His Little Pup

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Ceremonial Visit

"Are you ready?" She hummed crawling on his back as he laid on his stomach on the bed. Her hands ran through his hair and soft kisses ran up and down his neck. Her dress pulled up but she didn't care.

"Fuck right there babygirl." He groaned pushing his head into the bed and she nipped, sucking on his mark. He was such a tease.

"Alpha, we have to go." She whispered wrapping her arms around his torso and kept up her assault.

"In a while." He pushed up pulling her under him and brining his hips between her legs. "I really want to be buried deep inside you."

"Again?" She groaned remembering the events of last night and reason she has a small limp this morning. He always made it hard to walk the next morning.

"There is no time since I've been with you that I haven't craved to have you pinned to the bed ready to conceive our child." He groaned rocking his hips into hers and she moaned raising her hips meeting his. "Fuck, Ror."

"I-ok, we have to make it fast.”


"Now we're late because you were horny." Aurora grumbled as her mate carried her down to the car in the courtyard. She wanted to stay in bed but he refused.

"Ya cause that was all me," He placed her in the car, he watched in awe. She was gorgeous and even when she was in a mood or acting sassy he was amazed by her.

"Are you driving?" She asked frowning and he chuckled getting in next to her. She smiled crawling into his lap and placing her head on his chest. Adalee and Jaxon came in the other side and she sat between Jaxons legs with them both caressing her still flat stomach.

"Good morning love birds." Adalee cooed and Aurora groaned wrapping arms around her mate. Rhys took off the tiara that Aurora was wearing so she would stop hitting him in the neck with it.

"Good morning Ads, I'm afraid Aurora won't be great company." Rhys strokes her back gently soothing her into a sleep. "She didn't sleep that much last night."

"Oh, I'm very sorry Aurora." Adalee smiled and Aurora shook her head groaning. She had linked Adalee when she threw up this morning, it's only been a week since she got together with Rhys but Werewolves show pregnancy signs really early. Adalee and her decided to not freak out over it but obviously Adalee was ecstatic. Aurora was hesitant to tell her mate in case it was a false alarm and she just didn't feel good after the rearranging her insides did.

"It's alright, I'll be ok. Let's get moving." Aurora felt herself relax more into her mates hold and then darkness took over her.

"Wake up, we're almost there." Rhys whispered and his mate flutters her eyes open. She leaned forward pressing her lips to his with a massive smile.

"How was the ride?" She asked stretching and wrapping her arms around him once again. He shrugged grabbing her tiara and placed it back on her head.

"I fell asleep." He finally answered and hummed nodding his head to Jaxon and Adalee who were also asleep.

"Ah, to be young and in love." Aurora giggles and Rhys nodded humoring her. They were watching the couple in the same position they got into the car in.

"Ah, yes." He winked at his mate biting his lip. "Those were the days." He eyes his mate and groans wanting to hold her all day.

"And pupped too, Ah before the screaming and crying." Aurora pressed her temple into his chest as they steadily got louder to wake the couple.

"Yes, our young ones are just like that." Rhys laughed and Aurora nodded kissing his jaw. "The oldest was the worst thank god he grew out of it.

"Stop talking about your imaginary children old people." Jaxon growled and Aurora cackled, the car slowed and pulled everyone from their conversation. Adalee was wide awake as they pulled into the lands.

"It's beautiful." Aurora was pressed against the glass which her mate laughed at and she ignored him. Pulling at her robes she began to feel self conscious. "What if the people don't like me?" She looked up at her mate causing her eyelashes to brush her brow bone. She was angelic and he groaned wanting to fuck her again.

"The people will love you." The car stopped and Jaxon stepped out with Adalee first. The councils cars were ahead of the royals car.

The door of the car opened on The king and Queens side, Rhys stepped out first and cheers erupted. Rhys turned and bent down smiling at his mate. She chewed her lip and with her head bent down exited the car. She covered the sun from her eyes and was slightly stooped over when she came to rest next to her mate.

"You may have heard rumors of my mating, as confirmation this is the Queen Luna Aurora Romanov." Rhys spike with great power and in an overly dominating voice. His mate gained shivers from his dangerous voice and she looked up at him.

"Please, Just Aurora will do fine." She tried and the crowed laughed like it was a joke. Sighing she nodded with a smile, " Thank you for the acceptance you are showing me. I am so grateful, let's get this ceremony underway."

"Excellent." A male voice carried and a pair came through the crowd to stop in front of the king and queen with a bow.

"It's great to see you young Alpha Sean." Rhys praises with a knee shaking smile. The Alpha glanced at the female who was chewing her lip looking at the King. "Let me introduce my mate, Aurora." Rhys presses his hand to the small of her back and she glanced away from him.

"Hello, it's really great to meet you. You are truly blessed with this beautiful mate Alpha Sean." She just let the words roll off her tongue. Nerves got to her but it was like her wolf just got her shit figured out.

"Hello Queen Luna," he bows and his mate curtsied, Aurora looked at her mate uncomfortable. "I am truly blessed and your mate seems to be as well. You're gonna be a great Queen."

"Thank you." She looked down with a blush, she tried to refrain but she said it anyway. "Please stop with all this nonsense. Call me Aurora."

"Ror." Rhys groaned wrapping his arms around her and she shook her head. He knew she would always think of the formalities as a nuance.

"Please, formalities aren't needed. We aren't in a professional setting yet. We're just wolves talking to wolves." Aurora explained and her mate shrugs but concludes she is correct. He placed his head in her neck and she smiled.

"Thank you Aurora, I don't think I have yet introduced my mate." He commented and his mate pulled back out from being under his arm buried in his chest to glare at him. "She's a bit shy, this is my mate Cas."

“Hello Cas,” Aurora greets and Rhys follows with smiles on their faces. The Luna blushes from any and all attention on her.

"Well, shall we start?" Rhys asked and his mate nodded slipping their hands together and following the Alpha and Luna down their land to the ceremony.

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