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⚠️BE WARNED⚠️: This book is a dark romance and contains abusive and mature content. Helena's life was quite normal, until her mother died. Her dad changed for bad, after he lost his wife. He started to drink and gamble, until he became addicted. Helena left school and worked day and night to pay her father's gambling debts. She cared for him and helped her dad, wherever she could, until he gambled big and got a huge debt. When he was ready so sell her for money, she left him. She left to be free and thought that the burden on her shoulders would become less, until she fell in the hands of Antonio. Antonio is a cruel, heartless monster with twisted thoughts. Raising as the leader of a huge crime organisation, he was trained to be merciless, without any trace of emotion in him. Living as the king of the underworld gave him no limits. When he first saw the girl with the doll blue eyes, he got attracted to her, until he felt more than an attraction. ⚠️⚠️⚠️I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO COPY OR TRANSLATE MY WORK! MY BOOKS ARE MY HARD WORK! I PUT TIME AND EFFORT IN THEM!⚠️⚠️⚠️

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Helena's pov

I woke up to someone banging on my bedroom door. "Helena! Wake up you lurdan! It's six o'clock in the evening and there is still no dinner! I swear to God, you are good for nothing! If there is no food in ten minutes, I will beat your lazy ass!" my dad yelled angrily from the other side of the door, while he still smashed his fist against it.

I quickly stood up from bed, while my gaze was fixed on the door, which shook from his smashes. I looked scared at the door, until it stopped shaking. Then, I carefully neared the door, before I leaned my ear against it to notice, if he was still there or not.

After I was sure that he was gone, I let out a sigh of relieve, before I leaned my forehead against the door and took a deep breath to calm down. I hardly woke up and had already to cope with him again. At least he sounded sober, he was more aggressive, when he was drunk.

When I calmed down, I quickly got dressed and packed my bag for work, before I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for dad. I just had one hour left, until I had to head to work. I looked into the fridge to see that we were running out of food.

I had to go grocery shopping, but I couldn't, because there was no money left. I had to pay a part of his gambling debts monthly so that the men he owed the money wouldn't take our home away.

Even if I worked in two jobs, the money I earned vanished in short time in his gambling and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay rent for our home, because we owed it.

I quickly made some curry chicken and set the table. I looked at the clock to notice that I would be late at work, if I would eat right now. The ingredients that I used for cooking was enough for one person anyway.

"Dad, dinner is ready! I am leaving for work!" I shouted from the kitchen, before I headed to my room and took my bag. I didn't want to see him, because I had enough bruises on my body and I didn't want to add more. I rushed downstairs with my bag and wanted to leave, but dad stopped me by grabbing my wrist very roughly.

"Wait there, I have something to tell you," he told me, while I winced in pain and tried to release my wrist from his tight hold. "Okay," I mumbled and nodded my head, while I listened to him with my head down, not daring to look up at him.

"Come home immediately, after your shift and bring two beers with you. I have an important visitor," he said and let go of my wrist. I wondered, who he meant with important visitor, but I guessed that it would be one of his alcoholic buddies, who came some times to gamble at home.

"Okay, I will," I said timidly and bit my lip to not tell him that we didn't have enough money to buy alcohol so that he can have fun and gamble home with one of his weird friends.

I never contradicted him again, after he started to beat me. He would get what he wanted anyway with beating the shit out of me. I left home, while I looked at my red wrist and rubbed it to ease the pain.

I had to walk to work, either I could buy a bus ticket or alcohol for dad. After the last beating I received, I decided to buy alcohol for dad and walk the way to work.

After half an hour, I arrived at the bar and went to the front door to get in. It seemed like it will be a long night tonight, when I noticed the long queue of people, who waited to be let in.

The bodyguard opened the door to let me in, when he saw me heading towards the door. "Thank you, Bob," I smiled at him, before I got in. "You are welcome princess," Bob winked at me, before he closed the door after me.

I rushed to the changing room to change my clothes, before I went to the bar, ignoring the lustful stares that I got from some perverts. I would love to slap every each of them, if I wouldn't lose my job. I started to work and served some drinks at the bar.

One hour was left, until my shift ended. Most people would be happy to go home after work, I was sad and afraid. I didn't want to go home and deal with my dad, who would take his anger out on me, when he was in a bad mood or lost a gamble.

I was mixing some drinks, when a drunken dude neared the bar, before he smiled at me. "Hey, beautiful. Can I get you a drink?" he asked me, clearly intoxicated. I looked from the drinks that I prepared towards him to see that he couldn't even stand properly.

"I can't drink, during my work times," I declined his offer nicely and hoped that he would just leave me alone. This was the fifth dude that I rejected tonight.

However, working at the counter was better than serving the drinks and collecting the empty glasses around the desks, because there was a high possibility to get touched inappropriately by intoxicated men, who got horny after drinking.

"Then, give me just a kiss," he claimed and took my wrist to yank me towards him, while I looked at him startled by his sudden move. For a drunken guy, he sure had a strong grip on me.

"Let go of me, you jerk!" I yelled at him and tried to pull my arm back, but he didn't let go and even tightened his hold on my wrist. I tried to push his face away with my other hand and leaned back to put more distance between us, his breath smelled disgustingly.

"Hey dude, she said let go," Drake rushed with a tray of empty drinks, which he laid on the counter, before he pulled the dude away from me, who looked at Drake angrily.

"Mind your own business, if you appreciate your job," he threatened Drake, while he tried to sound intimidate and gave him a hard push on his chest so that he stumbled back.

"Oh, but she is my business asshole," Drake argued back, before he punched him in the face. Now the guy stumbled back, before he completely fell backwards onto the ground. In an blink of an eye, Drake was sitting on him and punching his face like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh my God! Drake let him go!" I shouted at him, while I rushed towards them to pull him off this guy, even if he deserved to get punched, it wasn't right. I was a victim of abuse for years now and could tell that problems should be solved with communication, not with violence.

However, I wasn't strong enough to pull them apart. Just great. I hoped that we won't get fired. Dad would be pissed and beat me to crap, when he couldn't gamble anymore with the money that I worked my ass off.

I thought what I could do and decided to call Bob. After I told him that there was a fight inside the club and I needed help, it didn't take long, until I saw him rushing towards us, before he stopped right next to me to watch the scene in front of me. "Please get them apart," I pleaded him. He immediately pulled Drake off the guy and dragged him out.

It didn't take long, until the manager came, after he heard from the incident and hurried to the beaten guy to help him up from the ground. "Josh, are you alright son?" he asked the beaten guy. Wait, wait.... did he say son? This guy was his son! Now I am in deep shit and will probably lose my job too.

"This bitch triggered her boyfriend to beat me up," he claimed, while he shook his head to sign him that he wasn't alright and groaned in pain. I was shocked at his sudden accusation and looked at them open mouthed, while the manager looked at me with pure anger.

"I-I didn't d-do a-anything-" I stuttered still in shock, while I tried to justify myself. Before I could report him the whole incident, he cut me off.

"I don't ever want to see you or Drake at the near of this bar again! You are fired! Go, take your belongings and leave my fucking bar. You are banned, if I see you both around, I will report you to the fucking police!" he yelled at me. I didn't care about the ban, I wouldn't have the money or the time to go clubbing anyway.

I just needed the job and he was accusing me of a crime, which I didn't really commit. He couldn't make me the scapegoat for Drake's sudden outburst of temper. I once again opened my mouth to tell him how the situation escalated, but he interrupted me, before I could utter a single word.

"Pathetic bitch, go away," he shouted at me. I flinched at his harsh words and finally managed to go away, when I realized that there was no point to make him listen to me. I rushed to the changing room to get my belongings, before I finally left his bar.

Great. Now I lost my job. I guess that are great news to tell dad.

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