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Cassie is just an ordinary girl going to an ordinary school. Until a big a event and one birthday changes her life forever. The passion and the adventure she has longed for is finally becoming apart of her life, but is what she lost even worth the thrill? She has one embarrassing secret to top it off. Wait until she meets Mason. Things continue to heat up as more and more dramatic events occur.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep!

The annoying sound of my alarm clock rang out. I stumbled out of bed letting my bare feet hit the cold floor. It sent shivers up my body as I reached for my robe on my way to the bathroom. I sat and stared at myself in the mirror for awhile before getting started on fixing myself up. Running a brush through my long brown hair I struggled to pull it through the tangles. I had a tough head so I just kept on yanking. Finally it was soft so I ran a straitner through it. I don’t do much for makeup. I added some concealer to hide my blemishes. A little eyeliner and some mascara to make my blue eyes pop. Next I walked to my closet and grabbed out my light blue skinny jeans and pulled a navy blue sweater over my head as I ran out of my room to head downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen with the smell of bacon wafting in the air. My brother Carter was sitting at the kitchen table shoveling pancakes into his mouth. I loaded my plate with fruit, eggs, and bacon and went to sit next to him and of course as I sat down he swiped my bacon.

“Carter really! You have your bacon on your plate!”

“Yeah, but it isn’t your bacon”, he teased.

Carter was my abnoxious twin brother, older then me by about 15minutes, he likes to hold that over my head. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He is about three inches taller then me and more annoying if I might add.

I finished my breakfast and headed out the door to wait for Carter to get in the car so he could drive us to school. When he finally came out my parents followed him out giving us each a goodbye and got into their car to go to work. My parents both worked at a law firm in town so they car pooled. By doing this my brother and I got to drive to school instead of taking the shitty bus.

My first class was English, which I adored, I love putting words into poems and writing short stories. After English my day always drags on. I get to end my day with math and then I meet my friend Mara and my brother Carter for track practice. I loved to run. It felt so freeing and was a great stress reliever. We ran and ran to our hearts content. In the middle of our exercises he yelled for carter and I. Carter was on his end of the field so he got to him first. He was whispering to him, and whatever he said made Carter freeze in his spot. I finally caught up to them and Carter had tears welled up in his eyes.
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