His Little Pup

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New Room!

"Sir, after close examination some of these bruises on the bone aren't from today. They healed at the skins surface but below that several recurring bruising is still marked on the bone not yet completely healed." Bri held the x rays against the wall light she sent a glance towards the King. His growl resonated thought the room while he attended his hurt mate.

"What are you saying?" He asked looking up stroking her small hand in his.

"Sir I think, I- I think your mate was abused." Bri knew how drastic the repercussions would be if he got his hands on the abuser.

"By who?!" He growled rage filling his veins and his wolf was about to take over. Bri sighed and sat on the foot of the bed Aurora lay on.

"I can't answer that, just remember what's important right now. Wait for her to have gotten her bearings, the springing of that on her could only worsen whatever condition she will be in when she wakes." Bri patted the King on the bed and he groaned placing his head on the bed staring up at his gorgeous mate.

He stared waiting for her to open those thick eyelashes to give him a soft smile. He wanted whatever she would give him. Just something.

"You know you're a trouble one." He leaned back laying his head against her hip and next to her hand. "Such an energetic little pup too, you're so cute yet powerful at your size." He sighs and nothing so he continued. "I don't want to lose you, never. I'm sorry for putting you into danger."

"We we're together, we didn't know there would be an attack." She whispered softly and it caught his attention as she ran a hand through his soft hair.

He whimpered at the strain she audibly showed by the affectionate gesture. Her eyes showed outward concern as she checked him over for some form of injury.

"I'm so sorry." He pressed his head into the bed right next to her stomach. Her hands ran through his hair over and over soothing him showing him she was still here. She was fine.

"Rhys," She whispered and he looked at her his hands caresses her face. He didn't want her to move a muscle, he wanted her.

"Baby, I don't know what I'd do without you." He felt his body shaking in fear, he has never been scared of anything. Nothing. When this small wolf ascended into his life his only weakness was his only strength.

"You won't have to find out, now will you please hold me." She whimpered moving over no matter the pain it caused it all went away when his arms wrapped around her form.

He fell into a peaceful sleep after assuring she was completely out. His wolf was in overdrive he didn't know what to do. She was hurt and it was his fault.

She woke up before him and Bri walked in checking the vitals without looking at Aurora. "Good evening." Aurora whispered her hands working through Rhys hair as he had his head in her shoulder.

"Hello Queen- Aurora." She smiled nodding to her then giggling at Auroras passed out King of a mate. "Has he been worried?"

"Yes ma'am, he won't ever stop." Aurora laughed then choked coughing out a wheeze and sending an apologetic look to Bri.

"Don't worry about it Luna. Your body has healed very well, you'll have some remaining bone bruising for a few months but it'll soon go away. You will be sore for a couple weeks so no shifting but I think once he wakes you may be moved back into your room." Bri smiles checking the machines before unplugging them. The sound of the line going flat had her mate up and at em in no time.

"No no no no, she can't- little one? Are you ok?" He checked and she pulled the monitors from her body

"I can be moved," She looked to Bri who encouraged she stand. Rhys slipped out of bed and stood above her offering a hand. Slipping her small soft hand into his she threw her legs over the bed and lightly pressed weight onto her feet. Finally she slid onto the floor and tested all her weight on her legs.

"Ok?" He asked checking her over before growling at what she was wearing. Bri scampered from the room and shut the door. "Take my shirt." He growled at the paper dress that you could see the back of all of her from.

"But then.- never mind." She took his shirt and ripped the dress in half before replacing it with his over sized shirt.

"But what?" He asked scooping her in his arms to not hurt her and she laid in them relishing in his touch.

"Then the other females will see you." Her jealousy was written on her face and he chuckled kissing her softly. Her lips followed his as he pulled back and he gladly reconnected them.

"I'm all yours Pup." He slipped out of the hospital and she hummed getting comfortable in his arms. The tingles she got after mating were insurmountable compared to what she felt when she touched Winston.

"I love- I love you." She whispered nipping his ear softly and he groaned as he ascended the staircase. While she was in hospital he had their floor made up, their new room was awaiting and he couldn't be happier.

As a single king he lived on the floor as a few close nobles but when a king/ Queen finds their mate they move up to the top level. The royal family level, the king and queens chambers were there and the chambers for their family... the family made between them.

"Ready to see our room?" He asked pushing open the doors and inside was a beautiful room he had set up in a way just for them. He wanted it to be perfect and he let her slip from his arms for her to explore. She padded across the expanse past the couch furnishings to the bed and ran her hand along it. Her mind went to dirty thoughts, she unconsciously pushed on the bed hard and she didn't hear a bang of hitting the wall. He thought of this also.

She blushed and pulled away walking into the bathroom. Twin sets of sinks and a long wall mirror, an LED light around to light up. She pulled back and looked at the massive shower where the water comes from the ceiling like rain and the walls depending on the setting. There was a jacuzzi tub and a toilet. She opened a separate door and the closet was full of suits and sweaters and sweats on one side and then dresses and female clothes on the other.

Her heart broke at the thought of these being another woman's.

"I had your sizes and all the clothes are yours." He interrupted her thoughts and she watched as he pulled away from leaning against the door frame. "Here's a special wall for you." He pulled her hand and against the wall with the door was a full two racks of sweatshirts.

"Thank you thank you." She jumped into his arms and he wanted to reprimand her that she shouldn't do that in her condition but he couldn't.

"You're welcome little one, anything for you." He kissed her head and carried her back into the room.

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