His Little Pup

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Pushing away from him she took off in a sprint. Up the stairs through the halls past the maids past the confused members of the court. She stopped finally at a door, at his door.

She knocked several times till finally he opened it. His abs and scars on show a towel the only thing covering him. Droplets of water clinging to his chest and dropping from his hair.

"Pup, this really isn't a great time-" he started but she was very quick to cut him off with her expression. "What do you want?"

"I kissed Winston." She coughed and made a face slightly and he couldn't tell her posture.

"Get that out of your system?" Rhys' voice was low and thick with tension, growing tension.

"It felt like kissing my brother," whispering she looked down then caught his eyesight once more.

Tugging her arm pulling her into the room he dropped the towel, "This won't." He pushed her against the closed door connecting his lips with hers. A soft moan left her lips being this close to him.

"I accept." she whispered, she didn't care for Winston anymore, it was Rhys. All Rhys.

Sparks filled them both and his scent electrified her, so raw and powerful. A growl was released as his wolf realized his mate was his innocent Pup.

"Mine." He latched his lips to hers once again but this time he didn't want to stop and she didn't want him to either.

Pulling at her thighs she jumped being caught and her legs wrapped around his waist. He pushed her dress up and ground against her clothed core.

"Ah, Rhy," Moaning she pulled at his hair in a sensual way. He groaned not being able to stand the amount of clothing she had on. He tossed her onto the bed and she slipped her flats off.

"Mine, my pup." He growled in a possessive endearing way and pulled the dress over her head. She covered herself turning her head away. "Don't cover yourself." He briefly gained control softly caressing her to look back at him.

"Rhys, why?" She wanted to ask why he's accepted her but she was relishing in the moment. He unclipped her bra and immediately descended pressing soft open mouth kisses down her body. They led down to her breasts where he latched onto one nipple pulling and nipping and sucking. She was a mess of moans. He switched between the two paying as much attention to them as he could. Soft nips were trailed back to her neck and he licked softly at the spot on her neck screaming to him.

This is where she was to be marked. He growled lowly nipping kissing and licking the spot, encouraging moans left her mouth. She rolled her head to the side allowing him more room to cherish her body.

He crawled off the bed and pulled her to the edge. Her panties were soaked and he knew from smelling her arousal. He groaned pressing kisses up her thighs painfully slow.

"You're so beautiful Aurora." His Green eyes were hazel and she knew his wolf was enjoying half the control as well. She had no doubt her baby blue eyes were more of a deep dark blue.

"T-thanks." She blushed and then threw her head against the mattress arching her back. He pressed his nose to her panties smelling her entirely. A low growl erupted from his chest as he heard the whimpers of her enjoying what he was doing but also hoping he would do something quickly.

"Off." He growl tearing her panties to shreds. Before she could say anything he was tongue deep inside of her. She was moaning and running her hands through his hair as he ate her out.

"Rhys, please. More." She groaned arching as tremors ran through her body. She had come and he was satisfied as she held onto him. He needed to ready her for what was to come.

"Yes darling." He pressed a rough kiss to her lips which was electrifying and she loved every second of it. She felt him tease her lips down there and she bit her lip opening her legs. He wrapped them around his waist. He groaned pushing into her slightly. She placed her head into his shoulder letting out painful whimpers. "It'll be over in a minute." He kept pushing I'm until he felt it, her barrier. "This is gonna hurt the most." He pressed soft kisses to where she'd be marked and soft moans were his responses.

With a leap of faith she was moaning and he bolted forward filling her the rest of the way and tearing her barrier. A cry erupted from her lips and tears filled her eyes. She held him in place, he groaned at the feeling of her tightly wrapped around him.

"You're so tight baby, goddess." He groaned littering her marking area again with more kisses except he placed a large one in the marking spot. He sucked and nibbled and sucked on her skin. She knew he was giving her a hickey but she loved the feeling.

"You can move." She squeaked rocking herself on him a bit which brought loads of pleasure.

He chuckled kissing her and began slow thrusts deep inside her. She was full to the max and he was pushing further into her. She was sure he was bruising her insides but she didn't care. It felt good.

"Harder sir." She groaned, her wolf was talking at this point and he was getting turned on by her behavior. She wanted rough she was going to get rough. Pulling out she whimpered at the loss but he turned her over. On her knees and butt in the air he slipped back in easily. Her juices coated him and dropped onto the bed. He groaned at the sight of him joining her body. His mate.

Finally he was pounding into her, he knew she was going to be incredibly sore in the morning. He wanted it that way. He wanted her to know who could fuck the daylight out of her. She was moaning louder now, he held her waist and pounded her.

"I'm- it's- RHYS!" She screamed coming again but he wasn't far behind. She was gripping onto him in tremor and he let go. Shooting more than either thought he had she milked him through her orgasm pulling as much as she could from him. He wanted to pull out but he wanted to keep every drop inside. He wanted her full of his pups, he wanted his litter.

She held her eyes closed and he kissed her lips softly. "I'm so proud of you darling, you did great I'm so proud of you." He groaned still languidly pumping turning her around but staying deep in her. "Little One? Are you alright?" He asked when she frowned.

"Will you mark me?" She asked nerves at an all time high and he nodded excitedly he was worried he hurt her seriously but it made him smile that she asked. She wanted this. She licked her lips and rolled her head to the side. A groan fell from his lips and he descended to her neck. The hickey he placed earlier marked where. His canines which came out long time ago itches to be lodged into her skin. He licked and nipped the already sensitive skin. Then he lodged his teeth deep into her skin. She had no energy to cry out so she whimpered softly, she tensed and he groaned getting hard again. Pulling from her shoulder he licked the wound and she moaned softly.

Falling onto his back she laid on top of him. She couldn't get off herself and he had no intention of taking her off he wrapped the blankets around them.

"Were not done yet darling," he whispered and she hummed taking the small break he was allowing. She needed the energy for their next time.

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