Is This Love Book 1: Questioning Yourself

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Chapter 19: The Knot

I kneel, resting in the playroom, awaiting orders from My Queen. I wonder what she has in store for me tonight. She was so eager to get me home and undressed. I really can’t wait for this.

“I want to turn you into a piece of art, My Pet.” Samantha says.

“How would you go about that, My Queen?”

“I have these ropes, I want to tie them around you in a harness. It’s called shibari. If you are well behaved, no matter if you need a safe word, or not, you will be rewarded.”

“What will the reward be?”

“An amazing orgasm.”

I get butterflies through my stomach. “Yes, My Queen. Can I also please you?”

“If you show control, restraint, and submission, you can have that reward as well.”

“Thank you, My Queen. I will do as you wish.” I can’t wait. I’ve never been tied up this way. I don’t even know what to expect. But I do know that I will love my reward. I will do this for her...and for me.

“What are your safewords?” She asks.

“Red and yellow, My Queen.”

“When will you use them?”

“When I need to, I guess before they are needed so it doesn’t get that bad.”

“Good. Let’s begin. First I need you to sit on the bed with your legs hanging off.”

I comply.

Samantha grabs a round metal ring that is about 3 inches in diameter. She doubles up the rope and starts wrapping it around me and circling through the center. She goes around each breast and many times around my core. This looks so cool! It’s astonishing how professional this looks.

When that rope runs out, she grabs another. “Now stand with your arms straight down your sides.”

I stand up.

“How is it feeling?” She asks.

“Good, I like it, My Queen.”

She starts looping my arm to my torso. Every 3 inches, my arm is strapped to the harness. She continues with another rope and does my other arm.

It feels so weird to be immobile. I can’t move my arms at all.

“If you’re feeling alright, we have two more limbs to bind.”


Samantha slaps my butt. The tingling pain excites my body.

“Yes, My Queen.” I correct myself.

“Let’s lie you down.” Samantha helps me onto the bed. She carefully moves around binding my legs together and to the center ring.

She positions me half on my side and asks, “would you like to see the full result of my masterpiece?”

“I would like nothing more, My Queen.” I answer.

Samantha takes a picture of me and holds her phone for me to see. Is that me? Wow it’s stunning. I don’t even recognize myself. The rope work looks so sexy wrapping around and immobilizing me.

“I wish to raise you, are you comfortable with that?”

“What would raising me be like? How will it happen?” I ask.

“I will connect this clip to the harness which is chained to the ceiling over here. It is on a track that circles the bed. Your weight will be distributed through all of the ropes and you will hang horizontally. The most important thing is for you to communicate with me. If you feel any numbness, hurting, or weird sensation I need to know right away. This can be dangerous if things aren’t addressed quickly. Are you up to the task?”

“I don’t know. Can we just do it a tiny bit and see how it feels?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t do it any other way my pet.”

As the chain starts raising, I feel tension being added to the ropes. My body is lifted into the air slowly.

“How does that feel?”

“It’s okay.” It’s actually a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be. I tilt my head to look at my body. Wow. The rope work is so intricately placed. How did she come up with this? She must have had a lot of practice. Oh, I don’t like the sound of that. I wonder how many women she has tied up like this. Okay, stop it! Don’t think like that. She’s with you now and you’re experiencing this. It doesn’t matter how many other people, just that she did it correctly.

Samantha raises me a little more. I am about a foot above the bed. She takes another photo and walks over to me. She adjusts my hair and takes a couple more pictures from different angles.

“You’ve done well My Pet. It’s time to reward you.” Samantha lowers me back onto the bad. She starts unraveling my legs. It feels great to be able to move them again. I stretch them out.

Samantha helps me sit up and undoes my arms. All that’s left is the torso part. She stands back and looks hungrily at me. “I think I will keep this on you for now.”

I feel so free with my limbs able to move. The ropes around me are a reminder that I’m hers. I wouldn’t mind feeling like this all the time.

“Lay in the center of the bed.” Samantha strictly orders then walks away.

I position myself as center as I can.

Samantha returns with a collar in hand. She puts it on me and then attaches a leash to it from the bed frame. She makes her way around the bed strapping each ankle and wrist to the frame as well.

Now I can’t move my head or my body. There is something pleasing to this feeling of immobility though. It’s like, no matter how hard I try to pull, I can’t. She is in control of what I can move and when.

Samantha puts a silky mask over my eyes and whispers, “Now you will get your reward, My Pet.”

Shivers run down my body in anticipation.

I feel Samantha’s weight added to the bed at my side. Her hair grazes my neck. I know she’s close. I just want to touch her.

I struggle against my restraints and fail to make contact. The effort leaves me slightly out of breath.

Samantha puts her hand on my cheek and slides it behind my head, pulling my hair. I gasped a little at the pressure.

I can’t wait. Please kiss me.

As if reading my mind. Samantha’s lips are against mine. We eagerly kiss each other.

Samantha adjusts and now has her body on top of mine. I feel her skin along the length of my body. Oh fuck. I think she’s naked also.

Samantha deepens the kiss and moves her body against mine rhythmically. She runs against me with each motion building desire within me.

She pulls back on my hair and sucks on my neck. I let out a moan. Please do more My Queen. My Queen. Mine. I definitely am hers. She is what I crave and long for.

She nibbles up and down my neck while sliding her hand between my thighs. “You’re already wet for your Queen, aren’t you, My Pet?” Samantha seductively questions.

“Yes, My Queen.” I mutter.

She feels for herself. “Mmm. Yes you are, My Pet.”

She slowly kisses down my chest. My hips move with impatience. Oh gods. I can’t wait much longer. I just want the sweet release she brings.

She bites each nipple then squeezes and rubs them after.

She continues her trail of kisses and nibbles lower. She kisses down each thigh and continues teasing closer and closer to me. I really can’t take much more.

“Do you want it?” She asks.

“Yes, please, My….” Before I can say Queen she licks my clit and I lose my breath.

She works wonders with her tongue bringing me closer and closer to climax.

I’m unable to even think of words to describe anything right now. All I can do is feel her tongue moving around and the lust that builds.

She slides a finger inside me and I almost lose it. I struggled against the restraints as my body unwillingly convulses in response.

Each second is more intense. Oh fuck. I’m gonna lose it. I moan uncontrollably as my body is filled with pure pleasure and I collapse.

Samantha withdraws herself and kisses me. I can taste myself lingering in her kiss. Wow that’s weird, but so intoxicating. I’m pretty sure I could get drunk off her kiss. I deepen the kiss and outreach with my tongue craving more.

She craftily undoes my arm restraints, leash, and eye mask without separating our lips. “I take it, you liked that.” She says between kisses.

I look up at her and smile. Gods she is so beautiful. “Yes, My Queen. Can you teach me to please you like that?”

“Yes, anything you want, but how exactly do you mean?”

“With my tongue.”

“Ah, I see, if that is what you want, I will teach you, My Pet. You did so good today.” She smiles, gets up and releases my feet.

I stretch my limbs out and my arm grazes the collar still on. I move my hand and feel it over my neck. I smile remembering I did well. Tears well up in my eyes.

“What’s wrong dear?”

“Nothing. I’m just so happy and apparently emotional. I don’t know why I’m crying.”

“It’s okay, come here.” She outstretches her arms, gives me a big hug and holds me. “Sometimes play can bring an emotional response that doesn’t have much of a reason. I’m glad you told me. There’s nothing you did wrong, your body and mind are still processing things that have happened. Let me know if you continue to feel weird, distant, or off. I will try my best to comfort and help you through.”

She pulls me down next to her. My head is against her chest. Her heartbeat in my ears sooth me to the core and I close my eyes. I don’t know how long we lay like this. But it feels so good to be held by her. My worries have faded away and I feel better than I ever have. I am at peace.

I look up at Samantha. She is smiling with her eyes closed. I wonder what she’s thinking. Oh shit. I didn’t please her. I really want to! Ugh, I’m afraid I won’t be any good. She was so amazing at it. I doubt I’ll be able to be close to that good.

“What are you thinking, love?” She asks.

Love. She called me love!

I smile, “I haven’t pleased you and I guess I’m a little nervous that I won’t be good enough.”

“Don’t ever worry about that. I know you don’t have much experience and you’re willing to learn. It’s mostly trial and error. You adjust with the response you get. The easiest way to teach you for this is kissing. I can show you the basic techniques, pressure and motions with our tongues and I’ll help with adjustments.”

She pulls me up next to her and looks into my eyes. I can see warmth in her grey irises that I haven’t noticed before.

She kisses me and I focus on her tongue movements. I try imagining how to replicate them.

I climb up on top of her and deepen the kiss. I explore her skin with my hands all over her body. She wraps her arms around my back and scratches down. My body responds by arching and breathing deep.

“This is my turn to please you, My Queen.” I whisper to her.

I kiss her neck and she moves her head, giving me more room.

I kiss down all over her body, lingering on each breast and following with my hands massaging after.

I pursue lower to her belly button. I glance up at her and she nods to me. I guess that means continue, or maybe it’s approval? Either way I’m doing this. Please let me be good.

I tease her by licking up and down each thigh. Here we go.

I kiss above her clit and she adjusts up so I’m right over it. I lick down over it. As soon as my tongue touches her clit, she lets out a moan.

That’s all the encouragement I need to continue. I move my tongue clumsily around trying to mimic what she showed me.

“A little lighter and smaller movements.” She suggests.

I follow her directions, Samantha’s breath becomes a little more labored.

“Lower and to the left.” She instructs.

I lick slightly lower and left.

“Oh fuck.” She moans.

I move to allow my arm closer, trying not to break contact with my mouth. I spread her lips apart and felt her wet entrance with my finger.

I slide my finger inside her and feel her muscles around my finger. I stop licking her and look at her as I slowly move back and forth.

Her eyes are closed and I can see the pleasure on her face. Her body is moving with and against my finger. I slide a second finger in and see her mouth open as a moan escapes.

I feel her muscles pulsing around my fingers. I move them faster inside her. She grabs my hair with one hand and pushes my head down against her.

I start licking her clit again as she moans more and more. She’s riding the motions I’m creating within her.

“Cum for me, My Queen.” I say when I know she’s close.

She adjusts my head slightly. I continue licking faster.

Her moans are one after another and she’s tightening around my fingers.

“Oh fuck, Ily.” She breathlessly screams as she orgasms.

I slowly remove my fingers as she winces and tiredly plop down next to her.

She pulls me into a hug again. “Thank you.” She gratefully says.

“And thank you.” I respond and kiss her gently.

We lay together on the bed for a few minutes just being in each other’s company.

“I have something for you.” Samantha says breaking the silence. She gets up and walks to the dresser. She brings back a small box.

“What’s that?” I question.

“It’s for you. To wear when you want. I’d like you to wear it always, but it can be your choice.”

I open the box. Inside is a simple silver necklace with a circle in the middle. The circle has hearts carved into the edge.

It must be another day collar. This one is for me to wear when I want. I want to wear it. I doubt I’ll ever want to take it off unless she has me replace it with another.

“I love it. Can you put it on me?” I ask.

“I’d be happy to, My Pet.”

I reminisce on the moments we’ve just shared. Can it be like this forever. I don’t want it to end.


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