her. "Make sure these are put away, the maids are young."

"I'll take care of it, thank you again." Aurora waves and takes the dresses into the closet. She placed them on their respective racks. Slipping the silk robe from her body and tossing it on the couch she searched for something to wear. Did she mean the maids will steal?

"If only I could be met with this sight everyday." Her mates voice praises and she jumped and grabbed the robe. "Aweee my private shooowww." He whined pushing off the doorframe and wrapped his arms around her lifting her into his arms. "I don't like work anymore, it takes too much of my time and I can't see you naked."

"RHYS!" She squealed when he nuzzled his head into her chest pushing the robe away and placing his head between her breasts.

"I want my mateeee," he groaned and she laughed scrambling out of his hold and back into the closet. She pulled on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt with long boot socks. "Stop clothing yourself!" He banged his head against the doorframe again.

"Come on, let's go get food from the kitchens and then cookie baking stuff and we can make cookies." She wrapped her arms around his waist and he chuckled nodding. She grabbed his crown and placed it next to her tiara and they left the room.

"You're so cute," mumbling a quick appreciation she laughed and grabbed his large hand in hers. They walked down the stairs and she tripped falling on her butt from taking three at a time and they both burst out laughing.

"Oh you're never living that down!" He chuckled and she groaned jumping on his back and he linked his arms around her legs.

"Take me to the kitchens slave." She whispered in his ear and he nodded licking her cheek. "Ewww! Cooties!"

"You liked it." He walked down the halls nodding to members of the council who were absolutely thrilled with the affections their royals held.

"You're excellent!" She jumped off him and he nodded as they ended up in the kitchens. "Hello Chrissy can I get the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies? Also where is tonight's dinner?"

"Hello Aur- hello Queen Luna, I will have the ingredients sent to the royal floor and the dinner is over there." Chrissy smiles at the pair and Aurora pads over to the food. Grabbing two plates and silverware she leads her mate back to their floor.

"King Romanov!" Winstons voice carried through the hall and both mates stopped.

"Wanna run for it?" She whispered and Rhys chuckled as Aurora caught a passing maid and instructed her to take the food up to the dining table in the royal floor.

"Yes Councilmen Buchers?" Rhys turned and his mate wanted to crawl on his back again. So what did she do?!

"I wanted to speak with you." Winston came closer and Aurora took her chance two steps and launched herself on his back. Way ahead of her, her mate caught her and she wrapped her legs around him.

"Sorry, give me a moment." Rhys apologized and swung his mate around dropping her on the floor next to him. "Yes darling?"

"I don't want to speak to him..." she sighed and he nodded caressing her face. She understood that's she had to do this sooner or later. She groans because he took her off his back, she wanted to be there.

"Aurora?" Winston asked surprised and she turned, her mark was on full show and he stumbled back surprised. Her sweatshirt was pulled so part of her shoulder was shown to the world.

"Uh, Winston. Meet my mate, King Rhys Romanov..." she chewed on her lip and looked up at her monstrous mate. He was tall and that's how she liked him, tall and serious until it came to her.

"You're mated to... no?" Winston chuckled in disbelief and she nodded getting on her tip toes to push her mates collar to the side. Her mark shown on his neck and he kissed her forehead proudly as she was up there.

"How's air mattress Ashley?" Rhys gritted out but in the deep depths of his heart he was glad Winston fucked up. He loved Aurora more than words.

"She's- she's uh- she's pupped." Winston kicked the ground and it reverberated through the hall.

"You may retire no question, your brother can take your place on council from your family." Rhys scooped his mate into his arms and carried her up to their floor.

"Why's he retiring?" Aurora asked cupping Rhys' cheek and placing a soft kiss to it.

"Got a female other than his mate knocked up." Rhys shrugged and entered their floor sitting with her in his lap at the head of their table. They eat steadily in a comfortable silence until a maid walked into the floor.

"The ingredients my King and Queen." The maid dropped a basket of stuff and scurried off. The door shuts and Aurora stands to look over the ingredients.

"Ready to make cookies?" She asked and he shook her head causing confusion to run over her face.

"I don't know how. My mother died and I never really got to know this kind of stuff." He chewed his lip in nervousness, what if this was a dealbreaker for her.

"That's alright love, I'll show you how." She kisses his lips softly and tasted the marinara on their tongues from dinner.

"I'd love that." His arms wrapped around her waist pulling her further to his body to continue their kiss.

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