His Little Pup

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Breakfast was quick but there was excitement all over. The couple was completely just caught up with each other.

"Let's go sit and take audience." Rhys whispered and they stood, Aurora smoothed our her dress and waved. She took the arm of her King and they walked to the throne room.

The room was large and the throne was now two seats instead of the one it normally held.

"Will Bri have the results soon?" Aurora wondered out loud and Rhys hummed not knowing. The doors opened and he chuckled as she ran to his chair. "Sittt."

"Why?" He sat and she crawled in his lap curling into his chest soaking the warmth. "Oh, awe you're so cute." She didn’t care that there was a throne just for her, she wanted him.

"No, I'm big and brave and hardened." She moped with a giggle leaning back and kissing his lips softly before slipping from his lap to her throne.

"You can send in the first." Rhys motioned to the door, he was eager to show her the perks of ruling. Other than being his mate of course. A set of two wolves walked in first and they were obviously father and son. "Councilman Devi."

"We came to congratulate you sir, we are excited to see the possibilities this brings. Your mate had already shown the characteristics of a bright queen." The councilman smiles and the son who was learning his rank did as well. Bowing they left and Aurora was left with a smile, she grabbed her mates hand and lovingly connected theirs.

"Forgive me sir, do you know a Alpha James?" A random guard questioned talking to the royals. Rhys thought but Aurora nodded immediately. "His luna and himself seek audience." There was a long pause, the king pondered this thinking of who this was. His queen made the decision for him.

"Allow it." She answered and the guard left, Aurora took a deep breath and glanced to her confused mate. "Aurora James- Links." She hated that name and when she signed her marriage papers she used her birth name 'Links'.

"Alpha James." He growled out, his domineering form cracking and eyes glowing black. His growing need to keep his mate safe taking over his mind infiltrating reason. Aurora wanted to calm him down but there was no use he would be angry again just seeing him.

"My king and queen." Alpha James unaware of the situation stood at the foot of the steps and bows with his mate. In a last attempt Aurora leaps on her mate calming him.

"Alpha and Luna James." Rhys answers cold, his eyes dilate when they fall on his mate who held his face in her hands. His hands were cupping her hips and stomach gently. "What can I do for you?"

"My daughter, she's all grown up now. Thank you for what you've done for her but it's time to stop the delusions and come home. The king needs the mate he was destined not some cheap throw away." Alpha James rolls his eyes and she growled slightly but not nearly as much as Rhys did.

"What makes you believe the delusion she's not my-" Rhys was getting worked up all his muscles were taught but his grip on her remained soft. She looked up caressing his face running a hand against his jaw. "She's my mate, goddess blessed."

"Bull, she was the mate of councilman Winston." My mother enraged snapped back to the king.

"SECOND CHANCE!" Rhys growled standing but keeping his mate in a hold. Her legs fell to the floor but she was gently set. He held her tightly against him, she was pissed.

"Rhys, please." She hummed jumping on her toes and kissing his cheek. She softly pushed him back and remained standing. She squeezed his hand and sent him a look. "Now, lets have my father come in here, shall we?" Aurora waved to a guard and he went out.

"I'm already here." Alpha James interjects but Aurora throws a hand up and all his ramblings are silenced by the force of her power.

"Are you ok?" She turned to her mate and Rhys rumbled glaring at Alpha James but locked eyes on Aurora's stomach that she had covered. He looked up and stood walking to her and leaning down pressing a kiss to her forehead as his arms wrapped around her midsection.

"Peachy love." He whispered itching to have her back in bed. She giggled bringing him back to the world she fixed his crown and he sent her a goofy smile.

"Hey kiddo!" Nate came in with a smile, his smile got larger when he saw the couple. "Rhys, Ror, good to see you're exercising your royal abilities."

"Dad," Aurora cautioned which drew Nates eyes from the couple to another. A couple he much disliked, the Alpha was silenced and the Luna was looking at Nate furiously.

"Oh, good to see you Luna James." Nate dismisses the two easily and climbs the few steps to stand next to the King and Queen. "How's my grandkids?"

"They're not even-" Aurora was cut off by Rhys kissing her forehead. She bit her lip and looked up expecting him to be in a foul mood.

"Our little angels, anyway... we must diligently continue the case." Rhys divulged but quickly returned to the work at hand. There was always time later to have this conversation. "I need the proof my mate was- was, abused."

"Rhys-" he started but cut off not wanting to believe it, "Who?" He was asking not only for the mind scaling.

"Alpha, James." Aurora cut in as more guards filed in and the council took seat in the center of a wall on high pedestals. "As alpha you subject to random memory search if accused of wrong doing."

"That is true." Alpha James was getting worked up and becoming testy. Aurora really didn't want to relive any of this but he needed to pay.

"You must resign if there is sufficient evidence, correct?" Aurora asked again, she felt like a lawyer or something in the human world.

"That is also correct."

"Then, we must get going, please project his memories of his daughter." Rhys looked to Nate who swallowed shallowly and nodded. Nate sent a look to the guard closest and he came forward holding onto Luna James.

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