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"What the hell are you doing?" I asked as he slowly stepped closer to me. "Taking what's mine." He stated looking directly into my eyes as he took another step forward. I step back and start to turn to run until I feel arms around my waist and my back is suddenly pressed against his chest. Oh no. I feel his breath on my neck and shudder. "You're mine, Lucy, no matter who claims you, I'll always be there to pick up the leftovers." His promise stirrers something in me. He starts kissing my neck, making his way down. I moan. As he begins to unbutton my dress I turn and kick him as hard as I can in his groin. "I will never be yours, not now, not ever." I walk off not as confident in my promise as I felt I should've been. James Brown and me. Ha. Who woulda thought? Lucy Freeman never expected James Brown to ever look her way. Ever. They lived in two different worlds. She was poor. He was rich. She has to work hard to get what she wants. He gets it in a snap of his fingers. He was a bad boy. She had never gotten in serious trouble. So when Lucy starts working as his personal assistant and James starts looking at her as more than just a personal assistant, what does Lucy do when she's stuck between losing her job and losing her dignity?

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Lucy’s POV

I’m finally here. Damn that plane ride was terrible. I kept thinking we would crash and I would have to kiss my dreams goodbye. I walk into the huge building and stop at the desk.

“How may I help you?” A woman behind the desk asks.

“I’m Lucy Freeman here for my interview,” I state proudly.

She looks at me up and down and I can tell she’s judging me. Not in a good way.

Too bad I stopped caring what people thought of me in high school.

She looks up from her computer and motions me towards the elevator.

“Lucy Freeman, interview to be our CEO’s personal assistant. Go up to the top floor and wait to be addressed.” She waves her hand as if she was dismissing me.

I begin walking towards the elevator. Wait...

I stop. “Um, doesn’t the CEO have a room number or something?”

“Didn’t you do your research? The top floor is his office and the PA’s.” She says with an annoyed expression.

I note the tone of her voice and walk into the opening elevator. Hmm, nothing new. I cast her away from my mind and start mentally practicing what I’m going to say.

Hi, I’m Lucy Freeman and l feel I can be your personal assistant because...

My thoughts are interrupted by the elevator opening.

Here goes everything I’ve ever worked for.

My parents, a new life, and...

I shake my head.

He’s not important.

I walk out the elevator and to another desk. I see a woman with her head down and her fingers moving across the laptop’s keyboard, like a cheetah running. Damn, she types fast.

“Excuse me?” I ask, seeking her attention.

She barely lifts her head to acknowledge me.


“I’m here for my interview with your CEO.” I state.

“Oh, hold on.” She says.

She finally stops typing and picks up the phone on her right and starts whispering into it.

“He’ll see you in a couple minutes.” She states putting the phone down and resuming her typing.

I nod and sit in a chair near the door to the CEO’s office. My palms feel sweaty and I’m kind of nervous.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I repeat this until my heart resumes its normal beat and the nervous feeling begins to fade.

This is my chance...

I can do this.

“He’s ready for you.” She smirks at me slightly, with this weird glint in her eyes.

I ignore it. It’s time.

I get up and open the door.

I stare in complete confusion at the sight in front of me.

“What the fuck?” I say before I realize its slipped from my lips.

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