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Humans mate are getting more common in the werewolf world and with the time werewolves have accepted human mates as their own. High position werewolves don’t have human mates. Why? Because a beta's mate or Alpha's mate should be a strong she-wolf who would help and support their mate and the pack. Never in the history of werewolves, there’s been an alpha with a human as a mate. * Maya a 17 years old girl moves with her family from Canada to New york. Through her journey in this new country, she meets a powerful and mysterious alpha, Alpha Aiden. * Aiden a powerful Alpha who craves love from a special one or better said his mate. At the age of 25 years old, he still hasn’t found his mate, he is starting to lose hope. * What will happen when he finally meets his mate and is not what he expect?

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Little Message

Hi wonderful readers!

I will like to clarify that English is not my first language so please don’t judge me. I try my best to write as better as I can.

In this story some of my characters will speak other languages other than English, I will ensure that everything will have a translation at the side of it. In case I forgot please let me know to change it.

This story will be happening in New York. I’ve only been once to New York so I will be describing things from what I’ve searched on the internet and from the little that I remember so please don’t roast me on the comments.

This story and characters are a product of my own imagination. Thank you to respect that and to please not copy my work.

Thank you and have a good read.

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