His Little Pup

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"Good morning." Adalee greeted the room and Aurora was laying there staring at the ceiling. "Ah.. Ror?"

"WHOSE FUCKING GREAT IDEA IS IT TO KEEP THE KING AND QUEEN APART?!" Aurora was off the bed and ranting, her eyes were red and puffy. She wanted to kill the person who put her through this hell. "The only reason I'm doing this at all today instead of begging my mate to just nap with me today is I love the people and I love my mate." A loud growl sounded from the normally more docile female. Adalee watched in humor, "What?!"

"You're pregnant aren't you?" Adalee asked pulling the dress from the closet and Aurora sighed falling back into the bed allowing it to swallow her.

"What let you know?" Aurora looked back and the beta female was chuckling plugging in the hair curler. Aurora's hair had darkened into black after her body shifted for her King mate. It also got much longer and reached to about her butt.

"The hands on your stomach." Adalee wore her robe and began doing her makeup. "Though you must have been restless all night?"

"All night, I haven't told Rhys. It's a surprise, anyway I was tired and I couldn't sleep. Rhys is too far away, I can barely scent him." A whine left the queens mouth and Adalee chuckled taking special time on her eye shadow.

"I'm happy for you darling." Adalee commented from the bathroom where she was concentrating. "We need to make more girl friends."

"What makes you think that?" Aurora entered the bathroom looking herself over. Aurora scoffed at how bad she looked, she started the shower and began to undress.

"It's just the two of us, what if one of us gets hurt, who else will we have?" Adalee hummed as Aurora stepped into the shower and began washing.

"I agree, but won't Julius' mate take that place?" Aurora asked reasoning why they were mostly together.

"Well yes, but we keep to ourselves so much." Adalee groaned and left the bathroom when she finished her makeup.

"That's because we're not sure who we can trust, the council is a dirty people and they are who surrounds us." Aurora pointed out and Adalee knew she was right. "Though I have met a nice younger wolf she's about our age. Her name is Mel."

"We should invite her shopping or something?" Adalee cheers excitedly and Aurora hums agreeing to do just that. Her mind went to finished her washing.

"What was it like at your ceremony?" Aurora wrapped herself in a robe and her hair into a towel. She walked to the sink and began to moisturize, quickly shaving she made sure to be completely smooth. She looked out to Adalee slipping into her dress. It was beautiful and honestly she couldn't believe the beauty that woman had and the glow her pregnancy gave her.

"Oh, it was wonderful. He cried and I was a wreck, Rhys had to yell at my mate to get him to man up. I honestly love him every day so much more and more. The ceremony is just a symbol to show the world you're willing to dive head first into whatever for this person. I will never forget mine." Adalee was smiling and her eyes were glazed over as if she was watching a distant memory. "Quickly get your hair dried, we need to curl your hair and do your makeup."

Aurora quickly got the hair dryer and started on her hair. Her long black locks were dried and brushed back. Adalee ushered her into the dressing room, the curling wand was now plugged in there and a makeup artist waited. They immediately got to work and it was slightly overwhelming to have so many people working on you at once.

"I think it looks great!" Adalee cheered as the makeup artist finished and the hair dresser was pinning back the last pieces to put the crown veil on.

"Wonderful, well we should get her into the dress the ceremony is gonna start any moment now." One of the maids nodded and the dress was brought in. She was instructed to not wear a bra but she wore a thong. The robe was slipped off her shoulders and the dress slipped up her body. The mesh and crystals on her arms and chest were intricate and she was amazed how little time it took to make it.

They untied they veil and it framed her form. She shivered at the sight of her in the long dress. The women swooned and began to compliment her. None of them meant much to her.

"It's time." Adalee smiles and gets the others from the room. With a firm nod Adalee opened the door and Auroras father stood nervous. A smile immediately came upon his face and then his jaw dropped. Tears began to form in his eyes and he was quick to hug his daughter. Nate kisses her cheek and she smiled kissing his back.

"You're absolutely and entirely stunning, I cannot believe you're all grown up, you're so beautiful." She blushed and laughed because she was just reunited with her father.

"Thank you dad." She smiled and he nodded linking arms with her deciding to lead her. Aurora went off to her station and Aurora was brought to the doors of the hall.

"Was it hard?" Nate asked curious, he loved that his daughter was loved and safe. She looked over creasing her eyebrows. "Spending the night away?"

"Deathly, I'm running off no sleep." She glanced down and laughed shaking her head. "Probably not the best for me in my state but hey, they asked for me not to sleep with my safety."

"Your state?" Nate asked as they stopped in front of the doors. He was worried she got hurt again without him knowing.

"Rhys doesn't know yet." She looked at the doors longingly, being away from her mate has taken a toll. "I'm pupped."

"I'm so proud!" She was engulfed in a hug once more and she smiled allowing. "Let's get you to him."

"I would love nothing more." She smiled linking arms with him and he put his hand out and the doors swung open. She looked back to her father and they entered the room. Immediately her eyes found her mate and tear fell from her eyes.

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