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⚠️BE WARNED⚠️: This book is a dark romance and contains abusive and mature content. Ava Evans found the love of her life. Though, her parents didn't approve her love to him, because of his low status in life. However, she didn't listen to them and followed her heart. After she got married to him, she thought that she would live with him her happy ever after. However, her dreams of a happy life scattered, when she woke up and received her husband's death message, after her wedding night. She literally woke up from a dream to be pulled in a real nightmare. After the death of her husband, her life crushed down and she didn't want to live any longer until she found out the little gift that he left her before he died. When she thought that she got her life back together and was over him, fate knocked on the door and gave him back to her. However, her prince charming wasn't the one, who he claimed to be. Piece by piece, he started to show her his true colours. Will she accept him after she will know his dark secrets?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Ava's pov

I sat in the chair in front of my dressing table and did some last touches on my make-up, before I stood up to take a last glance at my appearance in the mirror. My elegant dress hugged my curves perfectly and let me look beautifully. In my nineteen years of live, I hardly dressed up for a man, until now.

However, he was very special to me, because he succeeded to win my heart in less than two months. No matter how much I rejected him at the beginning and showed him the cold shoulder, his stubborn self didn't give up on me.

We got to know each other in the coffeehouse, in which I worked to gather some money for college. However, our encounter wasn't the slightest romantic, but it is a story worth to memorize to laugh in the future.

I will never forget how he just broke the customer's jaw for molesting me, just to get slapped by me for partly being fault for me losing my job. The manager just quitted me for being fault of starting the fight, which resulted that I let my anger out on Dante for standing up for me. Even though, I should appreciated his kind act towards me, if I considered that no one randomly protects a stranger, but I was angry.

However, my cold attitude towards him triggered him to get to know me. I didn't know how, but he somehow found out the new coffeehouse, in which I started to work and came almost every day to annoy me to go on a date with him.

After I realized that he won't leave me alone and didn't take rejection for an answer, I gave in and went on a date with him. After our first date, we spent more time together and every second that I spent with him made me love him more.

Most people would stay away, if they got hit or yelled, but he did quite the opposite. Though, I couldn't lump him with most people, because he was different in his own way, which made me fall in love with him in time.

We were also currently in a relationship, but I didn't know how to tell my parents that my boyfriend was eight years older than me, had few tattoos and a low status. I guessed that it would be easier to explain them the age difference rather than his rank.

My dad cared much for rank and power, he even tried to ship me with his business partner's son together to strengthen his connections in his business world. Unfortunately for him, I already fell in love with a man and will certainly not leave my love to marry someone who he approved and regret my whole life that I abandoned the man I loved.

However, it was time to inform them about Dante. Though, I thought to tell them about him piece by piece so that they didn't get a heart attack. First of all, I will just tell them that I am meeting a guy and the rest of the information will follow in due time.

I took a deep breath, before I took one last glance at my reflection and left my room to head to the living room. When I reached the living room, I saw my mom and dad watching television, while eating fruits.

When they noticed me entering the room, they turned to me with a questioning look on their face, after they saw that I am dressed up. "Are you leaving somewhere, honey?" my mom asked me softly.

I swallowed and nodded my head, it was now or never. "I am seeing someone currently," I admitted and jumped right into the topic. Now, I got the full attention of my dad too, who turned from the television to me.

My mom opened her mouth to probably ask more questions about my statement, but my dad beat her up and spoke first, "Do we know him? Is it the son of Mr. Adley."

I shook my head to sign him that I didn't date his business partner's son, no matter how much they shipped us together. Mr. Adley's son, Oliver, was literally a womanizer and I would date such a guy like him after the hell froze over. "No dad. I am dating someone else," I clarified.

"How long are you together?" my dad questioned me further. "For almost two months, but we are serious," I told him, before he could ask me, if I was just messing around with him or was in a serious relationship.

"Good, if you are serious, then we want to get to know him. Invite him to dinner, darling. However, you could tell us earlier that you were dating someone," my dad huffed.

"I am sorry, I will arrange the dinner soon, so you can get to know him," I apologized, even if I wasn't sorry for not to inform them about Dante. My dad cared for me and my mom, but he also loved to have control over us.

My dad had a small business, but he earned good. My mom and I were literally depended of him. He convinced my mom not to work with the objection that he gained enough money. He didn't let me work too, because he wanted me to concentrate on school. However, I knew that he would cut off my money tap, if I would stand up against him one day, that was why I started to work to have a saving for unprepared situations.

"Good, don't be late," my dad said contently and nodded his head in approval. "Okay," I mumbled timidly and left the room to head to the front door. After I left the house, I saw Dante already waiting for me in a truck. Where the heck did he get the truck? Though, the truck was better than riding the motorcycle with him, if I considered how fast he drove.

I just walked with a frown towards the truck, before I opened the door and got in. Before I could ask him, what he planned with a damn truck, he spoke first. "Did I tell you how beautiful you are?" he asked me, after he turned to me and reached for my hand to kiss my palm. A smile appeared on my face at his sweet act.

"Yes, every time we met. What are we going to do with a truck?" I asked curiously, still with a smile on my face. He smiled back at me, which made my heart melt. He rarely smiled, but he had a really charming smile, which made me feel butterflies in my stomach.

"It's a surprise, you will see. However, I thought I would pick you up with the truck of Luca, after you nearly died of anxiety on our last trip with the motorcycle," he said mysteriously and started the truck. Though, his whole self was just mysterious. I just knew that he had a friend called Luca.

He never told me about his family, he was hard to read, like a black box. I thought that he would open up to me in time, but he didn't. I told him everything about me and my family, even that my parents would hardly approve our relationship, but I didn't get any information of him in return. He always shut me up, when it came to his background.

"I told my parents about our relationship," I informed him, during drive. "How did they react?" he asked blankly. "They want to get to know you and invited you for dinner," I said happily, which made him smirk. "Did you tell them everything about me, amore? I hardly think that they want to know me, after you told me about their mindset," he smirked amused, while I bit my lip.

"I just told them that I am currently seeing someone and am in a relationship. I thought that we could tell them slowly, so that they can take it in and don't get a heart attack," I sighed. "You mean that you are together with man, who is tattooed, has low status and is eight years older than you," he said boldly.

I didn't care about his status, as long as he loved me. We could start from the lowest point and build a beautiful life together. After all, not everyone came into the world with a high status or stuffed with money. "Yes, exactly," I sighed.

He parked the truck near a cliff, before he turned to me and his hand reached for my face. "Don't let your parents take too much control over you, amore. It's your life," he encouraged me, which made me sigh and lean into his touch. "I just don't want to disappoint them. After all, they raised and took care of me," I admitted.

"Being grateful for what they did, doesn't mean that you have to commit your life for their preferences," he told me and was kind of right. I couldn't give up my life, just to make them happy. "You are right. I love you," I agreed with him

"I love you too. Come on! Let's see what I planned for us," he smirked secretively and got me curious. I got off the truck and followed him to the end of the cliff, where was a tent. Moreover, the view from here was just breathtaking.

We got into the tent and I smiled at the sight in front of me. He prepared a romantic dinner in the tent. "I cannot take you to a five star restaurant, but I hope you like to eat dinner with me in a tent with a beautiful view," he said, while he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me from behind. I leaned closer in his touch.

"That's far better than a five star restaurant. I love it," I confessed to him. "Let's get started, before the food gets cold then," he said softly, before he unwrapped his arms from me and guided me to the table.

We took our seat at the table and started to eat, the food was really good. "The food is so good," I commented. "Glad you like my cooking," he said, which made choke on my food in surprise. He chuckled and gave me my glass of water, which I gladly took.

"You cooked all of these foods?" I still asked in surprise. "Yes, you should be flattered, I never cooked for anyone, except for myself," he explained, which made me smile.

"I love your cooking. However, don't let me feel so special. If I get used of you treating me so special, I could always want you to treat me like this, with live and care," I warned him jokingly.

"You are special to me. I want to love and care for you until my last breath," he said, while he stood up and approached me to reach for my hand. I got off my chair and looked up in his green eyes, until he kneeled down in front of me and took a red velvet box from his jacket, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Do you want to get old with me? Do you want to marry me?"

I knew that we knew each other not for a long time, but I felt happy and loved. Most importantly, I loved him. "Yes," I said overwhelmed with happiness and he slipped the ring on my finger, before he stood up and looked into my grey eyes.

"I take your answer as a promise. Now, you are stuck with me," he smirked down at me, while I looked up in his green eyes. "Now that we are engaged, can we kiss?" I asked softly and bit my lip.

His eyes darkened, before he freed my lip with his thumb and leaned down, closer to me. "I craved to kiss you, since the first day you slapped me in the coffeehouse," he said, before he kissed me. His mind was twisted, but I loved him the way he was.

My parents didn't allow me to have a boyfriend, until I graduated high school and started with college. Dante was my first boyfriend, my first love and my first kiss, which was beautiful and romantic.

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