Is This Love Book 1: Questioning Yourself

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Chapter 6: The Investment

I wake up and realize I’m alone in my room. I swear Samantha came over last night. Was it all a dream? If so, it was a pretty good one. It couldn’t have been a dream. I look around and notice two glasses on my nightstand. It wasn’t a dream, she actually came over. And she said she’d wait till I overcame my mind. I check my phone and have one message from Samantha and my heart skips a beat. It says:

’I left quietly after you fell asleep. See you tomorrow morning. P.S. You are a cute sleeper.-S’

Her message creates a huge grin on my face. I look at the time, it’s 9:30 am. Crap, I don’t have much time. I go to the closet and search my clothes. I find a pair of black slacks and a fancier purple t-shirt with ruffles on the sleeves.

After I dress, brush my teeth, and straighten my hair, I run downstairs to get breakfast. I look through the contents of our fridge and grab a bagel to toast and spread peanut butter and jelly on it. I eat quickly and go outside to wait on the porch for the car Samantha is sending for me.

A fancy blue SUV pulls up at 10 am sharp. It looks so out of place with the field and tractor in the background. I have no idea what kind of vehicle it is, but it looks super expensive. I hop off my seat and walk around the car to see the brand. A Lamborghini Urus. I’m guessing this SUV is quite expensive.

The driver gets out of the car and opens the door I am closest to. “Ma’am,” he says acknowledging me, “Miss Ranvi doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“ the Samantha Ranvi, movie actress and millionaire, Samantha Ranvi?”

“Yes ma’am.” He says smiling at me.

Holy shit. I don’t know what to do with this information. My body starts feeling weird and I almost fall over. The driver catches me and sits me down in the leather seat. You’ve gotta be joking. How does a millionaire like me? Oh my god. I freaking kissed a millionaire...and an actress! What!?! What is she doing here? I wonder if she’s working on a movie! This can’t be happening.

I take my phone from my pocket and text Jack:‘She is Samantha Ranvi...her driver just picked me up.’

‘I thought it was her. I didn’t want to say anything though. How was last night?!? Did anything juicy happen?’

‘Well, we talked a bit and kissed a couple times...and then I fell asleep.’

‘It sounds like things are heating up a little between you two!’

‘You wish. I’m in a freaking Lamborghini SUV right now!’

‘That’s crazy. I never thought anyone from around here would be that lucky. And it just happens to be you! I need to find a Sugar Daddy in college haha. Does Sam have any gay friends? haha’

‘I don’t know lol. You can ask her yourself when you see her next. Plus, you can’t meet them yet, you’re not in college yet.’

‘About that...’ he texts. ‘I was accepted into the University of California, Los Angeles. I will be starting at the end of this month!’

‘Wow, that’s a long ways away from Iowa...congrats! I’ll miss you so much!’

‘Thanks. I’ll be sure to text and call you and I’ll be able to visit on holidays and long weekends when I can afford to come home!’

‘I’ll be looking forward to that! And ttyl, I think I’m close to Samantha’s work.’

‘Ttyl, good luck!’


The car pulls up to a tan brick building that looks like a warehouse with a big white tent full of people in the parking lot. I step out of the car, take a few steps, and take a closer look. It looks like there is a lunch gathering taking place. There are close to 50 people chatting in different circles. From the corner of my eye, I see Samantha walking towards me and I smile in relief.

“I’m glad you could make it Ileana.” She says greeting me. She seems to have her personal business shields back on. She looks so stunning in her black 4 inch heels, black pants, a white button shirt and an unbuttoned black blazer.

“I wouldn’t have missed it.” I say quietly. “What work are you doing today?” I curiously ask.

“Today is a business fair. Many of these people here have businesses that need a kick start to launch. I am here to invest in new businesses and hopefully make quite a profit. I brought you here to help me choose which companies and products to invest in.” She explains like there is nothing to it.

“That sounds like more than I bargained for. Not to mention that I could lose you a bunch of money. I don’t know if I’m up for this.” I say, doubting that I will be of any help.

“You’ll be fine. I’d be happy to hear your opinions. I’m not going to decline or accept purely on what you think.”

“That’s good, because I have zero experience in this.” I let out a nervous laugh.

Samantha takes my hand and leads me to the tent. Immediately after we enter, everyone’s eyes are on us. It seems like Samantha’s presence intimidates the whole tent. Everyone straightened their posture and put on their money making smiles as soon as they saw her. She holds herself with so much confidence and composure that no one else in the vicinity compares. The whole room seems to want to talk with her, but they are afraid or nervous to approach her.

I smile at a couple holding hands a few feet away. I wonder if people think we’re a couple. Samantha is still holding my hand from when she walked me over.

The couple must have taken my smile as an introduction because they come closer to us and introduce themselves. They speak quickly and quietly, they are unable to hide the fact that they are nervous. The man keeps twisting his watch, while the woman taps her hand on her side. They are looking for investors for their new baby products line of toys with enhanced safety.

“That seems like a good thing. I think most people want the safest items for their kids.” I say to Samantha because she was looking at me with raised eyebrows when they walked away.

“Noted.” She replies and looks around.

“How or when do you say which companies you will invest in?” I ask.

“Usually, there are two times during the day that investors announce who they would like to invest in and the terms that they are willing to give. We will announce our terms after lunch, that is if you like barbecue.”

“I do like barbecue. How much do you invest?” I inquire.

“I usually invest in around ten new companies a year.”

Samantha kindly waves at a woman approaching us and talks about the business she already has but wants to upgrade. She has an adult club and bar that sounds high profile. She wants to expand and make personalized rooms to rent out for those in need since so many of her good paying customers get chauffeured to hotels. She’s already making quite a profit, but the expansion would be a million dollars or more if she were to increase the parking. Samantha thanks her and the woman walks away.

“How many companies do you own or partially own?” I ask, continuing our previous conversation.

“Oh, I don’t know off hand. I usually have my staff do my paperwork for me. I exclusively own around ten businesses in different fields. And I own portions of hundreds more. It keeps me pretty busy.” She explains.

“That’s crazy. How do you keep up with that and acting?”

“Well, I only act part of the time and for most of the business I am a silent owner where almost all of the decisions are made by the other owners. I didn’t know you knew who I was.”

“Well, I didn’t until this morning when your driver picked me up. Before that, you seemed familiar. It’s so crazy if I think about it.”

“Crazy how?”

A man walks up interrupting our conversation and pitches his amazing and safe dog toys and treats line. This one doesn’t seem that bad either. I don’t know if at the end of the day I’ll be able to pick one if they are this good with words.

One after another the people walk over and tell us their ideas. Before I know it, my tummy starts to grumble.

“Let’s grab a bite to eat and discuss things.” Samantha suggests to me.

“As you wish.” I respond playfully, my response brings a warm smile to Samantha’s face. I haven’t seen a genuine smile all day from her. She’s been so serious this whole time.

We enter the food line first. It seems like everyone was waiting for Samantha to eat first. She must have been pretty high profile in the business world to be treated like this. Even the other investors aren’t as intimidating as she is. They aren’t even close to comparing with her.

“So, which businesses do you like best?” She asks me after we sit at a table.

“Umm, they were all pretty good. I can’t really decide. Maybe the baby products or the adult club. I think those would be good returns. But really, I think they would all be kind of smart to invest in.” I say not really deciding on a specific business.

“Hmm…perhaps you're right. They all seem like they will make at least a small profit. There weren’t any instant declines like there usually is. I know what I’ll do. Which one was your favorite again?”

“Now that I think about it more. I think my favorite is the club. It sounded so cool and different. I think people will really enjoy it, and she’s already successful.”

“Interesting.” She responds slowly. I wait for her to say something else, but she doesn’t.

“How much longer is this going to be?” I say, breaking the silence and finish the last few bites of my food.

“I’m sorry it’s such a boring day. I suppose the official ending is 3 pm. But we will leave shortly.”

“It’s not that boring actually. These people are so charismatic. They really know how to sell themselves.”

“As they should, investing in a business is not only investing in the products, but the owner as well. People will go to all sorts of lengths to be affiliated with my logo.” She wipes the corners of her mouth with her napkin and sets it on her plate.

“I can see that. Almost everyone here wants your investment or power.” I say.

“I suppose you’re right. How about I make my announcement and we get out of here?” Samantha stands up, not waiting for an answer. Everyone looks at her in silence and waits for her to speak.

“In honor of my guest today, she and I will invest in Miss Johnson’s club. We will agree to all terms. Furthermore, I will invest in any other business here with counter terms; you can take it up with my office. Take a card and call at your convenience.” Samantha sets a stack of business cards on the table, grabs my hand, and leads me back to her car.

“Wait, you can just do that? You just said you’d invest in everything. How will you know what is what when they all call you? And what did you mean about us both investing in the club? I don’t have any money.” I say after we get into the back of the car.

“My associate who was standing behind us will take care of the deals from today. Don’t worry about the money, the contract will be written that you own half of the investment. You’ll not need to pay a thing! And I’ll end up making my money plus some back. So don’t feel bad. It’s just a small gift.” She says brushing it off like $250k is nothing but a gift.

“I can’t accept this. I like to earn what I have and you...”

She cuts me off, “You will accept. You have no choice. It’s already done. If you don’t sign it willingly, the earned money will still go to you.”

I stay silent. I don’t know what to think. She was so stern and serious. I doubt I’ll be able to change her mind by reasoning. It will probably make me angrier and things worse between us. She barely knows me, how can she give me part of a business and expect me to be okay with it? “Fine.” I say quietly.

“Good, now let’s celebrate your first business deal! What would you like to do?”

“I don’t know. I don’t feel like celebrating much.” I say, still feeling a little angry and overlooked.

She leans over and kisses me passionately for a few seconds. My mind goes completely blank and all I can think about is her lips against mine. She pulls away from me, “How about now?” She says with a huge grin.

“Umm...I’m up for anything, ha.” I respond, not able to feel bad anymore.

She gives the driver an address and we are on our way. “You can’t just kiss me when we disagree.” I say thinking about what happened.

“Well why not? I made it better, didn’t I? And plus, I already told you, I will do as I please.” She says while winking at me.

Goosebumps run down my body. How can someone affect me so much? It’s unbelievable how susceptible I am to her. It’s like my own will leaves and I must follow. She must know the effect she has on me. After my goosebumps spell, she kisses me again and once more I am filled with butterflies in my stomach.

“It seems like someone’s cold.” She teases while looking into my eyes. She takes her blazer off and sets it over my lap. Mmm, it’s so cozy. Her skin must feel so warm. I like feeling her lips against mine so much. Stop it! Stop thinking like that! I blush as I can’t help but to think about her.


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