His Little Pup

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Decision Time

I woke up to the sound of yelling in the hallway. "She doesn't mean anything to you! I was here when she wasn't!" I pulled my knees to my chest and chewed my lip.

"Ashely that doesn't mean anything! I hadn't found her yet!" My mate yelled at the female and I growled placing my head back into my pillow.

"So! She's a weak wolf and not even much of a witch!" The woman yelled and I couldn't control my wolf this early so a whimper left my lips. My wolf felt insulted and bloodlust rushed our veins.

"Shhhh, it's ok." Rhys was in the same bed as me, I jumped and fell from the bed. I sat on my floor staring up at the Greek god of a King we have.

"Sir, you're in my bed?" I asked as more of a statement and chewed my lip when the yelling outside in the hall continued. I turned my head and stares longingly out the door.

"Rhys, please call me Rhys Little One." He scooped me up in his arms and I looked up at him falling into his chest. His face was a mere inch from mine and I could feel his warm breath fall on my face in tendrils of electricity.

My eyes flicker down to his lips and then back to his dark green orbs. I suck in a breath when he leans in but then he pulls back. "Rhys?" I question in a soft call almost a whisper. He pulled out from under me and left off the bed.

"I'll see you later Pup, have a nice stroll tonight. Lunch will be served in an hour." Rhys finalized and exited the room to the loud hall. I sat in my bed in the same position pressing my head into the mattress with a groan.

"I need to get ready for the day!" I suddenly had a revaluation and rolled out of the bed into the bathroom. A short hot shower filled with more questions than answers I stood in my closet staring up at the racks upon racks of clothes.

There was something about Rhys...

Something about the way he watches me.

Finally deciding on the simple outfit of a pair of light washed jean shorts and a navy blue tee shirt. I pulled my hair back into a brain falling to rest at my tailbone and slipped into a pair of grey vans.

"Aurora!" I heard Adalee call so I quickly put on a slight perfume that was the same smell as my scent. I rushed to answer the door, on the other side Adalee held a smile.

"Good morning, join me for lunch?" She asked and I nodded linking arms with her as we descended to the dining room.

"How are you Adalee?" I asked looking over seeing the obvious signs of joy. She was truly radiant, a slight loosen of my aura I figured out the exact reason. "Congratulations! You and Jaxon must be overjoyed."

"How did you find out?" Adalee asked looking at me like I was a nut case. I snapped my fingers and a single orb of water was conjured beginning to form it and play with it until it looked like an elaborate gem it froze and turned to a crystal. Another snap of my fingers a rope appeared in my other hand and I wrapped it around Adalee's neck and placed the crystal at the end snapping again it was a chain and the crystal hung nicely from the end.

"It wasn't nearly as hard as fixing this." I laughed and we restarted our walk, "Though I figure you have already told most the castle?"

"That’s where you are wrong, just the doc, Jaxon, you and I." She smiled and I grinned being ecstatic I'm one of the first to know.

"Well we shall feed you both, need your energy." I answered as my own stomach grumbles and she gave me a pointed look, I skipped all my meals yesterday sorry sue me.

"Jax." She breathes out and skips over to where he's seated. Rhys is sitting at the head of the table and my place marker is not where it was yesterday. Slowly I made my way down the table finding it halfway down.

"Hello?" A girl about my age commented and I smiled waving. "You must be new?" She began talking but all I could do was look at the king.

"I'm, Aurora. Sorry for not paying much attention.... I'm not used to someone wanting to actually talk to me." I whisper and she frowns side hugging me.

"It's quite alright Aurora, I'm Mel." She beamed and I nodded smiling with her. She was talking my ear off but I made sure to eat my meal fast. My mate walked in with Ashley at that moment and from what I shown on my face Mel got the picture. "Men will have a king sized bed with a perfect queen laying in it every night only to cheat with air mattress Ashley."

"Yeah, thats how my mating has gone." I frown and Mel sent me a pitiful smile. We left the room together, I sent the King one last glance before I made my way to the Library to drown my sorrows in a book. Melanie had kept me well company and ya know parted ways.

"Daughter!" Nate cheered and I looked up with a smile running and collapsing into a giant hug. "How has the 5 days been?"

"He's still with Air Mattress Ashley." I grumble and he sighed rubbing my back. Apperantly he understood exactly what I was saying.

"Want to train? Go get changed and you can train your witch." He encourages and I smiled agreeing to do just that.

On my way up the stairs I passed the King's office and hesitated wanting to knock but decided against it. He didn't want to see me.

I spent the rest of the day training till it was dinner. In hopes my garden stroll would change my prospects I changed into a blue beautiful dress to maybe change Winstons mind.

I leaned against the sink gripping the white porcelain. I tried to steady my hands, I was tired of being sidelined.

"One last time." Whispering to myself as my thoughts ran wild.

"One. Last. Time." It was a chant to me now, filling my mind, consuming, giving me hope. Wether for him and I go work or for us to finally crash and burn.

I entered the dining room and my marker was next to Mel's again. We discussed life through the whole dinner but I kept my glances to the King. I always made eye contact with him and blushed looking away.

"Aurora, would you like to walk with me?" Winston asked and I immediately stood up taking his arm. He was dressed out in a blue navy suit and a rose colored tie. His hair was combed back perfectly and he had a white handkerchief. They all dressed like this most of the time. Councilmen like Winston have the council tie clips.

"How have you been?" My question was simple but I really needed to know. My wolf had been on edge, she wanted her mate to love her. He had already hurt her so much but she couldn’t let him go.. unless we were with Rhys.

"Fine, a little restless. I need to get better sleep, though I'd imagine you might have quite the sexual appetite mate." He chuckled and I felt disgusted but maybe he just didn't say it in the way he intended. "How have you been?"

"I spent my whole day working on my witch, lately reading has been my only solace and I think it's doing me well." I comment looking at the mass of a garden the King has. The fountain was elaborate and held the face of every Kings wolf that had ever been. Since the comment about my witch being under developed this morning I decided I would devote time to it every day.

"I'm glad, what's it like being a hybrid? Are you more powerful than a normal wolf?" He was hinting at something but I couldn't even say for myself. His face barely held emotion, curiosity aging the few I could make out. His stuble was shaved and I imagined him with only a towel on in front of a mirror shaving.

"I guess you could say that. But they're both balanced more like. My body like everyone else can't handle too much power. I am more receptive to my witch though, she's always going to be stronger." I answer truthfully and we sit on a bench in the court yard. I swung my legs off the bench brushing my feet against the cobblestone walkway.

"You are quite the woman." He got closer and closer as the moment went on. His lips were centimeters from mine. What confused me was I didn't have the draw I had this morning. Finally while I was deep in thought his lips fell on mine.

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