His Little Pup

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"You're a wreck." Were the words of his beta upon entering the room. Loud noises had been heard from the room over the night and Jaxon assumes that it was Aurora, she probably had made it over successfully and they were celebrating. That was not the case.

Chairs and furniture had been destroyed completely and thrown around the room. The bed had been destroyed. The king laid in wolf form on the sheets and pillows of the bed.

"I see you had fun by yourself for one last night." Jaxon opened the shades and let the light in. Archer growled and slowly gilded into the bathroom.

"Fucking fun, that's a joke. It was miserable, the doctor gave her and I the tea we need to drink for the one night to keep us from linking. I could still feel all her emotions, she was up all night and I'm pretty sure she was crying. I was up all night and my wolf was in agony, being away from her. I couldn't assure her safety I couldn't keep her warm I couldn't keep the nightmares away." Rhys was getting worked up again as he left the bathroom. He had an hour to get ready. It wasn't like he needed much time.

"Shower. Now." Jaxon rolled his eyes after sighing and staring at the King worry over his mate. Rhys growled but followed the instructions.

Quickly he showered and got into his suit. He needed help with his cuff links and then made sure his hair was soft and combed back for his mate. He didn't want to gel it because his mate loves playing with it.

Aurora was a sore subject with him at the moment. He was in agony not seeing her beautiful face or feeling her soft body pressed to his.

"Rhys." Jaxon quickly snapped him out of it and Julius enters the room.

"She's almost ready, they're putting the dress on now. Her father is on his way and all the guests are seated." Julius informed and then another idea sparked in Rhys' head, she's gonna look fucking hot in her dress. "Adalee said she got into the room and Aurora looked like she had been crying, her eyes were red from no sleep.

"My baby." Rhys whispered in sorrow, he wanted to run over there and get her to himself now. He couldn't, goddess he couldn't. He slipped the paper into his coat jacket and quickly slipped from the room. The men followed after him and they all met in the great hall entrance. The council leaders were there and the head leader was waiting. Rhys stepped out and it went silent in the hall.

"Thank you all for coming to my mating ceremony." He nodded and the people began to clap raising his hand he silenced them. "My mate, Aurora came to me after having been rejected by her first mate. She was in love with me much like I was with her before we were even truthfully mates. She hadn't accepted her first rejection until we came together. Aurora is unconventionally Queen like and she is what keeps me sane. There are hesitant people out there worried that this will be another reenactment of her. This is far from the case. Aurora is kind, she is gentle, she understands the risks. She is what was needed in a Queen and goddess blessed me with just that." He stopped and the crowd was in awe. Their king, a man known for his sense of power and dark unemotional aura, was smitten by his mate.

"Introducing Aurora Links... Queen to be Romanov." The announcer called and the doors swung open. Rhys stood watching as she took her first steps in. They locked eyes and his world stopped. He looked over every inch of her. The large dress and the fragile veil, but what stopped him the most was how she glowed. She was angelic, her hair flowed down her back and her eyes were alight with love. She took her steps to him and Nate watched the pair completely enraptured by each other.

"Be careful with her, I swear if you ever hurt her." Nate grits out and Rhys couldn't even imagine hurting her. A long hug was passed between the pair and Nate went to his seat. Rhys opened his hand to her and she looked at it and her small one was placed in his. The shiver and sparks passed between them made Rhys want to lift her in his arms and take her back to a room. She was thinking the same thing when the council began their talking. She couldn't remember the ceremony, her focus was on him.

"Are there any objections?" The question was forced to be asked but there was a laugh through the crowd but it was stopped when a lady stood up.

She was older and smelled of wolf, Rhys had already linked Julius to intercept.

"Get off me you filthy mutt!" She swatted at the Gamma and both Rhys and Aurora growled at her threatening the gamma in any way. "That is no way to treat your mother."

"Mother?" Aurora looked to her mate and he looked down to her. Neither of them knew who she was speaking to. It wasn't Auroras mother, she grew up with her mom.

"Where is my respect, I used to the the fucking Queen?!" She yelled and Rhys growled again not liking the disruption on this day. Especially the disrespect toward his deceased mother.

"You died, so stop the theatrics and someone get this person back to a mental hospital. My mother is dead. She died giving birth to me!" Rhys growled out and the lady was taken away. Aurora was quick to calm her mate and he leaned down pressing his forehead to hers to calm.

"Shhh, let's continue shall we?" Aurora suggested and so the ceremony continued, the rest of the night went without a hitch and all objection moment was forgotten when they were given the okay to kiss.

After that Aurora was announced "Welcome, King Rhys Romanov and his Queen Aurora Romanov."

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