His Little Pup

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True Love

Arriving home was a silent ordeal for the couple. Rhys was watching outside carefully and Aurora had burrowed herself into his side reading a book on witches.

She wanted to soak every bit of time with him that she could. They couldn't sleep in the same bed tonight and she couldn't stay round him much she had appointments and cake tasting.

Slipping from the car when it pulled to a stop he got out first. She took a minute longer to study the banquet castle. There were two, one that was used for parties and for show and the other more idealistic and useful. She whined when he was gonna pull from the embrace they were sharing.

"I don't want to sleep alone." She whines and he felt for her, the tradition was stupid but his beta was to make sure the king stayed in his room on one side of the banquet castle and his mate stayed on her side of the banquet castle.

"Trust me. Me either." Rhys slipped from the car and accepted her hand. Aurora allowed him to take her to wherever she had her appointments. "Tell me immediately the results from the checkup. Please." He pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "Promise."

"I promise Rhys, go do whatever you need to do. I'll link you after." She pressed a soft kiss to his jaw and turned around entering the exam room. Bri was smiling next to her wheeled chair waiting.

"Good morning Queen Luna," Bri stood and got a few things ready within the room itself. "Alright lets get an x ray, then we will get some blood and urine samples and I wanna quick sono."

"Alright." Aurora followed to the X-ray room and wore the apron to protect her reproductive systems. The quick flashes and repositioning was quickly over.

"Let's get those samples from you and then we can discuss your x rays." Bri smiled and handed the female a plastic cup. There was all the crazy medical talk and her name was also on the sticker. "Here's a restroom. I'll be right out here to take you to get blood drawn."

Aurora entered the bathroom and quickly did her duties. She felt an overwhelming nervousness and realized her mate was very scared or anxious.

Are you alright?!

Yes, are you done yet? Do you know anything?

No, but I'm almost done. About to get blood drawn.

She loved her mate but he was a bit protective. It was understandable, there was only one Queen for every king.

"Here's the sample." She exited and handed the warm plastic cup to the doctor who smiled brightly and handed it to the man next to her. He scurried off in the direction of hopefully the lab.

"I will have those results by the end of the appointment. Let's take a quick blood sample to check hormones and nutrition." Bri placed a hand in the center of Auroras back ushering her into a chair. A rubber tourniquet was wrapped around her arm and Bri searches for the best vein to get into. "Squeeze your hand and release." She pressed on a few and smiled at a certain one. "Relax your arm and it'll be over in a few moments." Aurora watched with interest as a small poke and then blood spurt from her arm through a tube into a glass container. The doc pulled the needle out and pressed a cotton piece to it then placed a bandaid to it.

"Thank you." Aurora stood and smiled following the Doctor, the same man from before took the blood. "He must be a lab tech."

"He is, let's get that sono and then we can talk about the results." Bri entered the exam room and Aurora sat on the bed. She lifted her shirt and Bri rolled over the machine. "How has your mating been?"

"Rhys is nothing but a gentlemen... except for in bed." She blushed and Bri laughed squeezing the gel on the females stomach. "Honestly I never thought I could be this lucky though." Bri has grabbed a pad which was the wand.

"I have no doubt you two are more than happy together." Bri laughed and stopped with a soft smile as she found what she was looking for. "Alright, let me leave that there for a second." She had the pad laid across Auroras stomach.

I'm walked the man and he handed the Manila folder to Bri. Bri read through and chuckled with a smile. "Alright little Luna, your bones have healed back and the bruises are gone. That's not all."

"Okay?" Aurora adjusted a bit but the recorder wand stayed the same.

"Your hormones have altered and they heightened a bit too. Your blood showed this mostly, you've also been eating a bit more and a lot better. You're really improving and doing well." Bri stopped with a smile and pulled forward the machine a bit. "See these small dots?"

"Yes I do?" Aurora looked carefully and then a smile framed her face. "Are you serious?" She understood what this was and what it meant.

"Yes ma'am, you're very blessed." She congratulated the Luna and even went so far as to hug her. The doctor felt a connection and the Luna was pleased to share the connection.

"Thank you so much, can I get pictures for Rhys and a folder telling me I'm positive?" She asked already forming a plan on how to tell her mate. She hopes he will be positive.

"I'll make two, one for the bones and nutrition, the other for that yes." She began clicking rapidly on the computer and imputing data. She grabbed two folders and moved the wand a bit taking a couple different angle pictures and printing them off. Printing a few papers from the printer and putting all the information in their respective folder. She included an x-ray copy and finalized each with her signature. "Thank you for coming in today Queen Luna."

"No, thank you!" She smiled hugging the doctor again and grabbed the folders from the woman's hands. "Goddess bless!"

Aurora left the room and took off to her room. Quickly leaving a folder on her desk she took the other with her. She padded down the halls following the strong alluring scent of her mate. She finally found him in an office doing work.

"Here's a folder on what I learned. My bones are perfectly back to normal and my nutrition is back to normal standard. I'm in perfect health." She placed the folder on the desk with a wonderful smile. He looked through and pulled her into his lap.

"I'm so proud of you darling." He pressed a long kiss to her soft lips and she was so happy to tell him of her secret soon. One of her hands rest on her stomach and he had both on her hips. Her other hand was on his cheek caressing it and rubbing her thumb along his cheek bone.

"I love you so much." Her eyes shown the adoration and complete infatuation she held for this man.

"I love you too, so much."

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