life after happy ending pt 2

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find out what is the secret of belle...........................

Romance / Thriller
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"beast"i called for my husband.

"yes my lady"he answered while bowing at me.

"can i have sleep over at our castle"

"of course as long as that gaston boy does not disturb you"

"thank you"i said as i hugged him

well everyone has a secret don't they. just like me, well who would have guessed right.well we are just a human being beside being a cartoon character and every one of us have a dark was so amazing that we were having the first ever sleepover at my house. i arranged my room,managed all the food,and did other things too. it was around 4 p.m when they arrived at our castle.

we were having fun we changed into our pj's and got ready to sleep.while we were playing,someone knocked at our door,beast would be sleeping at this i was thinking Cinderella got up and went to open the door. there was a noise so i looked up. gaston was holding Cinderella's hand and was smirking,i knew something was wrong but what could i say.i rolled my eyes at him.

"get out gaston"i said as i pulled Cinderella away from gaston.

"fine.."he said with a smirk.

it was not usual as he would always shout back at me.guessing how he entered castle,well as i said everyone has a secret,he can be invisible.soon it was time for us to sleep. me,Cinderella and tiana slept together and snow white,aurora and others were in other room.

i slept in between,when i looked into Cinderellas phone,she was sending a friend request to gaston,well....i stayed quite.

OK lets get off that,the secret i told you is that i have been cheating on beast with a lot of guys and....girls as i am a bisexual which no one knows. i am not a virgin since i was 16 when i was in high school. i had my first sex with my high-school best-friend rim who is a girl.

well when i married beast it was OK until we had our first picnic where i found a boy i fell in love with and he became the first one whom i dated ,cheating on's not like i don't like beast but i get bored can also say i am addicted with being in relationship,i

now,lets get back to story so, i felt gaston was going to hurt her but stayed quite. as time passed i changed boyfriend and girlfriend,now i am dating kylie. she is one of the cousin of beast.she an i have been dating for a while.

"honey"i said looking at beast.


"can i go over to kylie's home"

"you have been going there often haven't you" e said being suspicious.
"you won't understand girls"

"yeah yeah whatever you can go"

"thanks"i said as i kissed him.

kylie and i were planning to hangout that day.i went at her home.i wore a short skirt,kept my hair down, wore a sandle, and a pink strapless top which was short.

when i reached there we closed the door tightly,went to her room and watched romantic movies for a the middle of the movie we started making out,she placed her hand on my butt.she then went all over to my thighs and to the up, soon after we were already having sex.

we were having fun.after finishing,we both wore our cloths managed hair got fresh and i went home.when i reached castle i found Cinderella in my room ,she looked excited.i went to her and asked what had happen.

" cheating on charming"

"with who"i asked as if it were new for me.

"don't shout at me then"

i nodded swiftly


i was thrilled by what she said she told me the whole story,well she was my best friend she did not kept her story from me so i told her my secret too.

she had same reaction like me. so,we supported each other to keep secret. then this kept on going for 3 months.after few days i broke up with kylie. it was not me who started the fight between us.remember the day we had sex yep that day after i went home she texted me that we should do it again,when i went after all the fun,she told me i was unprofessional.

we just fought and she broke up saying i was too much to handle,well that did not mattered to me as i can find another within few days.

one day i was back from shop when i found Cindy crying miserably in my room,as soon as i saw her i quickly went to her and asked if she was OK.

she told that she was going to be pregnant and it was of gaston. i comforted her and gave the best ideas i know what i am talking about.after that she did as i told. i was of course angry at beast for that but still....i stayed quite.

OK so, wanna know how i meet new boy or girlfriends.well i told beast that i have sleepover at Cindy's and of course she helps me.after that i go to bar and there i work as a bar dancer. of course i disguise myself as i have seen that beast sometimes comes here with his friends. i went to bar and to dressing room i changed into a swimsuit type costume. i wore a wig and whole lot of makeup.

after i broke up with kylie ,i went to bar.and to my surprise to whom i saw,it was gaston. he was drinking beer with his other friends. i danced as it was my job.

i went to different guys but did not find anyone last i found a guy,he was hot and sexy and his body was so perfect.i went over to him,he checked me out from top to bottom. i of course did not left this chance.

"hey handsome"i said as i touched his abs

"hey"he replied as he grabbed my waist

"wanna have one night stay?" he asked

i winked as i said yes.i put on some t-shirt. it was short of course.he brought me to his car. it was big to be honest. we could not stop ourselves though. firstly we parked our car but before we could get off we started making out,soon after we got on top of each other.

i was sitting in back seat so, when he looked back i pulled him over.while kissing,i unbuttoned my t shirt then bra and bottom.i leaned toward him and then he started from my lips then waist and hips.we had sex in car. in the morning i wore my other cloth and went off. i did that everyday until Cindy gave birth to her child,i had forgotten i saw gaston in the bar so i planned to ruin gaston.

i went to bar as everyday but as soon as i saw gaston i walked toward him.he was drunk so,i did not had problem bringing him to my dressing be clear the dressing room was big and all the dancer go there for making out or yo know what things

.i went inside his pants then to that part and played along.we went to his home.he was not in proper condition i closed all the doors of his home. he started unclothing me when suddenly we heard a noise of front door opening. Cindy was standing there with tearful eyes.

"thought i loved you?"he said as i pretend like i did not know her.

she rushed out of there in tears.he stood up to lock the door and we both started doing our business. in morning i ran as soon as possible.i dated jorse after the incident,i am never going to improve.

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