His Obsession

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1- Meeting her

Azlynn's POV

The wind whipped at my long red hair, making it dance in front of my face as I fumbled with my shopping bags trying to locate my keys in my purse. I heard the distant roll of thunder, it felt like rain. Great, looks like I was going to have to walk home as I was having no luck in finding my keys to my 80's mustang. It was almost 10:30 pm and I knew that the store had already closed up and locked their doors. I was going to have to hope my car wasn't towed and that they found my keys in the store. I didn't much care for the car anyway, but it was all I could afford when I decided to take off after that horrible painful day.

Pulling my hood over my head, I zip up my jacket as I try to get warm. It was going to be a long walk to the apartment as it was at least a mile away. It was quiet and peaceful in the dark, and for some reason, I felt more comfortable in it than in the light. It was going to be winter soon, I had to prepare for it. Looking at my surroundings I start to get lost in my thoughts. When I finally got up the guts and took off, feeling grateful that they still haven't found me. Although I chose to move to this city for two reasons, one it's huge and has so many people, and two it's over 3,000 miles away from them.

When I first got here, I didn't have a lot of money or gas. I checked into one of the cheapest motels on the outskirts of the city and stayed put for a few days. I could afford too, as I had paid for a full month in the bug-infested place. But eventually I found a job as a floater at The Warehouse, it's a rustic and sleek newer restaurant located in an abandoned warehouse that the owner bought renovated and turned into a nice and successful business. I was grateful to my boss, and I could almost look past all the times he has hit on me. But with working 6 days a week for 9-10 sometimes up to 12 hours a day I can barely afford my small studio apartment.

It began to rain, I knew it. As I breathed in the cold air, I felt numb to my surroundings. It wasn't until I heard the drunken laughs of a group of guys get closer that I put myself on guard, I knew all too well of the dangers that came out to play at night. I looked at the group of guys, who seemed to now be approaching me. There were five of them, they all looked to be built their laughter ringing in my ears. They were drunk as all hell, I stuffed my icy hands in the pockets of my hoodie to shield them from the cold wind. A shiver went down my spine as I looked and noticed them watching me closely, and as I went to walk past them I felt so anxious. One reached out and grabbed my shoulder, turning me around to face them.

"Hey, pretty girl." He said in a drunken drawl.

I tried to continue walking ignoring them, I looked up and down the street. It was empty, it was just them and me. "Hey, I'm talking to you." I hear another one say as I speed up my pace. "Oh come on, we just want to play with a pretty thing such as you." My heart began to race as one of them grabbed my shirt, ripping it in the process. I tried to get out of his grip, but he was so horribly strong as he pulled me against his brick wall of a chest causing me to drop my bags. I start to kick my feet out and thrash my arms as he pulled me into a dark alley.

Pushing me up against a wall he holds me in place, with an evil smile on his face he says "Look boys I think we just got lucky!" My heart sank with their laughter ringing in my ears. I didn't see an escape, this wasn't happening again, no.

"What is your name sweetheart?" One asks me. I didn't want to give them that information so I stayed quiet, knowing that it was useless to scream when I knew that no one could hear me anyway.

Watching him as he reached down and tugged up my pencil skirt, ripping that in the process too. He was running his hand up my leg, closing my eyes I didn't hear him approach the group until I heard that deep low voice break through all the commotion.

"Excuse me, but what the hell are you doing to that poor girl?" I watched as they all turned around and just looked at the stranger who had come out of the night. This guy was tall with a deep demanding voice. He looked at me, then back at the guy's hands on me holding me against the wall. "Are you all right?" He asked me.

But before I could answer the guy holding on to me says "She's fine, we were just about to have a little bit of fun." He tried to sound as Demanding as the other guy did. "Listen, just turn around and forget you saw anything."

I felt disgusted and scared, I didn't know what was going to happen. Whether or not this guy tried anything, there was five of them and only one of him. He was severely outnumbered. Then something happened I hadn't expected too, the stranger chuckled out loud.

"Really, you want me just to walk away and forget that I saw anything while you rape and torture this girl? I don't think so, hand her over." He demanded in his low deep voice. I could tell this guy was one who was used to giving the orders, not receiving them. He sounded cold as he continued "I will give you two choices here: One you give her over and go on your merry way forgetting all about her. Or two I kick your ass and still take her away from the likes of you." He sounded very confident, I trembled at his threats.

The men around me burst out laughing, I could tell that they didn't believe his threats. From how his stance shifted I could tell that this particular man didn't like to be laughed at. I saw as he clenched his fists before lounging for the guy closest to him, one by one he beat the crap out of them. I heard a few bones crack in the hustle, pulling my hands over my eyes I just stand there listening at the sounds around me, each crack I heard making me dizzy and sick.

When everything stopped and all I could hear was the silence, "Look at me." Opening my eyes I look at this hero of the night, he was watching me very closely. For good reason too as I felt my legs go limp and I threatened to fall. He moved fast and reaching around to grab me prevents me from falling, I slump right into his arms as I drift into darkness.


"Sounds like fun," I reply to the text on my phone. "Are there going to be other girls there?"

"Duh, it's a party Az." Came the reply. I was unsure of everything, we had just moved to the town and I really didn't know anyone and here was the main cheerleader asking me to go with her to some party one of the football stars were throwing that night. But it all made me cautious, but not so cautious that I didn't go.

Looking in the mirror I stare at my reflection, I looked perfect. I had pulled my long blonde hair back into a messy bun, encased my hazel green eyes in black eyeliner and mascara and painted my plump lips in a bright pink color. I was wearing a black tight-fitting tank, with a pretty blue jean skirt and a pair of black Vans on my feet. I was drop-dead gorgeous and I knew it, my confidence was building as I prepared for the night.

Walking into the house, I spot her dancing with one of the football team and send her a smile. She returns the smile as she hugs him and walks toward me. "I'm so glad that you came Azlynn." She was rather pretty herself, what with her straight brown hazelnut hair, blue eyes, and slender form. She was any guys dream. But for some reason, she wanted to be my friend. I never considered myself popular crowd material and here she was trying to make me into one. But I loved the friendly face, and I wanted friends so badly that I let my guard down for this night. Little did I know that this would be the night that ruined my life, and made me run.

As the party wound down, and people started to go home I sat there with Haley and her boy toy James. We were talking about football and how she wanted me to try out for cheerleading, I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't want that life. They both left to go upstairs and do their thing before she took me home, leaving me to sit in the living-room of the house we were at. That's when he approached me, sitting there twirling my hair in-between my fingers unsure of what I should do. I could wait for her to be done, or I could walk home by myself in the dark.

"Hey, your the new girl right?" He asks sitting down next to me on the couch. He looked at me with a type of hunger, and danger. But back then I was naive and innocent, I didn't think anything bad could ever happen to me.

"Yes, I'm Azlynn," I answer him, looking shyly up in his face. He was handsome, of course, he was being the Football team Captain, he was the guy that every other guy dreamed of being. The guy who got everything he wanted. He was handsome, with his dirty blonde hair sleeked back, his high chiseled cheekbones, and a prominent forehead. He was the picture of perfect, those deep brown eyes that sparkled in the light.

"So what are you doing? Everyone has gone home or are hooking up." He asked as he put his finger on my knee, probably testing the waters.

"Yes I know, but my ride is currently upstairs hooking up right now. I'm just waiting for her." I responded.

"Oh, well I could give you a ride home if you wanted. My truck is right outside." He announces glaring into my eyes, sending me a cheesy smile as if he was trying to be funny and lighten the mood a bit.

Without knowing exactly how long Haley was going to be with her boy toy I decided to take the ride he was offering me. I was hoping that he stayed nice, but that was going to prove to be wishful thinking.

He holds my hand as he helps me into his gigantic truck, buckling my seat belt I give him the address and tell him thanks for the ride. About halfway through the ride home, he pulls the truck over into a darkened parking lot where he parks the truck. He sits there watching me closely and I ask him what he was doing, he turns and stares at me with evil shinning in his eyes as he unbuckles my seat belt, pulling me closer to him he shoves me down onto the seat and lifting my skirt up pulls my underwear down, I scream and he covers my mouth with his hand as he unzips his pants. I continue to scream telling him to get off me as he ravages my body, then shoving himself into me hard. I started to cry as he finished me off, then saying nothing he drives me home and shoves me out of the truck, driving off just leaving me there broken on the ground.

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