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My Brothers Best Friend

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Amelia is 20 when she moves in with her brother in woodlands. What she didn't expect was to meet his best friend Mason a serial player. She wants nothing to do with him and she avoids him at all costs. What will happen as the two starts living together and knowing each other more? Will Amelia keep her boundaries since it's her brother's best friend?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Amelia sat at her farewell, with her parents and friends.

“You will be staying with your brother. I will miss my babies and tell him to take care of you sweetheart.” her mother exclaimed.

" I will mom.”

Her brother James was the it, son. She too was considered to be it, daughter, as she got flying colors in all her subjects and now she was going to college.

She had packed her bags and was ready to be driven to the airport. All her other friends had already gone and she was the last one to go.

She was sad her friends weren’t coming with her and at the same time, she was relieved. Her friends always perved on her brother and it was uncomfortable hearing such things about your own sibling.

She got to airport and boarded on the plane. When she landed at the woodlands she took her bags and she saw her brother waiting for her.

He was smiling at her, and he first gave her a long hug before he took her bags.

“How you have grown pebbles.”

That was her nickname from him since they were young, she had gotten it from slipping on pebbles.

“So have you James,”

They walked to his truck and he put her bags in the back seat. She sat in the front seat and waited for him to come.

When he was done loading her bags he got in and the engine roared with life.

" Are you excited to start life here?” James asked.

" What choice did I have besides here. You know mom and dad, they would have never let me go to places where there isn’t anyone I know. So they bestowed me upon you,”

James laughed, ” Is that such a bad thing.”

“Well when boy...”

Jason cuts her off, ” There are no boys,”

“I am now old enough to have a boyfriend.”


“James, then I also better not see any girls at the place.”

“No way, I have parties and friends over.”

“Then I can do the same, James!”
“My place my rules.”

“No James, our place our rules now.”

“We will see.”

After a good forty-five minutes, they finally made it to they finally made it to their destination. She yawned, it was already night time.

“Go unpack and I will get dinner ready.”

“Thanks, James.”

Amelia was shown to her room and they placed her bags and started to unpack her things when she was done she was starving. She smelled the aroma that came from the kitchen. She went and found that he was done cooking and he had set the table.

“Mac and cheese. simple but convenient,”

“I would eat dog food at this point that’s how hungry I am.”

James dished out food for her, she scarfed it down and asked for seconds. When she was done, she wanted to do the dishes but James insisted she go rest because she looked like crap.

“Thanks, James for the dinner and everything.”

“You are welcome pebbles.”

She went to his open arms and hugged him one more time, “Good night James.”

“Night.” He kissed the top of her head.

Amelia went to her room, and she showered and then went to her bed to get some sleep.

Amelia woke up to something warm on her, she screamed. James came running in and he switched on the light, “what’s wrong?”

James groaned and walked in, “Jeez Mason, this is not your room and you are drunk again,”

He pulled him up.

“Who’s he?”

“I will introduce you two tomorrow morning,”

Amelia nodded as he dragged Mason out of the room and switched off her light and closed the door.

Amelia went back to sleep wondering if she would be interrupted this often.

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