Is This Love Book 1: Questioning Yourself

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Chapter 12: The Contract

Samantha’s driver arrives exactly when she said they would and he takes me to a casino and hotel. He escorts me to Samantha’s office near the entrance. The walls of her room are completely glass with a reflective material over the windows that doesn’t allow you to see inside except through the open glass door.

“Welcome.” Samantha stands from her seat at her desk in a tight fitting white pantsuit. She walks over and her high heels click on the marble flooring. Wow, I forgot how great she looks. I mean I just saw her last night, but she is stunning everytime I see her.

She gives me a quick kiss and leads me by the arm to the chair in front of her desk. I smile and follow her willingly.

“Alright then, we will go through the contract, you may read it as I give the overview and make sure the terms are understood.” Samantha says handing me a packet of paper and closing her office door.

“ our relationship is written out in contract form? So it’s not a real relationship then?” I am confused by the ten pages in front of me.

“It would be a real relationship. It is a different type of relationship that does have some dangers involved. It is also more in depth than most relationships. This is to understand what each other has in mind and to prevent surprises or unwarranted actions. Think of it like the “terms and conditions” section of anything you buy. It doesn’t mean the product is any different, it just has precautions and additional information.” She explains.

“I guess that makes sense.”

“To begin, we are identifying that you and I are entering this relationship where you will be my submissive and I will be your dominant. We also agree to the content that is stated in this contract.”

“Okay...” I say quietly. Wow this is kind of crazy and serious. Can I even do something like this? What kind of thing am I getting myself into? Who is Samantha? This is like crazy weird.

“The duration of this contract will be one month for training and learning experiences. At the end of the month, you may decide whether you want to continue this relationship with me and we can draw up another contract, or you can decide that it is not for you and you may leave freely with no strings attached.”

“So...this really isn’t like a real relationship then? It’s like a trial version...what is even the purpose. Can’t we just do stuff like normal? Like we have been doing?”

“There is nothing normal about me, Ileana. I told you before that I have a different side. I understand this is different from anything you have had to do. To fulfill my lifestyle need, this is what will need to be done. We can go through and discuss this. If you do not want to partake, you can let me know after our discussion. Anything in this contract can be updated and changed at any time if we converse and come to an agreement.”

“Okay, that does make me feel a little better.” At least things can be changed. It still is really weird to have to go through all of this.

“Moving on, section three is the goals and purposes of this contract. My goal is to inform and train you in my lifestyle. I wrote your goal to learn and follow orders. The combined goal of the contract will be to determine relationship boundaries. Are you okay with that, Ileana?”

“Yes.” This doesn’t seem too painful. It is a month of training and learning about this new relationship content. It would be good to learn and see what I like.

“The fourth section is my responsibility as the dominant. I will ensure a safe environment for play and scenes. I will ensure all toys and equipment used are sanitary. I will provide emotional support, training and aftercare. I will always act with your safety and health in mind.” She paused and then continued, “Your availability to me will be whenever you are not in class.”

“Wait, so you would control and be with me all the time?”

“No, I may text, call, or ask you to do something when you are not in class and you will have to comply. I will not be with you 24/7. You will still be able to live your normal college life, but you will not be able to ignore me if I reach out to you when you are not in class.”

“I think I can do that.”

“The next section is your behavior as my submissive. You will follow all of my instructions. You will open all doors for me when we are out in public together. You will pull my chair out anytime we will be seated. If there is a designated person at the establishment for these actions, your duty will be bypassed. In a private setting, you may be relaxed when a scene is not active. The other public behaviors will be determined on the way to the event. Does that make sense to you?”

“Yes...what is a scene though?” I inquire about the unfamiliar term.

“I’m glad you asked. A scene is kind of what you think it would be. It is a determined space or spaces where BDSM activities will occur. This includes any events we go to that include BDSM attendees. That is why in the clause above, we will determine behaviors on the way to events because some places will be different than others.”

“Is this like an all the time thing? Like I will always be your submissive and I can’t do anything as your equal? I won’t have free will or be able to express myself?” I ask concerningly.

“This will not be 24/7, however, it could be any hour of any day. We will need to determine a balanced lifestyle that will work for both of us. This brings us to our next clause, communication. We will only communicate the relationship and rules in private. If there are concerns, desires, wants, or needs, they will be communicated clearly and in a timely manner. Negative feelings will be brought up immediately so they do not worsen or build.”

“I do like that. I think communication is a good thing.”

“Yes, it is. Often these relationships are on a much deeper level because of the communication involved in all aspects. Continuing on, your responsibilities as my submissive will be to provide domestic and sexual servitude, you are required to check-in daily, and you will bring all uncompleted homework to our meetings. Do you think you can follow those rules for a month?”

“I think I can.”

“That pleases me.” Samantha winks at me. I smile as she continues. “The scope of arrangement or what I will have control over is your physical body, your diet, social interactions, and clothing when you are not in school.”

“So you are like controlling everything then?”

“Yes and no. I think you will think differently about it in practice. The words seem harsh and like I will give you no voice or say, however, a big thing is the communication. If you feel negatively about something at the time, you will bring it up to me and we will discuss alternative solutions. Each individual thing written out may seem controlling, but if you combine it all together, we can create a nice and balanced relationship for both of us.” She explains.

“I see, it makes more sense when you explain it like that.”

“Thank you for asking questions. I know it may be hard because it is all new. I do want this to work out and for that to happen, questions are needed to understand the different aspects. Our next section is your veto. You will always have the right to say “No” to a command if you are concerned about mental or physical health. If we are in public, this will be determined on the way to the event.”

“I like knowing I can say no if I need to.”

“The exclusivity of our relationship will be open.”

“Excuse me? Like an open relationship with many people?”

“This is how all of my contracts are. I own you on my time. On your time, you are free to do as you please.”

“How many contracts have you had, and do you currently have?”

“I have been in many contracts, I cannot give you an exact number. However, currently, I am in one other contract.”

“What the fuck. I can’t do this, that is not what I signed up for.” I stand up and turn to walk out. How dare she want to date multiple people at the same time. This won’t even be a real relationship. There’s no way I can agree to this.

“Please hear me out. You are different, Ileana. I want this, I have not had the desire to dominate anyone like I have for you. I cannot just end my current contract. It doesn’t work that way. If you want, I will show you my other contract. There is no sex involved with it. I want yours to be all aspects of life. The other contract ends in two weeks. At that time, we can amend ours to be monogamous if that makes you feel better.” Her voice waivers about halfway through and I can see the vulnerability and truth in her eyes.

“Okay. But make sure that is added. In two weeks, you can only have a contract with me.”

“Yes, I will change it. Thank you.”

Bev walks in and whispers in Samantha’s ear. “Send her off, her services are not needed today.”

“What was that about?” I ask.

“My maid is here. She always comes at 3 PM. Today, she is not needed and I wouldn’t want to disturb you, my company.”

“At least I take precedence over your maid.” I snicker.

“Shall we continue going over the contract or do you need a break?”

“I could go for some water, but we can continue.”

Samantha speaks with her assistant, Bev and says to me, “Bev will bring that in shortly. The next section will be about activities and limits. I will read a list of things that I am willing to do. If you would like it, say yes, if you might be interested, say maybe and if you would not want to do it please say no. We will keep this one simple and we can go more in depth with our next contract. Anything that is not stated in this contract will be considered off limits. Is that okay with you? This is where you will dictate what you are willing to do and would like to try.”

“Yes.” I say as Bev returns with a glass of water for me.

“Blindfolds, leather or rope restraints, and bondage.” Samantha says.

“Maybe to all.” I respond, unsure of how to respond since Bev is still in the room. She makes it a little awkward, but I notice she is completely unphased to our conversation.

“Leather or rope body harnesses, handcuffs, gags.”

“Umm, maybe to all again.” I can’t look Samantha in the eyes during this. This is kind of intense. Who talks like this? Will this be a regular thing, talking about sex things? It is something I will have to get used to.

“Full head hoods, mummification, straight jackets.”

“What are the first two?” I ask.

“A full head hood is what it sounds like, your full head will be covered or enclosed leaving just a breathing hole. Mummification would be wrapping your body head to toe, or neck to toe in like cloth or saran wrap.”

“I think no to all right now.” That seems like some crazy things to throw in right away. This could get intense really fast. That is the point of this though.

“Spanking, flogging, riding crops.” Samantha continues.

“Yes to all.” I smile and start blushing at the thought of her spanking me.

“Canes, wooden paddles, single tail whips.”

“Uh, maybe to them.” They seem painful like it would leave bruising.

“Oral play, masturbation, and sex toy use as in dildos and vibrators.” Samantha smiles and winks at me.

“Maybe to all.” I say looking down, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Anal play, forced masturbation, fisting.”

“No to all.”

“Phone sex, outdoor sex, and orgasm control.”

“Maybe to all.” These seem like they could be interesting.

“Scratching, biting, tickling, kissing.”

“Yes to all.” I squirm in my chair as I see Samantha staring down at me. She is a totally dominant person.

“Icecubes, wax play, clothes pins.”

“Yes to all of them.” The different temperatures might be interesting.

“Teasing, humiliation, objectifying, sexy clothing private or in public.”

“Yes, no, maybe, maybe.” Jeez, how much longer can this list be. I feel like we have covered everything I could think of already.

“Nipple clamps, weights, or suction cups.”

“Maybe, no, no.”

“Role playing with fear, kidnapping, interrogation, sleep deprivation.”

“Those seem kind of scary, no for now.”

“Medical scenes, schoolroom scenes, prison scenes, initiation rights.”

“Maybe to all.”

“Follow orders, forced servitude, restrictive behaviors.”

“Yes to all.” This could be fun. I think I will like following orders a lot. How did she see this in me? I didn’t even know this stuff existed and now I’d be willing to try so much.

“Restricted eye contact, washroom restrictions, speech restrictions.”

“Yes, no, yes.”

“Kneeling, begging, standing in the corner, learning postures, massages.”

“Yes to all.”

“Alright and the last on the list for now is forced nudity, modelling for photos or videos.”

“Maybe, no, and just photos. Wow that was quite a list.”

“Yes it was, there is quite a bit more and things that add on, but it can all be discussed later.”

“So is that it now? Are we done with the contract?” I stretch my arms to get the blood flowing in them.

“Almost. Just a few more points. The next will be safe words and actions. We will have a slow down and stop for each. Slow down means to check in. It means you do not want to stop, but something needs to be addressed or changed. Stop means to stop all activities immediately and begin aftercare. We will have simple words to begin with. The slow down word will be ‘Yellow’ and the stop word will be ‘Red.’ Do you understand that? What are your safe words and what do they mean?”

“Yes. They are yellow which means check in, and red which means stop.”

“Good, we will also have actions for when you are unable to speak. You will have a squeaker for slow down and you will drop a weighted ball for stop. Do you understand this section?”


“The next section is punishments. Punishment will include flogging, spanking, and time outs in a position determined by me.”

“What will I be punished for?” I ask curiously.

“You will be punished for unsatisfactory actions, or for actions that need to be corrected. An example would be if you fail to check-in or do not follow orders in a timely manner.”

“Okay, that makes sense. I’m okay with that.” I look down at the table.

“I will provide you with training collars to be worn during scenes. I will require you to wear collars at certain events and I will provide the correct one at that time. A permanent collar may be awarded upon completion of training. The meaning of the collar will be given with it.”

“I think that will be just fine.”

“Good, collars are a strong symbol of the relationship. They mean a lot to me and you will begin to understand that. Next we have titles. You will call me Sam in public and My Queen in private. I will call you Doll in public and My Pet in private. Do you understand?”


“Yes…?” Sam looks sternly at me.

“Yes, My Queen.” I say and smile at her subtle command.

“Good. Lastly, we have confidentiality. Neither of us will disclose any part of our arrangement or contract with anyone. If it is to be discussed with a third party, there must be an agreement signed by all parties to not continue the spread of information. You may disclose that you are in a relationship with each other. With that the contract is finished.”

“Wow. That is a lot. This seems pretty intense but also well thought out.”

“I like your input. Are you willing to sign it?” Samantha asks with a smile.

“Uh...can we maybe have a trial scenario beforehand?” I question with uncertainty. I want to know what types of things can happen before I jump straight into this.

“Of course, My Pet. Come.” Samantha stands and offers her hand to me.


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