Is This Love Book 1: Questioning Yourself

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Chapter 24: The Set

When we enter the set, there are people buzzing around everywhere like flies. It seems as if everyone there is going crazy. A few people rush up to Samantha, before they say anything she stops them with an angry face and says, “Don’t.”

I wonder why she is mad all of a sudden. What did I miss? I don’t think anything happened on the way over.

“Excuse me a moment, Doll. There is some business I need to attend to.” Samantha briskly walks away into the group of people. Everyone surrounds her talking. The room is filled with murmurs that are impossible to make out.

“Quite a woman you got there.” A quiet female voice says from behind me.

“Excuse me?” I turn towards her. In front of me is a woman who looks a lot like the maid from Las Vegas.

“Samantha, she is quite exquisite. Although I can’t for the life of me see why she would pick you over me.” She pokes my shoulder, pushing me back.

Something about her tone is unnerving. I don’t know if I should ignore her or figure out more. Is this the woman who was in the other contract with Sam? Why is she still around? Is she stalking her?

“You were Samantha’s maid?” I question hoping the answer was no. If she is her maid, what is she doing in Greece? It must mean that she was more than a maid in the first place.

“Her maid? No, I wasn’t that. I was her submissive and caretaker. She relieved me of that position when you showed up. I am still a part of her publicity team. I’m sure she’s just keeping me close when things fall out with you. You know, she said I was her perfect submissive. I bet she hasn’t told you that.”

I really want to punch this bitch. She has no clue who she’s talking to. Well, I guess she does. But still, what does she get from being in my face? Maybe she is just jealous. How could she have been a perfect sub? Her attitude is horrible.

“I see you’re dumbfounded right now. I’m assuming you know today is Sam’s birthday, what did you get her?” She questions me.

“’s her birthday? Today?” I stammer.

“I guess you don’t mean that much to her then. Good luck keeping this relationship going. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to pick her up when you fail.”

This can’t be could Sam not tell me it’s her birthday? Why does she keep her ex on her publicity team? Calm down...she’s just trying to get under your skin. I doubt anything she said was true. There is no way that she could be Sam’s perfect submissive anyways.

“Victoria, leave now.” Samantha commands her from behind me.

“Yes, master.” She responds bowing her head and walking away.

“I’m sorry she came up to you. What did she say?”

What didn’t she say? Do I tell Sam everything she said? I don’t even remember it all. I can’t even hardly think right now. I have to pull it together. What if everything she said was a lie? I’m assuming it is. Who even has a name like Victoria. Ugh...she just sounds evil.

“Umm...she said it was your birthday.” I hope that is a lie, if it’s true, then maybe everything is.

“That would be correct. I’m not a fan of birthdays. I don’t know what there is to celebrate about them. I was just telling the crew to shut up about it. I wanted to spend a nice day with you, but not celebrate. Victoria was supposed to have the day off.”

So she only brought me here because Victoria was supposed to be gone? She wouldn’t intentionally bring me here knowing she was here also. Why is she hiding her from me? Why is she hiding me from her?

“So...she’s your ex then...”

“She was a previous submissive, yes.” Samantha says quietly.

“Why are you still working with her?”

“I thought it would be wrong to fire her for personal reasons. She has not done anything wrong workwise.”

“So the whole calling you master is professional?!?” I shout angrily. Honestly I don’t even care if everyone hears this right now.

“No, that crossed the line, and she knows it. I’m assuming she did it just because you are here. Unfortunately, the only remedy for that is to ignore her. Punishment would encourage more from her.”

“Oh, I get that. Since she was your perfect Pet. I bet she knows everything about you.”

I see sadness within Samantha’s eyes. I know some of the words I’ve said hurt her. “I can’t believe this. You’re letting a jealous ex come between us. Please think of what we have together. It means more to me than any past relationship. I will hopefully find you when I get a break. If you take off, I understand.” Samantha squeezes my hand and then walks away.

Ugh, what is wrong with me. Why did I respond that way? Yes, I was upset, but I hurt Samantha because of what someone else said to me. How can She know I love her if I get jealous and angry so easily? I want to be the perfect pet. She has never said anything close to that to me. I want to be the perfect everything for her.

Why is she still working with her ex though? Victoria clearly still has feelings for Sam. Does Sam not see it? Or does she choose to ignore it? Does she even ignore it? There’s no way for me to know what Sam does at work. I doubt she would do anything to jeopardize us though. She doesn’t seem to be that type of person. I’m sure if she didn’t want me, she would say so. I need to clear my head.

I walk out of the building and wander down the street. Ugh, what am I doing? Why is this even affecting me so much? What is my problem? Well, now it’s Sam’s birthday and I’ve made it a shitty start of one. Why didn’t she tell me? I think she said she doesn’t like them, so is that okay then? I don’t think I told her my birthday either. It’s an exchange that hasn’t come up. So, now that it’s today, do I get her something? I probably should because I did get really defensive and upset her. I want this day to be better for her.

I turn down a busier road and come across a market. Maybe I can find something for her here. I walk around looking for a gift for a couple hours. Most of the stands are full of different types of food. I continue browsing until I find a flower vendor. Well, I guess this will have to get her something from here. Are flowers too cheesy to get? I mean everyone gets them. I don’t think Samantha has ever had flowers around. Maybe this will be a good change.

“Hello, my dear, what type of flowers are you looking for?” The vender cheerfully says.

“I’m not entirely sure yet.”

“Well, who are they for? A special romance or family?” I smile and think of what a future family could be. “Ah, I see these must be for your lover. I can tell by the glow on your face. What is the occasion?”

“It’s her birthday and I didn’t know about it.”

“I can see how that may make you feel bad. Worry not, I have the best selection in Athens. Have you decided on a color or type? All flowers have different meanings. Do you want to learn about them?”

“Yes, please. I want to make the right choice.”

“If this is your first love, or you want to make a declaration of love for the first time, I suggest the tulips. They will symbolize a significant moment in your relationship to be looked back on in the future. We have many different colors for an arrangement.”

“That will probably work then.” I smile. Maybe this is the time to say I love her and we can forget the drama of the past.

“You could also choose roses. Purple roses symbolizes love so strong that it is like you are under a spell. You dream and think of them often and walk around in a haze. It will let her know that she has bewitched you.” He explains showing me the beautiful purple roses.

“That would also work.”

“Well then, we also have Alstroemeria, which are peruvian lilies. They are beautiful and one of the best flowers to express your devotion, love, and commitment towards her. We also have baby’s breath that shows an everlasting love and the traditional red rose which expresses a deep love that melts hearts and touches souls.”

“I did not know flowers held such meanings.” I say shocked at this new information.

“Oh they do, my dear. So, what type of bouquet are you thinking of then?”

“I don’t know how she would feel about a whole bouquet of flowers. How about I do two flowers of the first three you mentioned. I think it was the tulip, purple rose, and a lilly.”

“Yes indeed. That will be a lovely arrangement showing an enchanting, committed, and deep first love.”

“I really like the sound of that. Thank you for your help.”

“You are so very welcome. I hope you’re able to profess your love. Have a delightful evening.” the merchant says as our transaction was finished.

I feel so much better. Talking to him really helped lift my mood. I’m deciding to set this aside and only have hostile feelings towards Victoria. Now it’s time for me to try and make it right with Samantha. The last thing I want is fucking Victoria to try and cheer her up.

When I return to the studio, they are in the middle of filming. I watch Samantha intently. She looks so sexy, Whatever she is shooting is a hot scene. She is exiting a whirlpool with soaking clothes and flips her wet hair. I wonder what this could be for.

I wander a little closer. “Again!” the director shouts.

Samantha submerges in the pool again and starts her exit. It looks like she did the exact same thing as before. “Perfect, that’s a wrap.”

Everyone lets out a huge sigh including Samantha. I see her looking around the room, and smile with relief when she sees me. I smile back at her with the flowers behind my back.

Samantha summons me closer to her by waving her hand at me. I slowly walk over and reveal the flowers when I am a couple feet in front of her.

A smile crosses her face and she pulls me into a hug and kisses me. “You didn’t have to get me anything, Doll.”

“I kinda did. I was really angry earlier and it is your birthday.” I explain.

“Well, thank you. It has been a really long time since I have gotten flowers.”

“When was the last time?”

“About ten years ago. We will have to save that story though. I do not want to get into that today.”

“That’s okay. It’s your birthday, so we will do what you want this evening. I do want to talk with you a little in private, Sam, if that is okay.” I say starting to get nervous.

“Yes, we can go back to the hotel and chat.” She responds.


I sip my water on the hotel couch, waiting for Samantha to sit next to me. She grabs the flowers and places the vase on the table in front of us.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” She asks.

Nerves stop me from speaking and my face grows flush. How can I word this? Ooh, the flowers. Maybe talk about them. “You know the flowers I got you?”

“The ones right here?” She points.

“Yes, each flower I got for you has a different meaning.”

“And you got them for the meaning?”

“Yes…” I don’t know what to say, or how to phrase it. Well, I do know, I just have to tell her that I love her.

I look at Samantha. God, why is she so...perfect. Why is this so hard? What if she doesn’t feel the same? What if this will change everything between us. “I got them for a reason. The purple roses are to symbolize that I am under your spell. You have bewitched me into dreaming and thinking of you always.”

“I like the meaning of those.” She kisses me, “I shall say, you have bewitched me also.”

“The lilies are to show my devotion and commitment to you.”

“Ah, and what do these tulips represent?” She smirks at me.

I take a deep breath and calm myself. Here goes nothing. “They are to symbolize a meaningful step in our relationship. They symbolize first love and saying “I love you...because that is true. You are my first love Samantha. I love you and I don’t want anything to change between us. You make me feel alive, loved, and cared for. I don’t know what I would do without you at this point.” I don’t know how the words all formed but they seemed to come out nicely. I wait for a response. As I wait tears fill my eyes as I fear my love will not be returned.

“Don’t cry, My Pet. You don’t have anything to worry about.” She pulls me close and rests my head against her chest.

“How can I not worry. I just opened my heart for the first time and haven’t gotten a response. I am scared of being hurt.”

“Don’t be afraid, Ileana.” She takes a deep breath. “Ever since I saw you in the market, you have been growing a place in my heart. It has taken some adjustments and time to understand this. I love you too, My Pet. The flowers you got me are perfect. They are better than anything I could have asked for on my birthday. Thank you.”

I cry into Samantha. I am so relieved and happy. This is the happiest moment of my life.


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