His Little Pup

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Entering the room she smiled holding the Manila folder. This was their room here, all theirs. Rhys followed after, she was giddy to break the news.

"You know I'm very proud of you love, but you didn't have to bring the folder with you?" He chuckled taking it and placing it on one of the chairs.

"No wait, read it." She smiled and he raised an eyebrow shaking his head. "No please just read it."

"Little One you had me read it." He chuckled taking off his jacket skillfully. She took a large swallow at the sight of his tight shirt. He watched his mate in her beautiful dress drool over him.

"Just just, Rhys. Read it." She asked in a last desperate attempt and he sighed shaking his head and turning beginning to unbutton his shirt. She came up from behind him and finished unbuttoning. He leaned over grabbing the folder. She slipped a hand in his shirt feeling his muscles as he looked at the folder.

"Are you serious?" He asked worried she was joking, her hands were warm and small on his body. His hands shook as he held the folder. The pictures were splayed out and it said positive.

"I'm pupped." She whispered worried he was angry now, she thought this was what he wanted.

"Pup!" He turned and grabbed her hugging her in excitement. His eyes went back to the pictures. "These are it?"

"Not it," she smiled taking the pictures and pulling him to sit on the bed with her. She climbed up in his lap so they could both see. Pointing at one dot she looked at him, "This is a pup," she started and pointed to the second dot, "This is our other pup."

"You're having twins?" He asked placing a hand on her stomach, she smiled and nodded. He laughed and brought her closer to his chest. He placed his forehead on hers and nuzzles their noses. He loved her, and she was having his pups.

"I love you, I missed you so much." She whined wanting nothing but him, he shared the same feelings.

"I destroyed a bedroom." He lifted her from his lap and she giggled expecting her mate to react like that. He placed her on her feet and slipped his jacket and shirt and tie from his body. His hands went to her zipper and was quick to pull it down. The dress slipped down her body and stopped at her feet. She stepped out of the heels and slipped the crown veil from her head. The veil was placed on the chair with the dress. She was turned when her mate came behind her wrapping an arm around her.

His face went to her neck and she shivered joining hands with his resting over her stomach. He smiled at her when she leaned back to connect their lips.

"You're beautiful." He lifted her up and carried her to the bed laying her back. "You were so beautiful today and every day. I don't know why the goddess blessed me with you but I am so thankful."

"Agreed." She has nothing to add especially since her mate was tearing her thong off and replacing it with his face.


"Good morning." He greeted when she opened her eyes, a large hand was caressing her face while the other was on her stomach.

"Hi." She blushed and pulled him down to connect their lips in a soft connection. "I'll be back." She hopped up and ran to the bathroom throwing up her guts. He followed after and held her hair back.

"Morning sickness." He hummed and she nodded standing, she took a toothbrush and brushed her teeth carefully. "We're headed back home they have breakfast ready there."

"What happened to the lady at the ceremony?" Aurora asked slipping on a bra and her mates sweatshirt. She grabbed herself a pair of leggings and a set of thongs. Sipping a pair of socks on and tennis shoes she came out to meet her mate in a pair of sweats and a tee shirt. She had to wait for the answer while changing.

"No idea." He answered slipping her crown on, he placed his own on his head, "Don't we look so regal?"

"I know right?!" She laughed allowing him to usher her from the room down the halls of alphas and Luna's and maids who were chatting. They made it to the running car and they were quickly off to their home home.

"There's some people who wanted to speak to us, we also have to deal with that woman. Bri is running tests to tell us what has her demented." Rhys grumbled and Aurora winced and groaned as she moved to climb in his lap. "Careful." He rubbed her stomach and it was her turn to softly growl.

"I'm fine, they're not even a month old yet!" She sat on his lap facing away and he came to hold her stomach with her. His head was placed in her neck and soft breaths landed on her mark.

"I want to fuck you into the bed again." He groaned licking her neck causing her to shiver. "They're dropping us out back so we can change."

"Probably for the best." She giggles and leans back looking up at him. He chuckled and leaned down capturing her lips with his. She squealed but kept up, closing her eyes.

He pulled at her bottom lip and she gasped allowing him to invade her mouth with his tongue. "You're killing me." He whispers and she bit her now swollen lip. They pulled into the drive of the castle and around back.

When the car came to a halt Aurora found the door latch and pushed open the door. She climbed out and offered her hand to her mate. He took it and came out laughing at her antics. Swinging the door closed the couple began to enter the castle. They walked in the back doors, immediately they went up the stairs to their floor.

"Dress quickly I want food." She pulled on his arm to get him to move faster. He chuckled and followed instruction.

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