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Cecilia Hall has lived with her brother, Jude for 2 years, so she knows how to deal with boys. But when she starts school at Grace University in the town of Carthage, Arizona, she knows she's out of her element. Especially when she meets her roommate walking around naked in the kitchen. Boy isn't the word she would use for this sexy, tattooed man...

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Meeting

Beep, Beep!

I rolled my eyes. The bastard couldn’t wait 2 fucking minutes. Inpatient bastard.

I double checked my final bag for everything.

Toothpaste and toothbrush? Check.

Shower essentials? Check.

Enough clothes to last two weeks; at least until I come back to get more? Check.

Wallet? Check.

Phone? Check.

Keys? Check.

I glanced out at the front door, almost feeling the glare of impatience from Jude in the driveway. Annoying, overbearing twin brother/ momma bear?


Releasing a breath, I zipped up the old, dark green duffel bag, swinging it over my shoulder. The weight of the bag itself was almost enough to get the idea of me leaving to finally sink in.

I was going, I was getting out of here. I was going to go live.

Jude was sitting in the driver seat of his old pickup truck, one he’s had for years. He shot me a dirty look from the rearview mirror as I tossed the bag in the bed of the truck, going around to the passenger seat.

“You took forever. I thought the sun was going to blow up before you got your shit together.”

I looked sideways to meet his glare with one of my own. “Oh, whatever. I had to change bags. The suitcase wasn’t big enough,” I said.

He rolled his eyes and shoved his key in the ignition, starting the truck. “Girls and their packing. You could pack a damn overnight bag and not even need it by the time your done.”

I laughed, pulling out my pack of Camels and sticking a cigarette in my mouth. I lit it and looked over to Jude, who was grinning.

We pulled out of the driveway of our small, two bedroom house we called home, and started the long drive to Carthage, Arizona.

15 hours, 12 Red Bulls, and 5 McDonald’s stops later, we pulled up to the dorm building I would be living in.

I was driving, Jude was passed out in the backseat. I parked close to the entrance, just so if I go in and get attacked by a murderer or something, Ill be close to Jude, who is a whopping 6′4, 220 and knows his way around a fight. Girls always go after Jude, but he was only ever interested in one girl.

Kris. We were best friends to this day. I missed her like hell, but I would hopefully see her for Christmas if she visits.

I shook my head, clearing the thoughts from my head and focused on the building in front of me. It was dark out, being that it was around 10:00 at night. The building was made of old brick, dusty old windows placed at intervals. Pretty drab.

I took a breath. You can do this, Cecelia Rose Hall. You’ve got this.

I took a look back at Jude, who was laying on across the seats, drool pouring from his mouth. He looked like he was a teenager again, when he discovered video games and would stay up for hours playing Call of Duty.

I would bring my things up, meet my roommate and then come get him. He was going to spend the night on the couch and leave tomorrow afternoon.

Exiting the car and grabbing my duffel from the bed as quietly as I could, I pondered the roommate situation.

The school sent pictures of the dorm, but never mentioned if I already had a roommate, which was weird. The told me that the dorms were co-ed but they tried to keep the genders separate. There was a 95% chance a girl was up sleeping in room 108D. That comforted me. Maybe I would become friends with my roommate and spend my nights watching horror films and eating junk food. I hope she’s not one of those snobby brats me and Kris used to make fun of.

I continued to ponder things me and my roommate could do to bond and get to know one another when I came to my room. It was on the 4th floor, and there weren’t many other rooms around. I grabbed the pre-sent key to the room and turned the lock.

Opening the door, I was met with the sight of the “living room.”

No pictures, no personal items. A small t.v. adorned the wall and in front of it, a black futon with a soft looking blanket thrown over it. A reclinable armchair sat in front of an old looking coffee table looking like where I would spend my nights.

Everything else looked pretty normal. Well, that was until I got to the kitchen.

The kitchen was undecorated, and sad looking. There were a few dishes in the sink, but that’s all I had time to see before I noticed the man drinking from a bottle of vodka against the counter. The lights were off in the dorm, so I almost missed him, but a light coming from the bottom of the microwave, shining onto the stove bounced off of him.

He was tall. Maybe even taller then Jude. And his body was marked with loads of tattoos.

And he was naked.

Luckily, He was faced away from me, so I didn’t see his manhood, but his sculpted ass was in perfect view.

“Shit!” I dropped my bag.

The sound caused him to turn his head to me over his shoulder.

“Who the fuck are you, and why are you in my dorm?”

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