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A sexist Alpha not used to hearing the word no and a four time toured solider as his mate. What's possibly the worst that could happen? Alpha Riven has one goal on his mind turn his fowl mouthed witty mate into the perfect submissive Luna by all means necessary. What he doesn't know is it's gonna take more then a scary voice and steamy neck kisses to make Aya Storm submit. Their souls are bound by eternity and there's more to their story then they know. For her to fulfil her destiny she must change to become the perfect Luna. Welcome to Project Luna

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Chapter 1

Aya shouldn't be here looking at the empty bottom of a whisky glass, slowly contemplating where to go next. At twenty, your life should be gearing up to begin a journey to success, happiness and all things wonderful.

Aya Storm however felt like she was falling from the cliff of all she ever wanted. After being gunned down on her fourth tour Afghanistan she had been sent on an extended sick leave. Her therapist had told her Captain she wasn't psychologically fit to serve anytime soon. It was as if every calling in her life had hung up the phone on her.

She would be twenty-one in seven months yet she felt she had lived long enough in this life time. Apparently that was a side effect of the post traumatic stress disorder. Along with crippling anxiety, depression and sleepless nights.

Looking around the bar she was sat in she began to blame the atmosphere for her fowl mood. The bar was in near ruins with rusting metal pillars and rotting wooden frames, even a few cracked windows. The musty smell of the old chairs added to the stale aura of the place. This was one of the only places in town she could get a drink underage though.

The man behind the bar, was Rick Sands. He was a bald white bearded man covered in ink, stale smoke and without fail always wore the same eyepatch and American flagged bandana. A round belly from years of beer drinking and crooked teeth added to his biker appearance. Rick was someone Aya actually liked. He wasn't like most guys that would approach her, he respected her without learning of her military background and ability to kill him with his own knife.

He didn't speak to her much and she liked that too, conversation was not something Aya had managed to find interest in since returning to the states. Recently he had changed. He became unnerved, concerned and always checking over his shoulder. Surprising for a man that look as intimidating as himself.

What Aya didn't know was Rick was a Rouge Werewolf who had took out a handsome loan with the infamous Alpha Riven. One he was struggling to pay back.

Alpha Riven Evans gained his title at just seventeen, after his father took his own life three weeks after his mother died. Being so young caused him much grief in the form of challenges and battles for the title of Alpha, this even included his best friends father the Beta. After he'd won his battles he ruled with an iron fist. He did not forgive, he wasn't gentle or kind. He was just and an immensely proud Alpha. Known for his fearlessness and talent on the battlefield throughout continental America.

"Rick what has you so jumpy?" Aya asked the suspicious man, noting his changes in behaviour as he quickly tries to hide his emotions.

Rick knew better then to try and lie to Aya. She was trained to read emotions off the back of her hand, she was talented and smart enough to pick up on lies.

"I owe money to a powerful man," he told her hesitantly looking down at his feet in disgrace.

Aya wasn't normally one to pry but Rick wasn't the type of man who got into debt or feared much so she became quickly interested.

"Why do you owe money? Drugs? gambling?," she quizzed him even though she felt Rick wasn't that type of man.

"Look at this place," he said gesturing around to the lifeless bar that was falling apart. "I needed it to pay the rent and taxes on this place, I was just trying to stay afloat."

"So business is bad," Aya said stating the obvious.

"Yes it is when your only customer is a depressed ex militant," he agreed trying to give a smile. Aya choose to ignore that comment.

"How much?"

"Fifty thousand dollars," he told her making her cringe. She didn't know people that just had that kind of money lying around.

That was the end of their conversation, Aya was near enough ready to leave when nature called and she headed to the dimly lit hardly used female bathroom. Halfway into washing her hands she heard the scuffling of a struggle and shouts coming from the bar.

Smashing of glass and cries of pain sent her flying out the door ready to kick some sense into anyone dumb enough to come in here trying to hurt Rick. Four men stood around a cornered Rick each standing at least six foot tall. None of them was armed with anything she could see, surely one had a concealed gun. This was the USA after all.

"Hey gentlemen how about you escort yourselves out of here before I do it for you?" she asks sheepishly. The four men turned to look at her then to look at one another before laughing in sync a malicious cackle.

"Leave whilst you still can girl," the first said he wore a black top and was the tallest he looked like he was in charge. The presence around him felt like he was in charge.

Instead of taking his warning she walked right over to him smiling making sure to give him her best bright eyes.

"Pick a window," she said smiling sweetly fluttering her thick fan of eyelashes. Aya knew she was a very pretty woman and used this to flirt.

Clearly the man picked up on the woman's advances making suggestive eyes at the other men about Aya.

"The third right sex..." before he could even finish his sentence she front kicked him out of the third right window cashing a loud smash.

Before the other men could react the second man shorter then the other remaining two was having his head slammed onto Aya's knee repeatedly. After dropping him on the floor she grabbed the arm that had snuck around her shoulders, trying to force twist it around. Weirdly it didn't work like all the other times she has had to use this move.

The man seemed inhumanly strong and his arm wouldn't budge. This earned him a elbow to the throat, a kicked out knee and her foot into his junk. Crippling him over in pain.

Unfortunately what she failed to take note of was the fourth man holding a taser against her lower back. This resulted in having forty thousand volts flying through her system. This wasn't something she was foreign to but it certainly didn't feel pleasant. She fell to her knees with a thud but soon after received a kick in the face from a heavy boot sending her head backwards. She felt the bones in her neck crunch. The floor became a make shift bed as she was sent flying into it hitting the back of her head with blood now seeping out of her. Aya felt like she was going to black out. In all her years she had never taken such a hard kick in the teeth. Who were these men?

Rick was still in shock but seeing this happen to Aya snapped him out of it he picked up her whisky glass and smashed it over the head of her attacker with the taser. Meanwhile the man cast out of the window had made his way back into the bar with a much scarier man Rick only knew to well.

He was a wall of muscle. Rick knew how petrifying the gaze of Alpha Riven could be but his gaze wasn't cast upon him, instead it was casted upon the fiery brunette that lay still, heavily bleeding out on his floor.

Then it happened. A growl so fierce and dangerous that all five of the wolves in that room including the rouge got on their knees and exposed theirs neck for the clearly very upset Alpha. On the floor laid a very beautiful and badly damaged woman. The state of her sent what felt like a silver knife straight through his windpipe.

Before anyone in the room could take in what was happening the stunning woman was in his arms with his face buried into her neck. Aya didn't understand what was going on, she was close to unconsciousness and the blood pouring out from her head made her weak. As she struggled against the chest of this man she earned a small yet serious growl. This angered her so much she growled back. However that was the last thing she could manage before black abyss swallowed her whole.

Riven was raged that the female had the audacity to growl at him! Where on earth was her respect? As the eruption of flames and sparks shot through his arms and torso he knew exactly who this female was. She was his.

Anger soar through him as he looked down at his damaged mate. His wolf Ra wanted to know exactly who did this to his female and their Luna.

"Who did this," he demanded angrily.

Micheal one of his warriors stood forward confused by his alpha's upset. Micheal had been a loyal, trustworthy and talented fighter for his Alpha and Warrior Moon pack, these were the reason why Alpha Riven didn't strike him dead on the spot.

"Get the Rogue and put him in the van," he instructs. "As soon as you get to the pack put him in the cellar and bind him in silver chains." His dark eyes scan the room.

"Lewis," he calls his Beta and the man that Aya had sent through the window. "Clean up here."

With that Riven was gone still carrying his unconscious mate in his arms. He was worried for her safety if she died he would kill anyone he deemed responsible for her death. Starting with Micheal. Running back to the pack from here would be much quicker he decided. The sooner he could get her to the infirmary and to a doctor the better.

After just three minutes, the worried Alpha had completed what had felt like the longest run of his life. He boomed through the doors of the infirmary holding his female, this caused the heads of doctors and several nurses to swing in his direction.

"A doctor now!" He roared and placed the woman on a trolly. Two nurses and Doctor Jack ran over pushing the trolly into a free room. There they began the hours of work trying to save the dying female. Alpha Riven had finally lost it when Jack had told him the woman's neck was likely to be broken from the state of the bruising and swelling. Silently he preyed to the Moon Goddess and all above that this woman would recover quickly and cursed anyone that brought harm to her. He found her phone sticking out of her back pocket. With it a bank bard that read Miss A C Storm.

He knew this Miss Storm was going to bring him problems.

The first chapter. This was hard to write I have so many ideas for this book but I'm never see how to start it. Vote comment and follow for a shoutout.

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