Is This Love Book 1: Questioning Yourself

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Chapter 21: The Celebration

I awake to my phone vibrating on the bedside table. Ugh who is calling me this early. My alarm hasn’t even gone off.

I flip the phone open without looking at who it was, “hello?” I murmur.

“Congratulations, My Pet! You’ve finished your first semester of college.”

“Well, technically I haven’t. I still have 2 finals today and then I will be done.”

“I wish you all the luck in the world on them.”

“Thanks. Is that why you called?”

“Well that, and I wanted to know what you had planned for your month break.”

“Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. I’ve been too busy with studying.” I respond.

“I will make a suggestion then. I would like you to stay with me until your spring semester begins.”

She wants me to move in with her? I mean not permanently, but for the months in between semesters. That’s got to be a big thing. I wonder how I should respond. I mean I really want to, but I don’t want to sound overly eager.

“Uh, I guess I can do that.” Oh jeez, now it sounds like I’m not really interested in it. I should have just said I would love to.

“You don’t have to, I can arrange for your things to be moved to your parents and you can stay there for your break.” She says.

“No, I actually would really like staying with you this upcoming month.”

“Great! I will pick you up at seven to celebrate. Bev should be there to drop off an outfit sometime today.”


I lay on my bed not wanting to get ready.

I’m so relieved, my last final is over. Ugh, I wish I could have focused more though. All I could think about was living with Samantha for the next month. I’m so excited. It will be nice to see her daily routine. Oh, and Christmas is coming up. I need to get her a present! What am I supposed to get her? She has everything! Maybe Jack can help me out when I visit him. I’m actually quite exhausted. Maybe I should take a power nap before getting ready.

I set my alarm for 20 minutes and doze off.

Knock. Knock. Knock. I wake up to someone knocking hard on my dorm door.

Why do people keep waking me up today? This is twice now before my alarm.

I rub my eyes and open my door. Bev and Samantha are waiting for me. Samantha is in a long, elegant, navy blue gown with earrings and a necklace to match.

“I don’t think that’s the outfit I sent for you.” Samantha states.

“No, I was just taking a quick nap. You’re really early. My alarm didn’t even go off yet.”

“So you were giving yourself fifteen minutes to get ready?”

“What no, an hour and a half. What time is it?” I ask.

“I hate to tell you this, My Pet. But it is six-forty five.”

“Fuck me! Can you help?” How could I not wake up? Did I miss my alarm? It must not have gone off. I mean, I do feel rested, maybe it was a good thing I slept longer.

“Well I could, but we definitely don’t have time for that now.” Samantha chuckles.

“I meant help me get ready.” I say flatly.

“Yes, I can do that.”

Samantha gets the dress ready for me to climb in while I take off clothes. I stand in the dress and she pulls it up and zips it. Wow, this is going pretty quick. I don’t even think I’ll be late.

I start putting on my makeup in the mirror while Samantha brushes my hair.

“Look at that. I’m practically ready!”

“Yes, you are, My Pet.” She replies.

“Can you put this on me?” I hand her the day collar she got me.

“I would love to.” She swiftly puts the necklace on me. “Before we head out, assume the position.”


“Yes, you were not ready, again. I will not tell you again.”

I assume the position and wait.

Samantha raises my rosy pink dress and slaps my buttcheek. I should be late getting ready all the time now. I flex my butt in anticipation of a second slap. A few seconds later, she slaps the other cheek.

I stand up and squirm the excitement out of my body.

“So, where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise.”

When we get to the car, she blindfolds me so I don’t see where we are going. I don’t think the blindfold does much since I don’t know much of this town anyway.

We drive for a while and make small talk about how my semester was and how glad I am to be done with it.

“We’re here.” Samantha helps me out of the car, still blindfolded. “Are you ready?”

“You bet I am!” I say louder than I meant to.

She takes off the blindfold and we are standing in front of a grand orchestra house. The sign says “The Last Crusade”. This must be Indiana Jones! But it’s an orchestra. How do they play movies?

“I promise this will be the best experience of Indiana Jones you have ever seen.” Samantha says.

Of course it will be, I’m watching it with you. “I bet it will be.”

We enter the building and walk to Samantha’s box. A waitress appears a few seconds after asking if we would like something.

We each order the chicken caesar salad and a water.

“I also have a present for you. It is an early Christmas present, because I can’t wait to give it to you.” Samantha says as she hands me an envelope.

“Do I have to open it now?”

“I suppose you don’t but I would like you to before we go to bed.”

“We as I’m staying at your place tonight?” I question.

“You did say you’d like to move in, so you will stay there for the next month. You’re dorm stuff is already on the way over. You don’t have to worry about packing or cleaning. It’s taken care of.”

“Thank you. That is a big hassle I don’t have to worry about. I will open it before we go to bed then. I don’t want to be distracted during the show.”

“That’s okay, My Pet. It should start shortly after our food arrives.”

I look over the edge of the balcony and gaze upon the swarm of people below. They are shuffling around trying to get into the right seats. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about being in the crowd. As long as I’m with Samantha, I’m sure I won’t have general admission to any event. Sometimes that is the thrill of the event though. Could you imagine going to a concert in a secluded booth. I think it would feel like you aren’t a part of it.

Our food is brought out when an announcer says the show will start in 10 minutes. If there ever was a million dollar salad, this would be it. It looks amazing. The meat is spread out symmetrically. Everything is placed perfectly down to the last crouton. I bet it took twenty minutes just to place everything on this. That is a job I wouldn’t want.

The lights dim as I eat the last bite of my salad.

The director comes on and does his spiel about the group and what they are doing. They thank all of their sponsors while a screen drops behind him. Everyone claps while he retreats to the orchestra that is behind the screen.

The screen lights up and the orchestra starts playing the ambient music. It’s kind of like watching at a movie theater.

The music continues to get louder as the beginning credits role.

“Wow. This is amazing. It feels like they’re right here!” I say to Samantha.

“I knew you’d like it, she responds.”

The voices in the movie are a little quieter than I would like. But the orchestra is clear and draws you in.

A few minutes later, the orchestra begins getting louder and plays the peppy beat of Indiana running away with the gold cross.

I scoot back in my seat realizing I was leaning on the edge of my chair. This is the most intense movie I have seen. The live orchestra fills me with energy and emotions.

I didn’t realize how much of the movie had music. The orchestra hasn’t stopped playing since the movie started.

Before I know it, the screen flashes with an intermission message. I stand and stretch my arms and legs. “This is excellent. How did you know about this?” I ask Samantha.

“I go to the orchestra often, it’s one of the places that I can clear my head. I haven’t seen them play a movie score before, but it is quite good.”

“It’s more than good. I would see every movie like this if it were possible!”

“I don’t think they play movies that often. When they do, we can see them.” She says.

“I would like that. I love the sound of stringed instruments. I wish I could play something. I’ve never had a knack for music.”

“It’s not that hard. It just requires a lot of practice.”

“So you play an instrument then?” I say as a question.

“Yes, I don’t play often though. I don’t play for an audience either.”

“What good is making music, if you have no one to share it with? What do you play?”

“I play the cello.”

“Ooh, I can’t wait to hear you play sometime.”

“It may take a while. I haven’t practiced any real songs in a long time, I usually just play what I feel.” She explains.

The lights flicker signalling they will start up again shortly.

The second half is just as amazing as the first. I can’t believe this isn’t more popular. It is the greatest movie experience I have had.

“What did you think of it?” Samantha asks me.

“I don’t have the words to describe how amazing that was. It was incredible. Thank you so much for this experience.”

“No need to thank me, you earned this Ileana.” She responds.

We walk along the second floor of the building, bypass the crowd, and exit onto the side street where Bev is waiting.

“I think it’s time for you to open your gift, My Pet.” Samantha says once we enter the car.

“It’s kind of hard to see in here.”

Samantha clicks on the overhead light. “You were saying?” She questions.

“I guess I can’t brush it off any longer. Alright, I’ll open it.” Why am I so reluctant to open this? Probably because I’ll never be able to repay her for any of the gifts she’s given me. She has everything she could ever want. What can I gift her? Maybe it’s nothing big, it is just an envelope.

I open the envelope. Inside is a generic card that says ‘Happy Holidays’. I open it and there are plane tickets. There is also a handwritten note in it saying ‘The holidays I have gotten to spend with you, My Pet, are the best I’ve had. Thank you.’

That’s it. I know what I’ll get her. Well I won’t get her much of anything. I will be her submissive completely for a day. I won’t do anything unless she instructs me to. Oh, and I’ll do everything she instructs. I think that will mean more than anything I could buy. I will still need to get something small though.

Wait. She got plane tickets. That means we aren’t taking her private plane. I wonder where we are going! What are we going to be doing?

“Thanks! Where are we going?”

“Greece. I have to go there to film a few scenes. There are a bunch of archeological sites for you to visit. I set up a tour through some of them with local archeologists for you.”

“Wow. You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s insane.” I’m actually going to be able to tour sites. That’s so awesome! How does she know the perfect gifts? It’s like she pays attention and knows what I like. Which makes sense because if you like someone, you know what they like, but she remembers.

“I’m not kidding. I would really like to spend some time with you in Greece. I won’t have a lot of free time, but I would like it to be spent with you.” She says sincerely.

“That sounds amazing. When are we going?”

“The beginning of January. We will go for two and a half weeks before you return to college.”

“I can’t wait. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.” I get to spend a couple weeks in another country with Samantha! This is going to be great.


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