His Little Pup

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Moon Goddess

"Good morning darling." Bri greeted the small pup who had shifted back in her sleep halfway through the night. "I know you're better now and definitely more rational, the first day is a rush of emotions and the worst. We are moving you to a room in the castle. Before we can do that we need to discuss why you talked in Latin and drowned your mate briefly." Bri was kind and it was hard for Aurora to fathom. She just nodded along not wanting to speak. "Darling, you are a hybrid, your mother was the Luna but your father was not Alpha James. Your father is someone extremely important to us. Your father is Warlock Nate Links."

"So.. my mother cheated?" Aurora asks quietly as Bri brings her from the medical room to a changing room and handed her a sweater and a pair of leggings and some shoes.

"Yes, for whatever reason. You were born and you are here. You are a blessing to both kinds and it's in the prophecy." Bri led Aurora from the med bay to the freshly cut lawns. The sun was new and the pups were out to play.

"The prophecy?" She was led to a set of large doors and Bri looked back with a smile before pushing the door open. "Hi."

"Hello, darling." A man who was older but seemed still too young. He was older but maybe early 40's, it was obvious this man wasn't 40. He was much much older.

"Aurora, meet your father." Rhys entered watching the female as she opened her mouth and closed it thinking of what to say.

"Aurora." She ran and jumped into the old man's arms, there was a spark of electricity when the two collided but it was a simple bond.

"My child, oh beautiful." He whispered tears coming to his face as he caressed her and she smiled warmly but pulled back slightly.

"Did you encourage her to cheat?" Aurora asked getting down and the warlock shook his head and offered her a seat. Bri had left but the King stayed and wanted to see how this played out.

"No, darling. Your mother was... your mother was my mate. She was chosen by your father, much like you will be by the King. You do not know this yet but it will be a true mating." Nate chuckled at the two when they looked at each other in confusion. "It was a joke." He knew it wasn't but he was jumping ahead of himself.

"So, how did it happen?" Aurora asked chewing on her lip and before Nate could answer the doors to the library swung open.

"I Royal Councilman Winston Nave Buchers reject the Alpha- Warlock daughter Aurora Isa Malia James-Links from the Jix Pack." Winston entered the room and as he did it Aurora collapsed, her wolf had to change for the mate the goddess intended.

"Aurora!" Nate ran to his daughter and threw a spell at the cruel man in the doorway. "Take her to her room, she needs her rest, her wolf is changing for her next mate." Nate lifted the small pup and placed her into the King's arms. Rhys took the woman to her room and placed her on the bed, he didn't want to leave, however.

"Rhys, we need to talk." Jaxon the Royal Beta announced and Rhys nodded as Adalee entered the room.

"I'll watch her Dam." Adalee nodded and sat down by the sleeping woman, there were whimpers let out but nothing serious.

"Jaxon?" Rhys asked and Jaxon sighed walking down through the halls and they made their way out of the building. They were silent, Rhys knew when Jaxon was silent shit was going down.

"Winston wants to give Aurora a try," Jaxon whispered and Rhys was not surprised other than his actions not even 5 minutes ago were rejecting the girl.

"5 days, she says no in those 5 days. Stop it." Rhys felt something in his soul-eating him alive for even remotely agreeing to something like this. He cracked his neck and went to the gym, he needed to train to let off some steam.

Jaxon watched him go but felt something off about this whole situation. No one had been so hurtful to any female mated to them in any of the books he's ever read and he's read practically the entire Library.


"Hello, darling." A female voice called out to Aurora. The woman eas ethereal, she was basking in golden light and her every inch shimmered. She was the definition of beauty.

"H-hello?" She coughed out and fell to her knees bowing to the woman. There was something about her regal attire, the kind of thing you wear to a ceremony.

"It's been so good to see you grow, you're so beautiful." The woman cooed and Aurora was shocked initially and blushed the deepest shade of red.

"Nothing, nowhere near compared to you." Aurora couldn't even comprehend the moment she was having. "Excuse me, did I die?"

"No child, you are still very much alive and have so much to live for trust me. I must hurry though, with one kiss you can let go of that god awful man that was mated to you and you will find your true mate, your forever mate. A man who needs you more than he knows." The woman smiled and I wanted to ask more, I wanted to know who she was. "Goodbye, my child." She smiled and just floated away in a cloud of dust.

"Moon Goddess!" Aurora sprung up and then was subjected to a fit of coughs as breathing returned to her body.

"You-you were dead!" Bri turned around and the people who were surrounding my bed looked at me like a basket case.

"Rory!" Nate hugged his daughter and she smiled coughing slightly as her father wrapped his arms around her.

"Dad, I am sorry for scaring you." She whispered and he sighed but she needed to tell him about the woman in the dream. So later that night she and her father met in the Library where she told him about the dream and he told her about the ultimatum.

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