The Doorstep Baby

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A 19 year old woman when through her teen years not in the easiest way. A few days after her 18th birthday, she found out she was pregnant, not to mention the father had no longer been in the picture. She finds herself on her own as her family disagreed with her choices of keeping the baby and disowned her, leaving her on the streets to fend for herself. She gets by the next 9 months with the last of her cash she built up over the past few years in motels, shelters and food banks up until the day she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. Knowing she wasn't able to provide for her child, she tried multiple adoption centres, baby units, care centres but found herself refusing every one. A 20 year old man lived his life care free, drinking with his friends, providing for himself with a well paid job and strolling through life like a walk in the park. But one thing he didn't plan for is opening his door at 2 am to wails and screams coming from a basket with a simple not saying "She's yours." A few months roll by and the woman finds herself back at his door, pleading for her daughter back, but what happens when the father refuses to let the random woman take her? Does she get her daughter back? Does he find out the mystery girl and child is actually his ex and biological daughter? Are they able to mend their broken family?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Cameron's POV

The first thing on my to-do-list didn't go as planned.

Such a simple task. Collect the morning news paper from the doorstep. How could that go wrong?

I was expecting to be greeted by the latest over dramatized news of the week, lately it was a repeat of "the world is going to end" all over again but instead, I was greeted with a bag, a carrier and a two worded note.

Along with a sleeping baby.

My eyes scanned everything in view of the street, trying to see if someone maybe forgot their baby, lost their baby, or had the intention to collect the baby on my step but there was nothing.

Maybe is a social experiment?

I always see those videos on YouTube when a group of people to things like this to catch people's reactions but to my fortune, or unfortune ... No one was in sight.

I looked at the note and read the shakily written words. My eyes widen.

She's yours.

I had no clue what this meant or what do to but hearing the baby's cries start to erupt from the wind getting harsh, I decided it was best to take the carrier and bag inside.

"Shhh." I sit the carrier on the table, unclipping the straps to lift the baby into my arms.

How does one hold a baby?

I must have looked like the biggest idiot in the world holding a baby out at arms length whilst she screamed her head off.

This was great timing. My father was on a business trip, my mother lived on the other side of town and my sister was at college... in a completely different state. What the fuck do I do?

I caught a glance at the clock. 8:35.

Fuck. I had work in 20 minutes.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialed my bosses number.

How do you tell your boss someone left a baby at your door and can't come into work without sounding like a psychopath?

That was just like telling the teacher in 5th grade your dog ate your homework because you forgot to do it and couldn't turn it in.

"Hey ... Johnny ... how's my favourite person in the world?" I put on my best cheery voice in hopes of the conversation going smoothly.

"Let me guess... you can't make work?" He deadpans straight away making me chuckle nervously. "Under pretty relevant circumstances." I try to cover the phone so that he couldn't hear the baby's cries and start questioning me but luck wasn't in my favor today.

"Is that.... a baby in the background?" He asks confused. "Yeah..." I trail off. "I'm not even gonna ask. Take as much time as you need to get sorted. You'll still receive your pay check in full for this month." He responds as I fist pump the air.

"Thanks Johnny." I end the call then turn my head towards the baby in my arms who now had tears streaming down her cheeks. I rock her in my arms as well as look through the bag and cheer when I lay eyes on a pacifier.

At least this person wasn't a total idiot. There was enough food and diapers for her for at least 2 days, a few outfits, a few pacifiers and some other essentials. I give her a pacifier before resting her against my chest as I lightly pat her back in order to soothe her.

"Do you have a name?" Her body shakes against me, her arms flaring around in distress. About 30 minutes later, a diaper change and bottle feed, she was finally asleep on the couch secured with pillows.

I picked up the note again, re-reading the words again about a million times. "What does that even mean?" I mumble. I shook my head, thinking why I never checked the back before as her name was finally revealed on the other side.


"Cute name." I smile slightly, looking over to see her smile in her sleep. "Avery." I say, testing the word. I looked through the bag, seeing paper documents with the printed logo of the local hospital in the corners. It was the record of her birth and all the information that was given to parents when they have a baby.

Oh my god, what am I meant to tell my parents?

Speaking of which... look who's calling.

"Hey mom, how's it going?" I smile, moving to sit beside Avery on the sofa.

"Hi Cam.. it's just to let you know me and your father are coming to visit tomorrow."

How does one hide a baby?

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