Sparks of The Night

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Hunt, and kill The Night. That is Neala's only aim after the brutal beast left her with a scar and no career, or future. Once a successful woman, now she's left all desperate and craving for revenge. But one she didn't know about The Night, the wolf she's after - it has an owner. Declan Davidson, a member of the criminal world, has a whole pack of wolves surrounding him; and when one of his "family" members gets in danger, he wastes no more time to help protect it. Will Neala achieve her goal, or Declan will stop her on time? And what if she starts to feel something for Declan, that she never expected to feel?.. *WARNING* I'm against abuse of animals, so no one of them will be tortured throughout this book.

Romance / Drama
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Two big, blue eyes, staring at me.

Those eyes are like the stars, the way they draw you in, the way they freeze you exactly where you stand, like the colour of ice was just transferred to reality. Hues of silver, playing around the black of its eyes. Glistening in the night.

In the black tranquility, that's married to a poetry of stars, those eyes are the only thing I can see, between the darkest gaps of the trees. There's no other sound. No other living creature. Just me.

And it.

All that I know that it's big. Strong. Stronger than I am.

Though it's the most beautiful creature I've ever saw. A wolf. It is a white-silver, fur glossy and thick. Its claws are trimmed with the constant daily exertion over the rocky hills; filed perfectly. Its paws gently kiss the Earth, as if it was scared to ruin the place it calls home. Until, our eyes met.

I stay still, I know, if I will move it will be ready to fight me. I breathe slowly, and let time slow down, hoping, that it will go away.

He. I think it's a he.

I've always seen wolves as the calm, peaceful animals. I know they can bite. I know they can fight. But still, I know they don't get angry for nothing. And I did nothing for him to get angry, and attack me. Still, the icy look in his eyes makes me feel like he's about to rip my heart out.

I know. It's my fault. I'm the intruder. It's his home, and I just have to walk away. Slowly. Silently.

But still, my feet can't move. I can't walk, or run, just stare at this beautiful creature. My adrenaline surges so fast I almost vomit, I can taste saliva thickening in my throat and beads of sweat trickling down my brow. At some point I'll have to move, and I'll have to live with what I get. He will let me go, or have me as a delicious dinner. Only two options.

"Good boy. You're a good boy."

I whisper the words, hoping that they will calm him down like some puppy. Wrong. I was so wrong.


He starts to growl. His sharp, white as snow fangs shine in the silver pool of light cast by the full moon above us. I feel my breath getting heavy as I see each one of those pearly white fangs, as they were small knives but not less sharp. He's growling. Louder, and louder. The deluge of ice water surrounds my every limb, creeping higher until it passes my mouth and nose, and I can't take another breath in.

"Good... boy..."

Words leave my mouth and so does the last breath, when his big paws release the touch of Earth. I see those killer claws, coming right at my face, closer and closer with each second. And those eyes. Those ocean blues, that make you drown inside them.


He throws me down, straight onto the pile of moss, his body weight right on me. I feel the pain on my right cheek; I feel the warmth of the blood, that runs freely in thick scarlet rivers through my cheek, down to my neck, before it soaks into my once white loose shirt. Sharp pain lances through my head and colorful spots flash in front of my eyes; it feels like my whole body was beaten and every movement caused the deep wound to ache.

And still, he's on me.

"Get off me! Get off me!"

I grip onto his thick, hairy legs, trying to push him away; the fur, as soft as the fluffiest puppy would be. But not the fangs, that are trying to bite my throat out. His claws, digging into the skin of my shoulders. With each second the pain amplifies, the bloody spots on my shoulders quiver, and my consciousness ebbs. But still, I hold onto him. I push him, using as much strength as I can.

His fangs get closer to me, his claws dig deeper; I'm all wet with sweat, and blood. I scream. I scream when the icy wind of pain starts choking the breath from my lungs, and making a noose around my neck. I scream with my whole body, as if I was trying to release the fear that is blinding me. But I know nobody will hear me. Only he will, while trying to eat me like some warm meal of flesh and blood.

My scream makes him bite even harder, his fangs, almost reaching my nose. One inch and he will bite it off. He's heavy, too heavy for me to move away. All I can think of is that these are the last moments of my life. I'm counting the last seconds as my heart is still beating.

"No, please, no..."

Occupied by fear, I try to beg an animal to let go of me. Like he would understand me. Like he was a real person. Just because of those eyes. Those deep blue eyes, with so much anger in them. Having only one aim... to chew my face.

Until suddenly, I hear a sound. Somewhere from deep inside the woods. Somewhere far, far away from me. The fear deafens me, and still, I can't understand what kind of sound that was.

But it distracted him.

He stops biting. He stops moving, but he's still standing on my body. Looking to the right, to the same direction where the sound came from. And I keep my eyes on his soft, warm fur, watching him. Ready to defense myself.

But in my surprise... he hops off me and disappears in between the trees.

So fast, like a lightning strike. He flew straight to the heart of the forest, as if he was following that sound. Without turning back and looking at me. Like that unrecognisable sound was everything to him.

And I'm left here. In the middle of the forest. Bleeding. But alive.

I'm laying here, tears pricking my eyes, pale hands trembling with fear and sadness. Blood rushing down my spine, down my chest. The pain, like his claws were still scratching me. My cheek. God, that wound will leave a terrible scar.

My eyes haven't moved a bit, now the view of snow white fangs is replaced by the black, starry night. Stars light the sky like snowflakes in the night, yet appear still. Like sugar, spilled onto the dirt. The darkest night I ever saw. Or perhaps, I never noticed.

The night. The darkest night. This night ruined my whole life, deep inside my heart, I know that. The night, and the wolf. Or just... the wolf, that is The Night.

The strongest. The biggest. And the one, that ruined everything.

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