Chapter One

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The Wait

“Marshall I don’t think this baby wants to be born, I’m a week over due, my belly can’t stretch anymore.” Annie complained. The two were still getting settled into their new home. Marshall hung up white plastic venetian blinds and curtain rods while Annie instructed him on where and how to hang them. She adored the new living room sofa and luv seat they just had delivered. It was ivory in color with stitches of burgundy, green and blue throughout the fabric. Marshall hung matching burgundy curtains over the large living room window that faced the front yard, while Annie rested on her new furniture. She was swollen from her face to her hands and feet. Her brown hair had grown out very long and it almost reached her bottom, she kept it pulled back into a neat pony tail. Months before her fingers were so swollen she had to have a jeweler cut off her High School class ring. It was gold with Annie’s July birthstone in the center. A Ruby. On one side of the ring was her High School patriot symbol along with her graduation year of 1994. The other side was the symbol of a running shoe for her Cross Country track team. No matter how hard Annie tried, she just couldn’t slide the ring from her finger, which resulted in having the band cut off.

After Marshall finished hanging curtains and blinds up, his next task was to organize his Office Space, where he would spend hours learning and teaching himself the ends and outs of computer programs and networks. His classes at the community college circled around his passion for computers. He would work hard to earn his degree and move a step forward to becoming an engineer. His home office was set up in the spare bedroom. An oak corner desk took up a lot of the space, while Marshall’s weight bench sat in the middle of the room. No pictures hung on the walls, they remained white and boring, even the venetian blinds seemed to blend in to the dull white office space. The carpeting matched the rest of the home, it was blue, which was Annie’s favorite color. While the organizing was taking place, Annie slipped into the nursery that had become her favorite room in the house. The loved how the sun would shine through the window, first thing in the morning. The Looney Tunes characters were bright a cheerful. Annie would sit on the wooden rocking chair and day dream about the baby growing inside her womb. She’d sit there thinking about how much fun it will be to have a little girl, the places she would take her and the games they would play. Rocking in that chair with one hand on top of her stomach, she leaned her head against the back and closed her eyes.

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