Is This Love Book 1: Questioning Yourself

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Chapter 17: The Depth

Is this it? Will she finally let me touch her? How am I going to do it? I want her to feel the extreme pleasure she has shown me.

Samantha breaks from kissing me. “What’s up?”

“I want to please you, I just don’t know how.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. I’m the one who does the pleasing.”

“In a relationship, it should be mutual. I want to be able to please you, at least sometimes. If you’re okay with that.” I explain.

Samantha sits up and thinks before hesitantly responding. “I will allow you to, but only if you follow my instructions and ask before each step.”

“I can do that!” I say excitedly. “Can I take your dress off?”


I slide off the bed and help Samantha stand. I turn her so her back is towards me. My fingers trail along her arms and across the top of her back and I feel her tense. My fingers stop at the button that guards the zipper. I undo the button and slide her zipper down as my hand feels her back.

Samantha shivers at my touch. She is so guarded. I hope that she will let me in to understand her. Why does she do all the pleasing? I mean she can do what she wants. Does she not want to be pleased? Am I forcing this upon her? No, I can’t be. She thought about it and conditionally agreed. As long as I ask what I can do, I should be able to do it. What if she stops and says no? What if I can’t please her? What if I’m no good at it? Will she get someone more experienced? Will she allow me to touch her again?

Samantha turns towards me. I didn’t realize my hand was frozen at the small of her back while I was thinking. I gaze into her eyes. I sense she is worried, but I also see a look that is full of desire. I bite my bottom lip. God she is so gorgeous. I could kiss her all day long.

Samantha leans her shoulders forward and the dress slips down, uncovering her breasts. I take a step back and take in her beauty. Damn! I just want to grab them! I want to feel her soft skin in my hands.

Samantha smiles smugly and shakes her dress off. There she is, standing naked in front of me. My jaw falls open and I can’t stop staring. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Why not? I would never go without them.

Her body takes over my mind. She has the body every woman desires. her breasts are the perfect size to fill up your hands. Her smooth stomach leads down to a nicely groomed bikini area. I see the figure of her nice ass along with her thighs and long legs. She looks so soft and smooth. I want to touch and learn every inch of her. I want to please every inch of her.

“You are beautiful.” I say to Samantha. I notice she is also eyeing me up.

“As are you, My Pet.”

“What can I do, My Queen?” I ask for direction.

“You may worship me by massage.”

Oh I can definitely do that. I will massage every inch of you. I will give you the best massage you’ve ever had.

I walk to Samantha like I have the most important mission. She lays down on her stomach and it renders me completely dumbfounded. What was I doing again? God, her ass is so fine. Mmmm...I just want to smack it! Would she allow that? Oh, I doubt it. But I could massage it! Can you start a massage with the butt? Maybe I’ll work my way up instead.

I move next to her and start massaging her feet. I’ll start nice and slow and make her crave my touch. I dig my thumbs into her heels and throughout her feet. I hear her let out a sigh and take a deep breath. I squish each toe and up the soles and top of her feet before continuing to her calves and up her thighs. I can tell she is starting to get a little antsy.

I move to start massaging Samantha’s hands. I don’t want to get to the good spots too quickly. As I move up her arm I feel her start to relax more. I start massaging her shoulders and to the bottom of her neck. I make small circles up to the base of her skull and back down.

“That feels good.” Samantha says as I make my way up to her neck again.

Her words encourage me to move a little quicker. I work my hands down her back to the top of her butt. Samantha slightly moves up causing my hands to go on the top of her but. I greedily start squishing and feeling it. I work my way all over and start going up her back once more.

Samantha turns on her side. I run my hand up and down the full length of her body, from her ankle to her neck. I lay next to her trying not to touch my body against hers, even though I crave it. I massage her side, up and down. I move to reach her stomach better and my chest touches against her back.

She is so warm against me. I move my hand up her stomach to the base of her breast. This is what I want. I can’t wait! I cup her breast in my hand. It feels perfect. Her nipple perks in the palm of my hand as I squeeze and massage her boob. I relax my body against hers and close my eyes. She feels so nice against me.

I start to rock my body into her with each squeeze of her boob. Samantha begins rubbing her ass against me. I move my hand down to her thigh and press into her. I start kissing the back of her neck and she lets out a small moan.

I can’t take it anymore. I need to kiss her! I press her side down so she is laying on her back. I straddle her and watch her reaction. She looks like she is fighting something within herself.

“What is it?” I ask.

“I can’t lose control. My body wants to let go, but my mind can’t.”

“Try not to think. Focus on what I do.”

“I don’t know if I can.” She says.

It sounds like this is a first for her. Does she not let anyone touch her? Why is she letting me touch her? Why does she have to fight herself so much about it? She doesn’t want to lose control. However, you can’t control everything in life. She does control almost everything though.

I lean down and kiss her tenderly, “Why not?.”

“It has been a long time.”

“Trust me, My Queen. I only want to please you.” I want to show you how much you mean to me. I want to make you desire me like I crave for you. I need to show you the depths of my feelings.

“Continue, My Pet.” She flashes a faint smile.

I waste no time and deepen the kiss. I need to make her forget whatever she is fighting. What can I do to help her?

I sit up and massage both of her breasts. I watch her close her eyes and breathe slowly. I move my hands down her sides and stomach. “Can I kiss you all over?”

“Please do,” she says quietly.

I start by kissing her right hand, down her arm and across to her left hand. I then center myself and kiss her gently on the lips. I deepen my kiss and tease with my tongue. She eagerly kisses back and knocks her tongue against mine.

I adjust myself and partially lay on the bed. I kiss down her neck. Another small moan escapes from her. She moves her head to give me more access. I kiss harder and start lightly sucking on her neck. I move to her ear and gently bite it.

I let my hands explore her front side as I continue working my lips on her neck. My hand trails up and down her thigh and across her stomach. I slowly move my hand closer to her core.

Samantha’s eyes jet open and she swiftly stops my hand. I look at her with concern that I crossed a line. Her eyes soften and she continues to hold my hand but directs it over her sex. I feel the trimmed hairs prickle my palm. She lays her hand over mine and guides my finger around her clit.

She moans and releases my hand to give me control again. Her moan fills me as if it were pure adrenaline. I continue to slowly rub her and I kiss down to her breasts. I can’t help but to suck and tease her nipples.

I check in on Samantha, her eyes are closed with a smile on her face.

I lick down her stomach and see her body lurch upwards. I trace my tongue back up her body and kiss her deeply. I rub my hand over her inner thighs and watch her move with anticipation. “What shall I do, My Queen?” I ask.

“Fuck me…”

“Your words are my command, My Queen.” Oh jeez. What am I going to do! I mean yeah I know the just of what needs to be done. But how am I going to do it? Ugh I just want to fuck her and be good at it!

I move my hand lower and she quivers as I feel her wetness. I slide a finger in and feel her muscles let me enter. Samantha’s gasp encouraged me to use another finger. I pump my fingers inside her.

I watch the pleasure build within Samantha. Her body responds with every movement I make. She takes my free hand and moves it to her clit. She moves my finger in a circular motion around it.

Samantha’s breath quickens and a small moan emerges with each one. My fingers move faster and I feel her muscles start to tighten. I keep going steady wondering if I should do something more.

“Keep going.” Samantha says between moans, “Faster, faster!”

I fuck her faster and keep circling her clit.

“Oh...God...Fuck!” Samantha says as she climaxes and falls into the bed.

I slowly remove myself from her. “How was that, My Queen?” I ask with an obnoxious smile that I can’t turn off. I did it. Holy Crap. Oh gods, that was amazing.

“Very good, My Pet. Let’s wash up and get ready for bed. You can stay in the spare room, it can be yours if you’d like.”

“Can’t I stay with you?” I question, concerned by her response.

“No one stays in my room with me.” She responds flatly.

“I did, last night.”

“That was different. You were drunk out of your mind. And I didn’t sleep there with you.” She explains.

“What made you this way?”

“Made me what way?”

“So blocked off and guarded.” I move away and sit at the edge of the bed.

“In a simple answer, a woman.” She says, “We don’t need to bring this up again.”

“I think I’ll take a ride back to the dorm tonight. I have class at 10 AM and I forgot to do part of an assignment.” I make an excuse to go. How can she just kick me out after that. Well, she didn’t kick me out; she offered me the guest room. I thought we were closer than this.

“You were supposed to bring all your homework with you.” Samantha scolds.

“I didn’t think I would stay the weekend.”

“I didn’t either. I am glad you did though. Next time, bring your homework so we can have more time together.” She smiles at me.

I head to the bathroom and clean up.

“I brought your clothes.” Samantha says as she knocks on the door.

“Thanks.” I open the door and grab the clothes.

“Are you okay? You seem off. Is it because I didn’t repay the favor?”

“No, it’s not that. There is so much depth to you. I need time to think and get ready for school this week.”

“I will not oppose you. I told you that I’d try, and I am. As I said before, it will take time. Are you going to the gala with me still?”

“Yes, nothing has changed. I’ll see you then.” I put on my clothes.

“Bev will drive you home safe.”

“Thank you. I’ll talk to you soon.” I give Samantha a kiss and walk out the door.

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